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    Hehe, thanks.

    Thanks fer liking.

    I was gonna mention it yesterday or sunday but I was over my mom's house for both those days and she JUST got a laptop today. so... =_= bleh. And that's okay if you don't have anything to give me. =_= Today sucked. I only went on a shopping spree with my mom and the rest of the day I cooked for myself, washed dishes, fed the dogs, vaccumed and babysat nephews... A happy f@#$ing birthday to me indeed. XDDD
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    @_@ I'm busy... with lots of things... drawing... writing... angsting over working at a Family Dollar... making plushies and costumes... But I know it'll all be worth it in the end because...

    ^_^ I AM 18 AND I CAN PRACTICALLY DO ANYTHING... or not...

    This has been VERY good to me. I'm always working on stuff and get it done, I'm spending more time with my family and talking with new friends, I get to go to two conventions this year, one in august and one in november, and I have a crush on someone (Le Gasp! I have emotions!). O_O It's like my life just went into a complete 360 compared to a couple months ago where I was completely depressed and dropped-out of school. (GAWD, what a trip that was.) :) it's a new me... and the new me is awesome.

    Now this whole thing is starting to sound cheesy. XD
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    Today is my birthday. WOOT! It kinda feels odd... oh well. I drew this at 3:00 in the morning which explains the crappy presents. Plus, in the cake, they each added on, example: The flowers from Marluxia, the crescent moons from Saix and the weird triangle thingies that Zexion has on his book.

    Zexy is getting high off the helium in the balloons.

    Saichan is putting a tiara on me.

    And MarMar... is still going on with his Sakura/Flower Petals or whatever.

    So in short and I quote Mo'Nique from Charm School

    T_T My babies care about me... despite having no hearts... >_> Pricks. XDDD
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    I'm at a writer's block on that one. I need to watch Thir13en Ghosts again to get more ghost stories because Randomness in Castle Oblivion flowed right into 13 Ghost Stories. ^_^

    Thankies! ^_^
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    Yesh, they are. Feeling sick like Marly? XD
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    OMG Organization XIII and Silent Hill (Pt2)

    Yesh! It is done at last. The second chapter of Organization XIII silliness. I promise I'll have the second chapter of The Adventures of Saix and Yuffie up as soon as humanly possible... or sooner... or in the... next two days... *cough*


    Continued from:


    OMG Organization XIII and Silent Hill (Pt2)

    The train had begun to move, and it jerked forward rather forcefully at first before moving along the tracks. Since no one had taken their seats, the Organization toppled over onto the floor... except for Larxene and Axel, who had toppled over on each other. Axel looked down at Larxene, grinning then winced.

    "Umm, Larxies... your kunais are digging into my hip."

    "...I know." She said sadistically as Marluxia said in a sing-song tone, "Castration..."

    Axel eeped and quickly got up. Larxene got up also and elbowed Axel in the stomach for good measure. This knocked all of the air out of the Flurry of Dancing Flames who, after catching his breath, sat down in a chair and glanced at Larxene with a frightful look. Vexen stood up and brushed himself off before helping Lexaeus up. Unsurprisingly, the Silent Hero had made a big dent in the floor.

    "Hey, Xigbar." Saix said to the Freeshooter, who turned around to get a better look at him. Demyx also shifted in his seat to look at Saix as well. Saix gave Demyx an evil glare and looked at Xigbar instead. "Since you've played Silent Hill nearly your entire time, what can we expect when we get there?"

    "Wellz, Saix, we'll have to look out for Air Screamers, Lavarl Stalkers, Bloodsuckers, Mumblers and or Grey Childs, Puppet Doctors, Puppet Nurses, Rompers, Groaners, Hanged Scratchers, Wormheads and Creepers."


    "Demonic dogs with decaying flesh. They are fast, nimble, and attack in packs. They represent Alessa's fear of large dogs. They appear outdoors and are easily dispatched."

