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    Sure ^^ How?

    Sure ^^ How?
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    Character One:
    He's just awesome!

    Character Two:
    His beard and voice is just perfect!

    Character Three:
    That water can take anyone down.

    Character Four:
    She's so sweet :P lol

    Character Five:
    Pink flowers, yay!
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    "Of course!" Galmar hands over a map.
    Post by: 8AxelVIII, Jan 20, 2009 in forum: Retirement Home
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    "Well, I guess contest has started then." Galmar said a bit confused.
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    "Nap? Yes I would love to take a nap. Oh, sorry. Map you said? Ah, here!" Galmar hands over a map to all of you.
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    "So you are not going to work together?" Galmar looked suprised and accidently dropped his pipe. He quickly picked it up and said: "Well, I quess I can give the one that hands over the bock to me 800gold and the others 200gold. How about that?"
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    "Reword first mission next? That's what you all think? Nah. Mission first, then reword. This is not an easy task. Therefore you will get 500gold each, plus, you can keep all the treasures you find in that cave. As long as you bring me the book."
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    "Galmar? Yes, that is my name, why?"
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    The man leanded back and removed the piped from his mouth.
    "Security mangagers?" he said slowly. "I'm just waiting for some folks, that's all. I haven't done anything either. So tha's fine with me."
    He put his pipe back and small rings of smoke poffed out of his mouth.
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    Suddenly the door opened. Well, actually it did so very often. It was an inn after all. But it was the man that entered that made you all look up.
    He was very tall, wearing a long worn coat. If it was black or grey you couldn't decide. Maybe it was just dirty.
    The man was wearing a funny wide-brimmed hat.
    His sharp brown eyes fell all over the people in the inn. Lots of other people looked up as well when the man arrived.
    Then suddenly he started walking, towards a lonely table beside yours. Then he sat down and lit a pipe.
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    ooc: Uh, well. Sorry you other guys. But I don't want to many players. I said maximum 5, sorry.
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    This is looking great! :D

    Sephiroth&Cloud, you forgot weapon. But I guess that's those two swords on the picture, right?

    Now we're 5 and we can begin. ^^

    You are all at the inn. Sitting at a lonley table in the corner. There are other folks in the inn too of course. But not at youre table. You better get to know each other, while waiting for this Galmar to come...
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    Northen Europe? Thanks. We're not that small!
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