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Hey gang, got something special for you today! Definitely a game-changer for video editors.

We've updated the Cutscene Archive with new versions of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded scenes. They're direct rips from 1.5/2.5, which means no subtitles. But cooler than that, these scenes have multiple audio tracks: one normal, and one that has sound effects and voices, but no background music! This is a first for us, and I'm sure editors will love it. It's definitely extra work muting the sound in-game then re-adding it manually in Premiere. But I really like the end result.

If you just plan on watching them, I recommend VLC Player since it always defaults to the standard track, whereas other players will sometimes default to the music-less version (though if that happens you can always go to the Audio section of your video player and manually switch it). Unfortunately YouTube doesn't appear to have multi-track audio support (at least for normal users), so these will probably stay download-only for the time being. Here they are, by the way:

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (No Subtitles)(Music Toggle)
Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (No Subtitles)(Music Toggle)

Quick note, Re:Coded still has quite a few scenes with baked-in music that I couldn't remove (all ones from the old DS game, and a handful that are new to 2.5). 358/2 Days thankfully only has one scene with this issue (the Xion fight that was absent from the original PS3 release).

In the future I'd like to give this BGM treatment to all the games (perhaps in 4k *hmm*), but that'll take a little while.
Recently, I got my hands on some tools that let me extract movie files directly from the Kingdom Hearts HD Remixes, opening up some new possibilities for older games.

Kicking off, I present Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories without subtitles! To my knowledge, a clean rip of the HD version doesn't exist anywhere else on the internet, so that's neat. You can download both parts below:

In the coming weeks, we'll also be giving the 358/2 Days and ReCoded movies the same treatment. Those two will also have an alternate download option: no subtitles and no music! Surprisingly, all of Days and most of ReCoded (excluding its old DS scenes) have the music on a separate track, allowing for isolated vocals/SFX.

This was made possible through several different tools, but most importantly was the .mself file extractor made by Some1fromthedark. If you are so inclined, you can support them on Patreon.

Check out our full Cutscene Archive for scenes from the entire series.

See ya soon!

Small but very cool update: we now have cutscenes from Melody of Memory without subtitles available for download.

This was made possible by a member of the KH modding community, Vladabdf, who was able to rip video files directly from the game. He's currently contributing to OpenKH, a project that aims to expand the community's knowledge of how the Kingdom Hearts games run, and make modding them more streamlined. Check out his Twitter and YouTube. If you have any programming knowledge and an interest in the project, I'm sure they'd appreciate some help.

Check out our full Cutscene Archive for scenes from the entire series.


Hey all! Cutscenes from the newly-released Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory are now available for download. As of now, there's no in-game option to remove subtitles, but if a patch releases that allows it (or we get our hands on direct rips), we will update with those as well.

Check out our full Cutscene Archive for scenes from the entire series.


Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ
launched on iOS and Android in the west on April 7, 2016. On April 5, I pitched an idea to the rest of the KHV staff: What if we set up official KHV parties within the game? And we set to work organizing said parties and even a weekly leaderboard to go with them, so we could have some friendly competition in the community. We launched the parties on the game's release day, and after a delay from our intended July launch, the first leaderboard went up on August 8, 2016.

Four years later, we're well into Union χ, and Dark Road is on the horizon. But with the continued declines in activity in both the KHV community and within the in-game parties, we've decided that it's time to retire the KHV parties and leaderboards. For those who still play the game (or who will in the future), a party recruitment thread will be created so you can still play with your friends from the community.

I'd like to thank, first of all, my fellow staff members who helped brainstorm and organize this whole thing. I'd also like to specifically thank everyone who helped out as a party leader (in alphabetical order): @Aelin, @Arch, @Calxiyn, @Cat~, @Explode, @Fearless, @Karuta, @Krowley, @LadyAzura, and @Scarred Nobody. And one more special thank you to @Plums for editing that lovely header image for the leaderboards. And lastly, thank you to everyone who played with us, no matter for how long, or for how much Lux you contributed. Thank you all for the fun times. We'll see each other at the Daybreak Town fountain plaza again!

May your heart be your guiding key! Aced did nothing wrong! Ursus forever!


To commemorate almost four years of the KHV leaderboards, here are some records I've compiled!

(The Lux records are probably right? I didn't check every single weekly leaderboard lol; at least with the week-to-week placements I had a spreadsheet I continually kept throughout the years.)

First Top Score:
  1. KHV_Vulpes: week of 8/1/2016 - 8/7/2016
  2. KHV_Anguis: week of 9/26/2016 - 10/2/2016
  3. KHV_Unicornis: week of 10/10/2016 - 10/16/2016
  4. KHV_Leopardus: week of 3/27/2017 - 4/2/2017
  5. KHV_Ursus: week of 5/1/2017 - 5/7/2017
Longest First Place Streak:
  1. KHV_Unicornis: 24 weeks (10/10/2016 - 3/26/2017)
  2. KHV_Vulpes: 8 weeks (8/1/2016 - 9/25/2016)
  3. KHV_Anguis: 8 weeks (8/5/2019 - 9/29/2019)
  4. KHV_Leopardus: 5 weeks (4/22/2019 - 5/26/2019)
  5. KHV_Ursus: 5 weeks (1/20/2020 - 2/23/2020)
Total Weeks in First Place:
  1. KHV_Unicornis: 89 weeks
  2. KHV_Anguis: 45 weeks
  3. KHV_Vulpes: 24 weeks
  4. KHV_Ursus: 19 weeks
  5. KHV_Leopardus: 15 weeks
First Earned Party Don't Stop:
  1. KHV_Vulpes: 8/22/2016
  2. KHV_Unicornis: 10/31/2016
  3. KHV_Anguis: 10/16/2017
  4. KHV_Leopardus: 5/13/2019
  5. KHV_Ursus: 2/10/2020
Highest Lux Total per Party:
  1. KHV_Anguis: 173,359,151,891 (12/23/2019 - 12/29/2019)
  2. KHV_Ursus: 107,236,565,920 Lux (1/20/2020 - 1/26/2020)
  3. KHV_Leopardus: 72,968,278,474 Lux (1/13/2020 - 1/19/2020)
  4. KHV_Unicornis: 71,931,800,982 Lux (5/14/2018 - 5/20/2018)
  5. KHV_Vulpes: 42,290,498,574 Lux (5/18/2020 - 5/24/2020)
Highest Individual Lux Score per Party:
  1. KHV_Anguis: 173,359,151,891 - @Explode (12/23/2019 - 12/29/2019)
  2. KHV_Ursus: 107,236,565,920 Lux - @tamale (1/20/2020 - 1/26/2020)
  3. KHV_Leopardus: 72,868,314,774 Lux - @Cat~ (1/13/2020 - 1/19/2020)
  4. KHV_Unicornis: 34,058,791,767 Lux - @GarrettFinch (5/14/2018 - 5/20/2018)
  5. KHV_Vulpes: 32,446,358,867 Lux - @Fearless (5/18/2020 - 5/24/2020)