    "Alessa?" L.D. questioned again. Xigbar nodded. "Basically the bad little ***** of the whole thing. And that's only the first Silent Hill, the second game has Lying Figures, Bubble Head Nurses which are pretty good looking from the neck down. Hence the name, Bubble Head. And Mannequins, Abstract Daddys, Mandarins, more Creepers and finally, Pyramid Head."

    Demyx made a high-pitched scream when Xigbar mentioned Pyramid Head. Zexion, who had taken interest in the conversation, shook his head and nodded to Xigbar. "What else?"

    "And then from Silent Hill 3 there's Closers, Double Heads which are dogs that have heads that split vertically in half. Insane Cancers, Numb Bodies, Pendulums, Scrapers, Slurpers..."

    Marluxia was holding his stomach and covering his mouth as soon as Xigbar started listing off the monsters they'll possibly encounter, each name making him lurch forward in his seat and groaning in disgust. 'What the heck kind of game is he playing?!' he thought.

    "And of course, more Nurses and they're good looking too from the neck down. And from Silent Hill 4, there's Sniffer Dogs, Ghost or Victims; these will pose a great challenge but since we don't have hearts, it's pretty easy to fight them but we'll have headaches."

    Xemnas was interested in the conversation as well and asked, "What do they do?"

    "They slowly float towards the unsuspecting person and pierce their hands into the chest and attack the heart. Nothing to it. And there's the Twin Victim; they are creepy and are loud, Greedy Worms, Hummers--"

    "Aw sweet! There's hummers?!" Luxord exclaimed. "Finally something awesome!"

    Xigbar stared at Luxord, "Getting West Nile Virus is awesome? Not like we could anyway but, Luxord, no, that's sick. Hummers are small, strange, monsters that resemble mosquitos. Now as I WAS SAYING!!!"

    Luxord gulped and sulked in his seat. "Toadstools/Whitestools, Tremers, Wall Men, Wheel Chairs, and Patients and Nurses that make strange belching sounds when hit and fall down stairs."

    "BATHROOM!!!" The Graceful Assassin cried, running down the aisle. Everyone blinked in confusion, shrugged it off and continued with whatever they were doing.

    "Wh-what about the bosses?" Demyx asked fearfully. Xigbar smiled at his young apprentice. "Would you like to list them off or how about the ones you fought."

    "I only fought four... you let me fight the creepy ones!" he stood up from his seat, pointing at Xigbar. Just then, the train began to shake violently, and Demyx fell backwards onto the floor with a loud and girly scream. The lights in the train began to flicker until they eventually just went out, causing some of the passengers to panic. Demyx screamed again which was expected.

    "D*** it, Waterboy!" Axel shouted, making his way over to Demyx. "What the heck is going on here?!"

    A woman in the back of the train cried out "What on earth is that thing?!" Everyone else in the cabin rushed over to the windows and, as soon as they saw the "Thing," began to scream even louder than Demyx had. The two men turned and looked out the window as well. Sure enough, something was attacking the train. something big and black and white.

    "HOLY JALEPENOS!" Demyx exclaimed, pointing at the monstrous creature. "IT'S SHAMU!!!"

    "I thought you said he wouldn't attack us here!" Roxas called out.

    "That's because this train is supposed to be invisible!"

    "Invisible my ***!" Xaldin snapped. "He's trying to eat us!"

    The train turned over on its side, and everyone fell back against the other side of the train. Axel looked down at Larxene, then at the window underneath them, he screamed.

    "Stop doing that and get off!" Larxene pushed Axel off of her and turned on her side to look out of the window. She panicked as she looked outside.

    They were falling out of the sky and into the ocean.

    "HOLY ****!" she said, climbing up onto the now horizontal chairs and trying to get to the window above them. The rest of the Organization climbed as well and Saix took out Claymore and smashed the glass. At the same time, the train smacked down against the ocean, breaking the other windows and filling the cabins with water. People were going crazy by that time, and some of them were even trying to break the glass like Saix had.

