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    Thank Yeeeeew ♥
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    I Never Wanted To Forget You
    You Were All That I had
    You Made Me Happy
    For That I Was Glad
    You Mean So Much More To Me
    Than You Possibly Think
    But I Guess I'm Not Up
    To Your Standard Rate
    You Said That You Loved Me
    Was That All A Lie?
    Cause All I hear
    In Your voice
    Are The Words..

    [Written a while back, not sure on the reason to why I wrote it..just thought I'd put it up..cause I'm bored and I have nothing else better to do with my life, ^^ Anywho..there ya go]
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    Umm...I-I guess..I dunno...just..randomly written..I was on the phone with my boyfriend at the time. <.<;
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    I liiiike it. ^^
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    A flower so pretty
    That all had desiped
    The girl with the flower
    Wanted to fly
    She cried all night
    And cried all day
    Beacuse she could never fly one day
    She took her flower she talked to for years
    She cried to the flower, her only true friend
    The flower smiled and started to bend
    It's petals fell, then it started to crawl
    She screamed and jumped up to her feet, she never knew a flower so neat!
    The flower regrew the petals on the spot
    She stared and stared, then saw it grew pot!!
    The flower laughed a cackle cackle
    The flower waved it's little leaves and soon, began growing,
    The girl was shocked and sat on a rock
    With eyes has big as saucers
    The flower, lit the tree on fire, and the going higher and higher!
    The girl fell back and hit her head, the tree being weed,
    She died instead..

    (XD Just randomly written, whatever popped into my head. =D)
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    Thaaaaaank yew. ^^;
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    Love Letter

    Hey it's DeathWaltz Roxas. I'm putting this poem on here that my girlfriend wrote, since she's to shy to do it herself. And of course, I'm putting it on here under her name, so she can get the rep for it. Hope you enjoy it.
    -Love ya, babe~

    I stare up at a bright full moon
    My face stained with tears
    I look down at my hands, which feel strangly warm
    My hands are covered in red syrup..sticky and warm
    I shut my eyes tight trying to make it all like a bad dream

    I open my eyes, I look around..scared.
    I see people....dead...
    Who could have done such an awful, hurtful thing?
    I look down, the syrup dripping off my hands, I realize that it's blood
    My question answered..

    I begin to cry once more,
    My heart hurting
    I fall to my knees
    Scared of myself and what I've done
    I don't want to kill, what came over me? How could I?

    I searched my mind for something so much as a small sign,
    My heart skips a beat,
    I feel my fangs pushing through,
    I feel the thirst for blood,
    which means I know what I've become,

    The blood around me...vile..digusting
    Old blood...dead blood...
    I need..fresh, sweeter blood.

    My eyes skip across the dead bodies
    I see a young girl, about my age
    She's not afraid..she's standing there, a grin plastered on her face..
    She's me..
    Then suddenly..she..disappeares...

    By ~Amanda Lynne Olson~ {September 23 2008 at 6:49pm}
    Thread by: ♀§♥His Angel's Suicide♥§♀, Apr 16, 2009, 5 replies, in forum: Archives
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    Sounds good. ^_^ I liked it honey. <3
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