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Today, Square-Enix announced its large lineup of games for the upcoming Gamescom event taking place in Cologne, Germany from the 19th to 21st of August, and unsurprisingly, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Final Chapter Prologue is included in that list. Attendees can visit the main Square-Enix booth (hall 9, B31/B41), where they can play a demo of 2.8 of both Dream Drop Distance HD and 0.2 Birth by Sleep.

Community Summer 2016 Hiring Session!
Hello everyone! After recent events, I'm sure many of you have noticed that some areas of our staff team are quite barren. We have done some shuffling around of the team which has left us with a lot of open space for new staff members, and for that reason we have decided to open applications to everyone.

Staff applications have always been open to premium members, regardless of whether we need applicants or not. Because we would like a high volume of applicants, we encourage everyone to seriously consider applying, even if you have already applied in the past. When you send in your application, you'll also receive a copy in your inbox - no need to follow up with us before then. In addition, there is no need to resend an application if you submitted one in the past few days. You're more than welcome to if you want to add things you may have missed, but we will be reviewing every application that's been sent in the past week. The positions we've got open are as follows:

  • Sectional Moderator - This is the position with the most general focus. Duties can vary, but will mainly focus on the maintenance of certain sections, and general upkeep of the forum. Sec mods are also jokingly referred to as "forum janitors."
  • News Reporter - The job of a reporter is pretty self explanatory: you'll be reporting the latest Kingdom Hearts news to the good people of KH-Vids, as well as updating the site's social media platforms (tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) accordingly. If you're already stalking the various Square Enix pages for news, this is the kind of position you might enjoy.
  • Media Content Recorder - Media content recorders are responsible for taking cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts games for our Cutscene Archive (you know, the thing the site is named for). This one requires some hardware and technical experience, so if you're applying then please have an example of your work ready to show us.
  • Translator - If you're going to apply for a translator position, you'll need to be knowledgeable in Japanese (not necessarily fluent, just good enough to make intelligible translations). Not everything that gets released to the public regarding our dearly beloved series is in English, and sometimes official translations can take a while. As a site translator, you'd be responsible for taking any interviews, videos or social media posts and making them accessible to the majority of people on the site sooner rather than later.
Once the flood of applications has calmed and they've all been reviewed, we'll start formally replying and the second phase will begin. Until then though, apply away!

Site News Recent Events & The Future
Hi all,

Well, as you can see, a lot has happened since Saturday. And you're probably (understandably) wondering what exactly is going to happen now.

The short answer is that the 'crisis' is over. But it's only fair to give everyone the long answer too.

After internal disputes leaking from the staff into the public, and the subsequent departures of many beloved community members -- as well as the removal or resignation of nearly the entire staff team -- our (now former) owner Blaine agreed to negotiate with several users regarding the sale of the site. That sale was finalized today.

The money to purchase KH-Vids was pooled through several different people, all of whom are active KH-Vids staff. Out of respect for the contributors' privacy, they will remain nameless here, as well as any other specifics regarding the transaction. The end result is, ultimately, that the site is now jointly owned by a group of long-time users.

Obviously, this means some changes have taken place, some of which are self-demonstrative. The staff team has been restored and we are ready now to work on 'rebuilding,' so to speak.

While we've got some work ahead of us, the team does not intend to undo everything that has happened this past month. Namely, any unbannings or account mergings that have occurred since June 15th will remain unchanged. It goes without saying, though, that the first order of business will be to deal with the aftermath of the drama that unfolded over the weekend, and we have a few requests in that regard.

First, we highly discourage further public discussion regarding the matter. There are lots of strong, differing opinions on who or what was right or wrong, which is likely to lead to tension or dispute. No one is going to be punished for what may have been said or done until now, but from here on out any inflammatory remarks on the subject will be dealt with accordingly. We also ask that you please do not publicly circulate any of the many, many personal screenshots that made the rounds any further.

However, we also want to acknowledge that actions on both sides were handled poorly. While things behind the scene over the last month or so may have been grim, and the situation on the site growing more negative, some of the actions taken on our part would normally never fly, and is something that we deeply regret and apologize for. Moving forward, we want to do better for our users, and is something we're committed to doing.

If I may speak a little personally, the solidarity expressed by so much of this community as everything unfolded this past weekend was incredibly touching, and solidified in my mind what a unique and important place this is to so many people. Thank you to everyone who has made KH-Vids what it is, past and present.

All that said, we're excited to let you know we'll be transferring KH-Vids to a new server within a few months. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know, and here's to a great new chapter for this wonderful community.


- An exhausted and relieved KH-Vids Staff Team
While it's been around a month since E3, Kingdom Hearts co-director Tai Yasue is still discussing the series' upcoming titles, this time talking to GamesBeat, where he talks about the evolution of the series' combat, how important Aqua's story in 0.2 BBS in connecting to Sora's story in KH3, and that we should be expecting 2.8 to arrive early in December, just in time for the holiday season. Full interview can be read below:

Hey, there! Welcome back to Daybreak Town! Looks like you've been busy collecting Lux for your Union, huh? That's great! But, y'know, sometimes it can get kind of stale, right? Well, lucky for you, me and some friends have been working on a way to remedy that: What better motivator than some friendly competition?

That's right, our official parties are officially going to be competing! Every Monday we'll be reporting not only which party collected the most Lux, but also which members in each party collected the most Lux among their peers! And there are some cool medals—er, pins, that is—in store for some of our best contributors, exclusive to these weekly competitions! All you gotta do to participate is keep collecting Lux like normal!

If you're not already a member of one of our official parties, you can still sign up here! Just let us know your User ID in the comments and our party leaders will add you to the party you want!

The competition begins this coming Monday, July 11, so get yourselves ready!