    Saix motioned for Xemnas and the others to follow him, and the Nobodies each broke a different window to exit out of. The other passengers took those that were too hysteric to notice there was a chance for survival and swam out of the broken windows to the surface.

    "D***, that is huge!" Xemnas exclaimed as he reached the surface, looking up at the large whale. Xigbar was second to reach the surface, followed by Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Saix, Axel, Demyx, Luxord, Larxene and Roxas.

    Wait a minute... Luxord, Larxene and Roxas.... Luxord, Larxene and Roxas... Ten, Twelve and Thirteen... Ten, Twelve and Thirteen... Where's Marluxia?!

    "Has anyone seen Marluxia?" Xemnas asked. Everyone shook their heads. "He might still be inside the train, I'll get him!" Xigbar took a deep breath and dived into the water.

    "What are we going to do, Xemnas?" Lexaeus asked, trying desperately to stay afloat.

    "Well, first, we must get to land." He said. But where would they go? Pita Island was barely visible, and only a few people were actually trying to swim there.

    Shamu jumped up, flopped wildly, and then smacked back down against the ocean, showering everyone with water. A few people remained submerged longer than others, but only a few were badly hurt. Saix growled and looked up at the whale.

    "This thing has a death wish," He hissed. Then a person in a uniform that said Sea World on the shirt, on a speed boat, floated towards the Organization and cleared his throat. "Ahem! Shamu is the property of Sea World and an endangered species of Killer Whale. No harm shall come to this beautiful creature as long as it is in our custody. Have a fan-f***ing-tastic day, betches! WOOT WOOT!!!" He took off in the speed boat.

    Suddenly, the whole area began to get foggy and it got to the point where the Nobodies couldn't see each other, despite wearing black and having insane hair color. "What's going on?!" Vexen shouted. "I don't know..." Roxas' voice faded away. Vexen turned around, trying to find the Organization amidst the fog but they were no where to be found.

    "Where is everyone?"


    Xigbar swam into the cabin through a window and swam down the aisle to the bathroom. He was about to kick it open when he looked behind him. He thought someone was following him but there was nobody there. He shrugged and kicked opened the door.

    'All right, let's get out of here Marluxi---AAAAHHHHHHH!!!'

    Xigbar's eye patch sunk to the floor of the cabin.


    Cliffie, blarg! What's with the fog? Where's the Organization? why is Vexen suddenly renacting Dark Water? What happened to Marluxia and Xigbar? That is yet to be seen in part 3. ^_^
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    Saix pointed Claymore at Sora, grinning. "Primary target."

    Fran appeared in the bailey, she set Tifa down and cast the most highest cure spell she had. "...Too close... Tifa, if you can hear me... I have to say that... you really, really are a terrible fighter. Why did you become one in the first place if you're not going to step up and go all out?"

    She looked at her blood stained fingers, Saix is bound to be a very unhappy camper right about now. Fran shook her head, stood up and walked out of the house. "All right, he's going down."

    She reappeared behind Saix, tapping him on the shoulder. Saix whirled around, swinging Claymore, Fran caught it. "Back for more?"

    the Viera nodded. "Back for more."
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    Fran just smiled. "I cannot do that. I'm here for that Nobody's life and I won't leave until he completely doesn't exist."

    Tifa looked at Fran in disbelief. "You have a death wis--"


    Tifa fell to the ground, a large slash going down her back. Saix stood there with his bloody Claymore, he put it over his shoulder and did a peace sign by his face.
    "I finally got rid of her... and about friggin time too."

    Fran's eyes widen at seeing Tifa's lifeless body. 'No! This can't be happening! I let her die!'

    Saix saw Fran's reacton and shook his head.
    "Shocked that your ally is no longer here? But I thought you were the cold-hearted viera that showed no mercy... and yet--"
    "Don't talk to me about mercy!" she snapped. "You don't know what I've seen... this is the second time I let someone die... and it will also be the second time that I DESTROY THE KILLER!!!"

