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Nov 14, 2011
Nov 5, 2006
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Feb 16, 1994 (Age: 30)
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Alex C:

Kingdom Keeper, 30, from Chicago

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Nov 14, 2011
    1. Amber
      *throws cookies at your profile*
    2. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3

    3. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Thats ridiculous.
      I think you should just take sometime to relax. Seriously. All these so called "friends" of yours starting drama is rather idiotic.

      Eh, I hope everything works out =]
    4. Alex C:
      Alex C:
      ok, wtf. so like today everyone was drama hungry. and i regret that day more than ever. so like at first my friend told me my ex said that i changed ever since i went to high school. so at first i was all like wtf? and pissed at her cause well lol lately some people have been saying that. LOL so like it was a huge piss off for me. later he called again and told me that she galled me gay. and that i probably have a boyfriend at my highschool. anyway, then john called me and told my friend that he's getting mad cause he's hinting the whole "hickey" to everyone. so he told me to tell him to shutup. i did. then supposedly john told his friend bridget and that she can talk to my ex about it. wtf. so later on while doing homework and being on myspace she texts that she thinks we shouldnt talk for a while. and then i told her. well atleast im not the one calling you gay and saying you changed. and then she said i was hurting her feelings. and she still has feelings for me. which some of you might know how i reacted. well i felt awful like breaking down. i hate hurting people. and then she said. that she knows more stuff than i think. so i assumed she knew i made out with a dood. so i was all like **** D: ok then like my other other friend says that he likes my ex and is sad that she still haves feelings for me. and i dont get why the **** john tells practically my ex cause he likes her too! im like wtf does he think that that's a turn on? and anyway now my ex wants to see me this weekend. im already ****ed up busy this weekend as always. so yeah idk if i can even be able to see her. Or if i want to i mean shes my ex and knows i made out with a dude. actually i did more and idk how much john told bridget. john feels bad about doing that to me. he hates my friend for hinting it to everyone. and has feelings for me or my ex? i cant tell. cause of the things he does for and dealing with me...

      anyway, so this is all pissing me off. >:/ everyone needs to ****ing learn how to keep a secret. and bivi was nice enough to talk to me about ben and skyler yesterday. i have them blocked cause i cant take the horrible emotions i get when i talk to them.

      and i feel so weird since kids at school is like going perfect everyone loves me.
      and i hate everyone for not keeping things to themselves.
      i feel hurt from what kids on msn and khv have been telling me.
      i feel bad for not talking to my friends since i have no time. like luka. ): and my RL friends you wont care about.
      i feel bad because i hurt so many people.
      i feel awkward to talk to my ex now.
      i have so much homework which is irritating.

      idk what i really feel. :/
    5. Tootsie
      Hello there Alexa
    6. SpazticFantaztic >:3
      SpazticFantaztic >:3
      I hope you don't mind I added you on AIM I'm thee2552 btw...
    7. Alex C:
      Alex C:
      OOO: I thought you were talking about xD nice ashley
      and no!

      yay GOGOGO! absol!
      O: Ben cause youre tooo cool.

      and **** yeah ashley!

      Today has been good.

      Everyone missed me. xD Everyone ****ing asked me why I wasnt there the other day. x_x uh did all my tests.

      tomorrow im sleeping over at john's and going to downtown <insert name of city so u can stalk me here> and having *$s O: lololol

      saw dad.

      going to probably see Elena sunday if not bridget colin and bridie.

      O: i feel horny like making out with anyone right now... :9
    8. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      And you like Duffy?
    9. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Tell your boyfriend, if he says he's got beef,
      That I'm a vegetarian, and I ain't f**king scared of him.

      Random lyrics ftl =D
    10. Absol
      *runs through messages naked*
    11. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      **** yes. I got mentioned three times
      And yes TCO, he misses you =D
      xD Blogger....
    12. jafar
      Why have I not post here yet? ._.
    13. Luka
      homework's so gay ;___;
      buses are usually fun with friends x3
      and i'm curious about that one thing now <.>
      and i would never judge you <:
      neither would i think of you as a bad person =D
    14. Alex C:
      Alex C:
      welll luckily i didnt go to school today since well i had sinus. anyway i dont have much homework so i'll try to get it done today cause like yeah lol..

      and yay i hope i can talk to you too. you can even ask ashley lol i miss u luka D;

      hmmm lets see can I just make this my blog too?

      uhhh did something really bad only ashley and the person involved know about. D; I might tell you luka but if i do dont think worse of me as a person...
      HOMEWORK holy **** is there a lot. i hate it. but omg the kids there are all so cool. i love school yet i hate it. xD
      uh we had some parent meeting which some of you texting people (jerome + ashley) should know about xD

      uhhhhh and lol its just... xD

      myspace.... O: nothing much just getting new friends.

      lol a lot of the junior girls flirt with me. Cx

      a junior and freshman girl and i did some pretty weird stuff on the bus... xDDDD


      and uhhh 15 minutes ago i got my first caught masturbating/looking at porn...

      xD hah my hormones this past month...

      uhhh.... >B| oh! skyler.... what a ****. the **** is his damn problem he needs to take a chill pill because both him and cody are pissing me off..


      so w/e i think im going to try to avoid them now 8)

      uhhhh sammy thinks we're dating and so does a friend on myspace. xD but like lol im still single. O: how that works out i have no clueee...
      and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      oh yeah if you want to know about the doctor. xD i like was cleaning my ear and i stuck the q-tip in toooo far and i got like semi deaf then my mom put ear drops which made me like 70% deaf in one ear. but its good now! not completely but pretty good!!

      uh and i think thats it. xD uh just yeah makin some new friends. causin some troubles. doing some things i shouldnt. procrastinating and lol. i still miss KHV and i wont forget the site... lol im trying to check up as often as i can.
      and uhhhhh... if you really want to know about that thing i probably wont tell you. but luka you know i will. xD so yeahhhh well thats it. and omg i just previewed i wrote a shitload. xD
    15. Luka
      i hope i get to talk to you this weekend D:
      i'll stay up late z_z
    16. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Confused, yes?
    17. Luka
      why hello there alex <3
      beotch i miss talking to you D;
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