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The information was not for a Jump Festa trailer but for a scan! ANd this scan has been confirmed Zexion battle, RR mode, Roxas battle has all been confirmed, however Roxas will be hooded, translations coming soon! Till then enjoy this!


1. Zexion's weapon resembles that of Riku however unknown to if this is really his weapon or just his power of an illusion.
2. Zexion's battle seems to take place with Riku in his dark form, or it could be Replica Riku unknown for now.
3. You will be fighting against multiple Zexions apparently.
4. The Roxas battle seems to possibly take place of the cutscene.
5. Roxas has pretty low health for a boss.
6. Reaction Commands will take place in the boss fight.


Source: "The Godfather" FF13 Vids and since had it up before us, we'll credit them too!
More information has been steadily rising about the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix books, such as the book will be sold in 3 Volumes! And release dates for the other 2 Volumes, Volume 2 will be sold on January 22nd 2007, as Volume 3 will be sold a month later, Exactly making this one February 22nd 2007! There will be a commemoration sale held to featuring "Kingdom Hearts II Vol 1" "Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Vol 1" and "Kingdom Hearts Character Report" Also each Character Report will contain one Collectible Kingdom Hearts card, from what series, unknown for now!

Wait, think we're done there? NO!

Square-Enix updated their Jump Festa for those who are lost on the location of the Kingdom Hearts Section which is opened to the public


And now here comes the beautiful report from FFXIII vids who spoked about Kingdom Hearts II FM+

It's unknown if rather these are from an interview or something else, but the site says that in an interview Nomura supposedly has said what he wanted to add and will add to JF2007

Like said, these are rumors
- You will play as Riku, and you DO get to fight Zexion
- Sora now has a Christmas Costume as well as the Halloween Costume for transition between "Halloween Town, and Christmas Town"
- Sora vs Roxas will be happening
- Roxas Wristbands will be at JF2006
- Mushroom Type Heartless will be in the game however they will also have a new apperance resembling to that of Organization XIII (Resembling, not looking exactly like)
- Zexion's weapons is said to be revealed at JF2006's trailer.

Oh yeah here's the bad news due to the map location, japanese bloggers believe for it to be in "Closed Theatres"

And to top it all off, here's a Merry Xmas from Square-Enix


Source: KH2ch

Oh yes, and a video I wish to grant all of you to watch and you'll love it, it's absolutely beautiful piano songs from various Kingdom Hearts I/II pieces
Yes everyone, Spike TV had their 4th Annual Video Games Award this year, and with all of the games that were in the competion, there were two places in which Kingdom Hearts II Got

The first one would be best supporting Female role, which was Rachel Leigh Cook, yay!

BUt that's for voice acting, but for an actual Kingdom Hearts award! Kingdom Hearts II has placed 3rd! On the list for the "Best RPG", with Final Fantasy XII placing second, and Elders Scroll: Oblivion meeting first.

If you wish to see the entire list click Here
The Official Jump Festa website, has updated, giving the list of all thte games, and possibly hiding some, that are to be shown at the Jump Festa, the list is as follow

The official Jump Festa website, has updated, featuring a list of games all the companies are planning to show at the event, Square-Enix being one of those listed.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+

Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Versus XIII

It's a Wonderful World
Chocobo and the magic picture book
Dragon Quest Monster Jokers
Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings

Final Fantasy Agito XIII
Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode
Before Crisis - Final Fantasy VII
Dragon Quest Monsters
Dragon Quest Dungeon
Final Fantasy II
Dragon Quest II
Mobile Chocobo

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete

Source: Jump Festa
Jump Festa 2006 List
This is from the KH2ch Blog, as well as from for posting this up. ^^ Thanks Tomo! The Jump Festa 2006 List, which seems really reliable.


• It's A Wonderful World
• Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book
• Seiken Densetsu (Legend): Heroes of Mana
• FF12:RW
• DQ: Monsters Joker


• DQ: Swords


• KH2FM+
• Seiken Densetsu 4


• FF Versus 13


• FF13: Agito
• FF7: BC
• DQ: Mobile
• DQ: Mysterious Dungeon
• FF2
• DQ2
• Chocobo de Mobility
• Seiken Densetsu: Friends of Mana
• Information outside Seiken Densetsu and FF.



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