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    No, I am pretty sure it was a Kingdom Hearts 2 game, because I remember properly the command bar themed to the world, and he never had Disney Infinity. And also, he didn't have a PC by the time I saw this game being played, he was playing it on his x360 with no doubt.

    With further digging, my friends even found city stores selling x360 versions of Kingdom Hearts. I don't know which games they were, since I haven't taken a visit yet to find these versions. But that is extremely interesting to know.

    Sorry for late reply by the way.
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    And no, I'm not asking for links, it's something that picked my interest recently, because, I found out about Kingdom Hearts 2 years ago, which surprisingly, I saw my cousin playing Kingdom Hearts, confused why there was Donald, a Key that looked like a Blade, and....Pirates of the Caribbean main protagonist? I was completely confused that day, and searched about the series, and that's how I got to find it.

    But well, that's not the issue there. As far as I know, Kingdom Hearts titles are Sony/Nintendo Console exclusives(Up until 2.8?) and the only console my cousin owned ever was a Xbox 360. And that was exactly what he was playing the game with, as far as I can remember. I am not making any theories or anything, I remember that, and I have friends that also believe they saw something similar, and also being sold in marketplaces on the city.

    But the thing is, does that even exist? If why, then how come I can't find it anywhere in the internet, no matter how hard I search?
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    I believe I must have mistyped it, I meant, the script page is down, and I believe I do need the script or...whatever it is? Though I did organize the kh.iso, scriptmaker,log and import folder all in one place, like in the image, I don't know why it happens to me. I already tried moving between HDDs.
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    I get this error whenever I try to patch, and crazycat page is...."down"?
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