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    Probably when my father died. I couldn't think of another time when everything got so messed after he died.
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    Wow, thanks for all the welcomes, guys. Judging from the fact that I got a welcoming thread two pages long must mean this forum is quite a bit active. A two page introductory thread is something I've never had before. xD

    Once again, thanks for the welcomes.
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    Since the thread description doesn't say it has to be a quote from an Anime or a Game, I'll quote myself. D:
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    I really want to the a cookie monster with a gun this haloween, but I don't think that's going to work out with my current pay. xD
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    Hay sup? I registered here a while ago, but didn't really get a chance to post. You probably won't see me outside the general forums that are relevant to life instead of Kingdom Hearts. I don't really like Kingdom Hearts all too much, but I just have a habit of joining forums related to fantasy just to end up posting in the generic discussion about any kind of thing type of forum.
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    Crimora, Virginia. It's in the US.
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