    She went berserk and attacked Saix, swiping at him, getting him in the face and reopening the scar on his face. She knelt by Tifa, picking her up. 'She's still alive.' She picked her up and threw a smoke bomb on the ground, when the smoke cleared, they were gone. Saix held his face, blood dripping between his fingers. He glared at the place where Fran and Tifa were.

    "That's the second time someone slashed at me in the face..." he growled.

    (((Night pplz. -_-zzzzZZZZ)))
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    Saix swung Claymore around. "I AM NOT FLIRTING WITH THIS GIRL!"


    Tifa had a huge gash across her stomach. Saix saw this and covered his mouth with his hand, holding back a laugh. "Oh shi-... I pffft... I am... heheehehe... so sorry... pfffffffff---HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAAA!!!"

    Fran blocked each of Sephiroth's strikes, the sword had just about had it and snapped. She smirked.


    An explosion erupted from the sword, she back flipped and landed on a roof. She leapt down and rushed to Tifa. "Can you continue to fight?"
    "I've got a huge gash on my stomach, does it look like I can fight?!"
    "He will kill you, don't think he won't. You have to have that same murderous intent now go!" she shoved Tifa forward.
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    With the agility of a cheetah, Fran spun around, taking out a sword and blocked Sephiroth's sword. Upon impact, her sword cracked. She seem unfazed by this. Tifa saw this and began panicking.

    "Fran, what are ya doing?! Your swords' breaking! If it breaks, you'll be the Viera version of Aeris!"
    "I've got it under control." she said casually, the situation was just a walk in the park for her. Saix rushed up to Tifa and swung Claymore at her, she grabbed it, if she didn't have her gloves on them she would've gotten cut really badly.

    "That Viera gave you a confidence boost... so you're determined to destroy me now, right?"
    "Yeah, I needed that talk. I've got to stop listening to my heart because it stops me from doing what I need to do. Trying to get Cloud back is one of it's cruel designs to me."
    "Too bad I don't have the heart to say that I, strangely, respect you in some way."
    "Feelings the same over here."
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    Tifa and Fran split up. Fran went running along a wall via Trinity from the Matrix, leapt off and kicked Saix who blocked, grabbing her leg and throwing her into the ground but Fran dug her hands in the ground, and tossed Saix away. He landed gracefully, surprised by Fran's ability.

    "Very interesting... I can read your every move, ever since you were fighting with Tifa and the Crimson, I've watched how you fight... but you can read my moves so easily... I guess I'll have to start using deadly efficiency in my attacks."
    "Finally, a real challenge since Rosso the Crimson."

    As the building crumbled, Tifa began punching and kicking the debris, sending it flying towards Sephiroth.
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    Fran stared at Sephiroth and Saix then at Tifa then at Kairi then back at Tifa. She grabbed Tifa's arm and walked off. "Hey, where are you taking me?!"

    "Could you boys excuse us, we need to have a little girl talk."

    She dragged Tifa around the corner and let her go. "What is the big idea?"
    "I've been watching you fight that blue-haired man... and it looks like you really don't want to destroy him? Why is that?"
    "I have my reasons."

    Fran sighed and decided to lay it on her thick. "About a year ago, I hunted an outlaw... when I found him, he was with his wife and child... he begged for mercy... and I walked away... a week later, he was torturing a woman in front of her daughter... and killed her. Tifa, I walked away because of emotion. We cannot allow emotion to cloud the truth. And your emotion is keeping you from destroying him."
    "But he doesn't even exist? ain't that enough?"

    Tifa looked around the corner and saw Saix giving her a threatening gesture that involved him moving his index finger across his throat. She winced and looked back at Fran. "Okay, I'll do it."
    "I need you to say it truthfully."
    "...I'll... destroy that Nobody."
    "Very good, let's rock and roll."

    The girls walked back with smiles on their faces. "We're done."
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    Zexion walked up to the armor and keyblade as if he was entranced. "Who? or... what...?"

    "Zexion... That armor... and that keyblade... they belong to..."
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