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    Amazing what logging on can do for a person.
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    Karina just blinked and looked around Agrabah. Aladdin asked where they wanted to go, but truth be told Karina had no clue what they were actually looking for. Trouble tended to find them and she didn't know what Agrabah had to offer. Finally Karina just sighed there was no real direction to go but if they were to look for trouble which would probably lead to the princess then they should go where people were. If trouble didn't find them they would most likely hear at least some rumours that would lead them where they needed to go. Now however there wasn't much to go off of. "I guess the markets." Karina said with a shrug, looking to the others for confirmation.
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    Karina was used to the bizarreness of traveling worlds, but as she learned to deal with people more it became a whole other thing to learn. She usually spoke her mind and then fought things and now trying to figure out how to be more careful with her words came with a bit of trouble. At least Karina knew this much, introductions were almost never wrong. "My name is Karina.... you can call me Karina." It never occurred to her how odd it was that she didn't have a nickname like the rest, but as everyone introduced themselves with a formal name and a nickname Karina tried to play up that she didn't have one, though it felt weird.

    Then there was the matter of the carpet and getting back. While there was the whole world order nonsense to worry about, Karina knew the moment heartless showed up and normality they might have carried would be out the window anyways. Deciding playing coy wasn't worth it, Karina just summoned her glider and got on.
    "We will be fine as long as you lead the way." She said offering no explanation to any of what she had just done and hoped that this Aladdin guy would just go along with it.
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    Wide eyed and more than a little confused Karina watched what had happened. First of all the cave started to talk. Not the oddest thing she had seen on her travels but still more than a little odd. Second was a boy on a flying carpet who flew out of the collapsing talking cave head. "Well I think we found the infidel... so what now?" Karina asked probably far more casually than this situation required but at the end of the day they had seen and been through everything imaginable, this didn't affect her that much. "I guess we should follow him, huh?" Karina asked sounding more exasperated by the situation than even worried. She looked to Luna for confirmation, the princess surely would tell them to do the right thing. ​
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    Immediately arriving in the desert world Karina wished she didn't have her coat, or perhaps a change of clothes was required for the hot temperatures that faced them. Well at least she wasn't as bothered as she could be, after all fire was her element meaning the heat ran through her veins. Still Karina used the slightest bit of magic to store her coat in wherever their changes of clothes came and went from before examining the cave. "That certainly is a lions head. And I don't like the look of those eyes." Karina crossed her arms, instantly remembering the damage she had done to herself in training. Was it worth taking this world easy? There was no reason to, she was recovered. Sighing and shaking her head Karina approached the mouth and stared at the teeth. "As long as these teeth aren't real I think it is a cave that we should explore."
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    As far as I am aware it is not an issue with the forum, as far as I can add and remove a png image from my own signature without such issues. But without knowing anything about the image that you are trying to add I cannot tell you what the issue may be. Check the file format, coding and size of the image that you are trying to add. Have you tried to use the image in other places to test, like another forum or the likes with similar code to insert it? Just a few things I can think to suggest to test it out but again without being able to see what is happening myself it is hard for me to help.
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    Karina rolled her eyes at Beuce. Niche or not she would love to not have to ask for help and just know. She supposed that was more conditioning from her homeworld talking. Seeing the men in the armies learn and tried for many weapons and positions to be good at everything. In the end her secret training could only go so far and that was the keyblade. But she couldn't help but think that she would prefer to do more. At the end of the day though it didn't matter because there was a announcement on the intercoms to interrupt their conversation. "Back to work I guess." Karina mumbled as she got up ready to go.

    Listening to the explanation set before them it seemed mixed signals. They found three but only found two but didn't know how to identify them? At least they knew the world and if Karina knew anything it was that trouble would find them, and the princesses of those worlds. With those two things combined it shouldn't be hard to find the person they were looking for and at least they would have some notice about some of the enemies. Now it was time to decide where she would go. The desert didn't sound pleasant but what was even more unpleasant was the idea of having to deal with some sort of voodoo. Karina quickly decided the heat wouldn't be so bad, especially with her affinity for fire. So she turned and followed Luna. "I hope you don't mind me joining you."
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    Karina watched as Kaida tried to show her how the phone worked. She followed the steps on her own phone till she got to her list of chats which was quite short. "I think I got it. Thanks." Karina replied but she couldn't promise how well she would retain that information. Karina tucked her phone away as other joined and started asking about what they had been doing, Karina just kind of shrugged. "Training mostly. Trying to be somewhat decent at the scythe. Unfortunately I found I don't have an uncanny talent for learning new weapons just like that." Karina glared at Beuce a bit as she said that. Not that she was upset with him but a bit jealous of how quickly he had figured her weapon out compared to the struggles she had been having. ​
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