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Here we go, week three. Had a lot of entries to choose from this time!

1. Submitted By: SalZa89 | View Video
Superb editing, good synching... definitely worth a watch or two.

2. Submitted By: khchick55 | View Video
The acoustic in this song is excellent, not to mention that the clips fit very well to the tempo.

3. Submitted By: yoryan | View Video
Good synching, nice use of multiple clips... this video is pretty good.

4. Submitted By: Zedolen | View Video
I love The Fray, and I love this song. It only felt natural to get this one up here.

5. Submitted By: khfreak87 | View Video
You can never go wrong with Mike Shinoda.

Hope you enjoy them all, and keep submitting! Maybe your video will show up here next Sunday!
Deathspank here with my top five video picks for Spank's Top 5! Week 2:

1. Submitted By: khfreak87 | View Video
I love these remix videos that khfreak keeps submitting, they remind me of the AMV greats like AMV Hell.

2. Submitted By: khfreak87 | View Video
Yes, khfreak made it twice this week. I love this one because it is just so humorous. The lip synching is almost perfect throughout the whole video, which makes it even better.

3. Submitted By: AngelsArcher | View Video
I like this one because it starts out so simple and clean(no pun intended), and then suddenly gets intense. The clip synching was also superb.

4. Submitted By: *AUTHOR UNKNOWN* | View Video
This is a song I personally have never heard before, but seemed to fit perfect with many of the clips incorporated with the video.

5. Submitted By: KHeartsSora | View Video
While it's probably one of the most overused songs in AMVs, I still liked this one. Check it out.

Number 4 was submitted anonymously, however, I would greatly like to credit the author of the video. If you created that video, please come forward!

Hope you enjoy them all, and keep submitting! Maybe your video will show up here next Sunday!
I know this took a while to get going, so instead of picking my five favorite videos from this week, I'm instead going to pick my top ten from the very large archive of videos we already have, just so it's fair for everyone. However, in this next week, it will only be top five, and it will only be videos uploaded that week. So, start uploading, and maybe your video will be featured next Sunday!

1. Submitted By: Darkandroid | View Video
2. Submitted By: BHKUnknown | View Video
3. Submitted By: ZetoCloud | View Video
4. Submitted By: Chaser-of-Twilight | View Video
5. Submitted By: OMEGA | View Video
6. Submitted By: MelbadelirothRose | View Video
7. Submitted By: HeartofDreams | View Video
8. Submitted By: Oblivion_Master | View Video
9. Submitted By: keybladerofanobody | View Video
10. Submitted By: khfreak87 | View Video

Enjoy, and good job to everyone who made it!