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Yup just as the title says, well the article is already out actually, and I'll begin translating it ASAP, this time Square-Enix is pulling out no stops, as they have released information on "Advent Children Complete, Before Crisis FF7, Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode, Core Crisis and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + maybe we'll finally know. I've already begun to translate it.


Scan 1
Scan 2
The interview team

P.S To the news updater Josh of KHU - Don't steal the translation I do on this one, like I did on the rumor, and don't try it with the scans either, as I noticed you used my exact same imageshack link on KHU. I'm not blaming KHU on this at all, however Josh the blame is pointing more towards you. Since we would credit KHU if they posted news that we could not find on other sites. This is why we're now adding a logo on the top of our scans/picture signs now.

So in short

"Don't steal our translations or updates that you found on our site without crediting us Josh, even if the pictures arn't made from us or scanned from us, and even if you found it on another site please Credit that site instead. I.E That rumored translation could have been double credited."

Speaking of the Rumor! It's also been confrimed by 2ch to be "False" as the person who posted up the information from it, found out it was in a rumored section of the scan, and the rumor is said to be confirmed false in the latest scans! Doesn't mean Nomura won't have something like this planned though

Current Translation summaries

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete
  1. There will be English and Japanese voice overs in this version
  2. New Music has been added.
  3. There will be a different Image Cover
  4. They are pondering if to keep this Japan Exclusive or not.
  5. There is no information about a Limited Edition

Before Crisis
Three new classes, Nunchucks, Knifes, and Bombs and a Weapon [D] Mode has been added.

Crisis Core
  • There's a good chance this game will be completed by the end of this year!
  • The Scenario is 100% Complete! All that leads are the battles!
  • They are slightly concerned about if this will be one disced, or two disced, due to the space taken up.

Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode

Kingdom Hearts
There seems to be a seperate article that the 2CH boards have posted up, though no scan yet, the information is said to be from "Dengeki's article, not Famitsu's."
  1. Final Mix + Is one of Nomura's second priorities, however their team is concentrating alot more on the Chain of Memories remake.
  2. There is a good chance he'll have a suprise set up for the Jump Festa this year.
  3. Chain of Memories, despite it being a seperate game, you it is meant to bring back many memories.
  4. Final Mix+ is still undetermined if to hit state-side or not. (Yet again)
  5. The new Secret ending, will have a shocker. (GASPORZ)
  6. He hopes to bring out a release date soon.
  7. Chain of Memroie's gameplay will feature unique parts.
  8. Final Mix+ is as he says an "Extended version, and a new game."
  9. He is pondering if Xemnas should have the quality he had from Final Mix, or not.
  10. There will be scenes where you actually get to see the Organization hood taken off fully, this was not done in the previous game, due to animation trouble.

^ There will hopefully be a scan on this soon, so till then credit to the 2ch board for this.

Here's a full translation Vilaeth has done so credits to him for what's done so far.

Advent Children Complete
Crisis Core
New KH2FM Info (Rumor)
This was posted on a 2ch board, although rumored, it was also stated that it came from an upcoming article, as we can only wait.

- There is a new world in COM that can only be accessed with a Cleared game Saved.

- The World isn't anything special however there are doors marked from Number 1-13

- Doors 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, and 13 are opened once you have Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Cleared Data

- Doors 4, 5, 6, 11, and 12 are opened once Chain of Memories is completed.

- Just as the numbers suggested, when you enter the door you are taken to a dungeon, and the Organization Member number that corresponds to the door will appear for a boss battle.

- Each Dungeon will have that member's nobody as enemies

- The Element of the Member, is what the element of the Dungeon will be. (Example if you go to face Demyx, the area will be that of water attribute)

- Once you defeat all the members, the final door opens which is labeled as "1" it's said you can fight against the Final Mix Version of Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts I

- All the Organization Members are refightable once you leave the world map.

Note this is all just rumors from a Japanese Message board, however there were many fanbased about wnating to refight the Organization Members when they wanted to, so this may be a response to that call.
News of some new FM+ and Re:CoM scans:

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Source: KHU and Maiki
Our one chance:

Guys, before you say anything.. give this a chance. It's an entire livejournal community dedicated to getting KHII:FM and Re:COM to come to the States, and Europe. Maybe even more.

They have a petition going, which is well over 2000 signatures. Also, they have sent Square-Enix approximately 4000 e-mails, if not more. I say we give this a shot. I have contacted Damien at Kingdom Hearts Ultimania ( and he is willing to help, and maybe get cow to put it up on their main page.

I am taking this very seriously. It's nice to see an entire community, quite like ourselves, working together for something they love. I say we join in. This is important to us. We deserve these games too. Not just Japan. We are a fandom too. So once again..

Show your support. Get this going. At least try! We do have a chance! GO PEOPLE! Do it for your love of this amazing, and worth-while franchise, which we've been dedicating our lives to with these forums!!