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Late last night PLAY ARTS -KAI- announced they'd be releasing KINGDOM HEARTS: Dream Drop Distance play arts. The figures feature Sora and Riku in their KH3D gear. They appear to be packaged with two Keyblades each.
A small heads up for those who bought a 3DS and still don't know what to do with it. BradyGames is giving away Dream Drop Distance along with the strategy guide.

All you have to do is SHARE and LIKE BradyGames on Facebook. You can find more details on their facebook page. Make haste, though; the day is almost done.

Thanks to ZeroIII (Keyblade Spirit) for the info!

note: KH-Vids.Net is in no way affiliated to BradyGames. Any complaints or claims should therefore be directed at BradyGames. We are not responsible for anything that happens in this giveaway.

Hey guys! We have something very interesting to tell you today! With Novemember here, we're gonna soon be in the midst of the Black Friday deals.

In particular, Best Buy seems to have a great deal for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. From what I can see, the game even goes as cheap as 15 USD! Pretty neat, huh?

Thanks to Axel91 for the heads up!

~ A new new plush toy was put up for Pre-order. The Shadow Heartless plush, in all it's adorable splendor is 24cm high from foot to antennae, and 12cm in width and depth. Talks of releasing this cute little addition was planned months ago, along with the Dusk Nobody and Flood Unversed, which we will hopefully be hearing about soon. It will be made available on December 22nd, 2012.

Online Retailers:
AmiAmi - 2,490
Amazon.co.jp - ¥2,858



~ New Play arts have been made available for pre-order. These figures have been seen on display many times at various conventions and game shows, depicting both Sora and Riku in their "Grid" attire. The Sora Model comes with the Kingdom Key, Ultima Weapon, and Dual Disc Keyblades, while the Riku model comes with the End of Pain, Way to the Dawn, and Unbound Keyblades. Fully painted and equipped with interchangeable hands and keyblades, these Play arts will be released on April 26th, 2013.

Online Retailers:
Amazon.co.jp: Sora - ¥6,073
Amazon.co.jp: Riku - ¥6,073
AmiAmi: Grid Riku - 5,180
AmiAmi: Grid Sora - 5,180


~ A new Dream, Drop, Distance puzzle has been released. For those puzzle lovers out there, this 2,000 Piece portrait dipicts the scene from the opening of the game itself, featuring Sora, Riku, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. It is available for the price of ¥3,834 and will be released on November 23rd, 2012.