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    ((Ugh... double post... -_-))

    Well, I'm a little late on this, so before anyone else posts here, can a mod deem this SotW CLOSED?

    Oh and the winner is... *drum roll*... #15 C4E. Congrats! A new SotW will be up asap.
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    Agreed. It was so good when it was large, but when I sized it down the lines got all messed up. *Sigh* It's so hard to find GOOD Megaman enemy renders that are like this though.

    Wow... a plus on my text for once. O_O I'm not one that's particularly good when it comes to understanding "sig lingo". Basically, I got no clue how to make the depth better... which makes me sad.

    Shadow.... how about this?

    V2: [​IMG]
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    Funny you say that, because that's the 4th top guess... the monster being Lavos... another one I doubt, but what the h311... could be...
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    Hmm... well it interested me enough. I was looking around and the three most popular guesses of what this is about are:

    1) Godzilla - Which it's not... since the makers of this movie don't have the rights.

    2) A Cthulhu - A Lovecraftian squid monster... which seems like a bunch of BS, imo, and would make a HORRIBLE movie.

    3) Voltron - I agree with this by the line in the trailer, "I saw it! It's a lion! It's huge!". Not only that, but it's about time they made a movie of the giant robot lions.

    Anyway... those are just guesses and like many will say, "You don't have the script of what the people in the trailer actually said", so it's kinda hard to guess. BUT... I can't wait to see/hear more about this movie... and whether it's gonna suck or not.
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    It was already discussed that your entry was an absolute monotone(ie. one color) and the requirement was it had to have LOTS of color(ie. not one). If you had taken the advice that was given to you when you placed your entry, and had added more than just blue, you probably could have participated.

    I'm all for fairness and giving chances, hence why a lot of others barely were accepted, but next time please follow the stated rules.
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    New little siggy. I'm trying to get back to my graphic making... so CnC's please.

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    Atsushi. A Japanese name meaning cordial or industrious.

    I like to look up names for fun. I know... I'm weird like that. XD
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    SotW 16 - Voting
    / v.o.t.i.n.g t.h.r.e.a.d | Ends 7/18/07 | Discussion belongs in the Discussion topic \

    You know the drill, guys! Vote the top 3 with your reasons why.
    Remember: This weeks SOTW was colorful so tags must contain lots of colors; not just one.









    -Disqualified for being monotone-











    Voting ends July 27th, 2007.

    Good luck, everyone!

    P.S. - Took this task for old times sake of moving this along and getting a new one out. Also, Darky or Mr. White (Starter of this one), if you do not agree that one of these entries is "colorful" enough, by all means PM me/take it down. I'm not one to argue, but it would be fair to give everyone a chance.
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    GIF Thread

    This is still my favorite...

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    Yeah... I was one of the leser known mods here... mainly helped out Darky with the SotW's.

    Oh... and for an update... Cheal has molted and become me, Akio! Reasoning behind the name change? A need for change to promote my return and to make sig making easier, since I use this name everywhere. lol
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    Well, as a "welcome back" to myself, here's my entry.


    Ugh... I think I may need to get back into my better graphics swing.
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    Wow... didn't expect so many responses. heh

    Anyways, I know the drill, "follow rules, yadda yadda". Glad this place hasn't changed all that much. lol
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    Hmm... *tilts head to side* I like it. It's "classic Cin", full of busyness and while I agree that a better choice of render/stock could have been used to bring out the full potential of this particular sig, it somehow works together. The red is an accent color and without it everything would just run together, while with it there are parts that stick out but blend at the same time with the background.

    Like I said, I like it.

    *sigh* Now I need to get back into this kind of stuff... lol
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