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Dec 31, 2008
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In Roxas' pants.


Merlin's Housekeeper, from In Roxas' pants.

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Aug 2, 2009
    1. AxelRedHot
      Hello, it's good to meet you. :)
    2. OakaTheXXIII
      More like confusing.

      don't forget his lightsabers!

      Yes *gives you Vexen's shell as a price*

      Er yeah how would that work out in the first place? :S

      and today is Vexen/Zebramen/Axel! D:
      *trows a cake at them*
    3. Jayn
      Well, I broke my piano. It's dead. xD I can't play it anymore.

      Juilliard sounds like such a good art school. I wanna go. nao. xD But I have bad grades so....whatever. ;~;

    4. OakaTheXXIII
      Yush, they will be together forever in the nothingness :B (or wherever the nobodies go when they die)

      Lol, it's da sexman! :3

      Oh. >.>
      But I see your point.

      Btw: Happy 411 day
      *thows confetti*
    5. Jayn
      Who? o_o
      Yeah but if you kick arse, it's awesome!

      I used to be all awesome for playing by ear but now I NEED to read the music. It's sad. ; ; I want to learn. TEACH MEH, SOMEBODEH! D: I wish I could. xD My 6 year old little brother can. IT ISNT FAIRRR!

      I do! :'D
    6. Misty
      haha, okay.

      "Won't that much walking hurt the baby?"

      I lol'd for like 30 minutes after reading that.
    7. OakaTheXXIII
      Well Xigbar did died smiling :3
      Oh ans Saix is the only one who calls Xemnas "Xemnas-sama" in the novels :D

      Lol, so CN sex-changed him?
      Hell they didn't change Yukito from CCS when it came on.
      CN is becoming closed minded...
      and barely airs the few good shows it has!
    8. Jayn
      Ooh. A game that I loved to play before KH2 was Halo! *Drools* It was the best thing. But Halo is really frustrating when you don't kill who you're trying to kill! Or when you randomly die! Agh! Then you just get even more frustrated and it just ruins the whole thing. After you're done then you're just really angry. :'D

      I have no idea how to read music. I've been playing piano since I was like 5 years old, so I memorized the sounds of the different keys and...I play by hear. =3 Basically I can play whatever I hear with patience. Singing is fun!

      tATu! =D
    9. Misty
      I liked the last volume. :3 I thought it was the perfect ending for Cain and Riff, and I'm a huge Mary x Oscar shipper. x]
    10. Misty
      What, when Riff turned? Actually, no. I mean I felt bad for Cain, but I kind of foresaw that that would happen. Alexis wouldn't let Cain have someone like Riff. ;D

      I've seen some of the Cain Saga drawings... His hair is so funny. :> And yeah, the Alexis/Augusta thing is gross. D:
    11. OakaTheXXIII
      At least Xig and Dem have actually talked both in KH2 and two of the jap novels (wich both also have some really good AkuRoku hints/content). Oh and he died in the hall of empy melodies :3

      Actualy some ppl poited out that RoxasSora and KaiNami was more likely masturbation since they touch 'themselfs' :P

      Oh rly? :)
      are they cannon in the english translation too?
    12. Misty
      I've read the entire Godchild series, but none of the Cain Saga or Angel Sanctuary.
    13. Misty
      oh well. xD still, kudos on good taste. 8D
    14. Jayn
      I know. xD

      Yay! I was right about--erm--something. =3 Makes me feel special. And I only got the games to like...release my anger on people I don't care about. Button smash! Hahaha. Kingdom Hearts was too frustrating for me to just button smash them all and feel better. Heartless and nobodies just don't stop coming! ;~;

      That's so awesome. I play the guitar and piano. =D

      Yush, links pleaseeeeee!
    15. OakaTheXXIII
      :'D No way you also hate Zemyx!? *hates Zemyx herself*
      They also pair them up cos there the 'younger ones' besides Roxas and cos 9 upwards is 6.

      Lol yeah I've seen the cover <3
      too bad they aren't facing each other or else...it would look quite interesting :3
      Oh and Kairi is also standing in the same umm....pole? as Namine.
      Not that I ship them or anything in fact I pretty much ignore Kairi :P

      I thought NaruSasu was the only semi-cannon yaoi paring in naruto *doesn't watch it but has herd about it* oh and Rock lee/Garra.
    16. Misty
      omfg I love your signature. Godchild fans are so hard to come by, but it's so amazing!
    17. OakaTheXXIII
      Hear hear! :D
      and wtf lots of semes have blue eyes D:
      Oh and theres also 'long hair = uke' :/

      Yay another LexZex shipper! (mostly ppls ship Zemyx)

      Precious important person? :D
      SE is so going yaoi :P

      Who's Haku? :o
    18. OakaTheXXIII
      Oh yes, the 'taller = seme' thing :/

      Sora and Ariel are girl-friends at singing :P
      Oh there's XemSai, MarVex, XigDem, LuxDem, XigLux, LexZex, SoraNami, LarNami (a bit) and of course RikuSora and AkuRoku (well more like Roxel) and some other ones that are the Final fantasy charas.

      Oh and I see where you got the Terra/Ven idea *points at that one BBS picture*
    19. OakaTheXXIII
      Yup, he's too summisive with Roxas to top and besides he has the hips :)
      Do you ship RiSora or SoRiku? or some other KH ship?
    20. Jayn
      I think KHV was just being stupid. Because mine went like, stupid too. xD If that makes any sense. ;~; KHV does that sometimes.

      Oh. Well I feel stupid. Haha. I never really paid attention to Naruto. I just like beating people up. And they probably did that because they put the show on Cartoon Network and not on Adult Swim for some reason. D: But it's funny how you can just change a character's gender like that. :'D

      That's so awesome. I used to have a band. But we lost the lead singer and everything fell apart. We were like 11 anyways and we acted our age so I don't think it would've gone anywhere. I wanted to put it back together though. But noooo. I can't find the boys I was in the band with. ; ; Ah well. What kind of band?

      I'll have to check that out then. I hadn't ever heard of them until now. Sounds cool though.

      The Cure is awesome. >w<
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