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    I'm apparently member 2426...

    That sounds like some kind of code for a door in a puzzle game.XD

    I swear, everytime I look at my username it's like 'wth was I thinking when I signed up?'
    but looking back, I was probably thinking of anything that was available and how much of an otaku I was.
    Gawd, I feel so old even though I was like 12 when I joined.XD
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    Roxas immediately started in a run for the gummi ship with the cleared path. "wha-hey! R-Roxas!"Kurix was a bit suprised, not sure whether to follow or stay with Eden.
    -(Okay, apparently I have to do all of the work on me and Jeffy's side...>->)-
    "Alright! We're coming close to Radiant Garden. It'll only be a few minutes before we land!"Sora said. "Yes! Woo-hoo!"Valerie jumped in joy, excited. "Be quiet. You'll wake up Kisa..."Riku tried to shush the two, keeping an eye on Kisa so that Sora could relax and have fun with the others. "Sorry."Valerie said, quieting down. "Too bad Eden and the others are still in Port Royal. None of us ever got to really enjoy Radiant Garden the first time."Sora said. "Yeah, we were too busy being trapped in a computer system."Riku gave a small huff. "Who's idea was that anyway?"Valerie asked.

    "If I remember right, it was yours..."Sora chuckled. "What? Nu-uh! Catpups don't have stupid ideas. Creative, yes. May not work, yes. But not stupid."she protested. "Catpup... what in the universe is a catpup?"Riku asked. "Me! I'm a catpup."Valerie smiled. "Um...why 'catpup'?"Sora asked. "Well, kitpup sounds weird... and well, catdog is taken."Valerie shrugged. "Okay, you are just calling yourself that."Riku said. "Nu-uh! Jeffrey and Eden called me catpup too!"Valerie protested.
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    "Well, there goes some of them. Now what?"Roxas nervously looked at the group pushing foward. Where the hell is Kurix? Don't tell me he's being a chick- His thoughts were interupted by an arrow nearly hitting his foot. What the.... "Sorry!"Kurix was responsible, aiming an arrow at the attackers. "I was aiming at them, not you guys!"he said in his defense. Roxas merely groaned at annoyance.
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    OOC:Hey, I couldn't post twice!XD
    BIC:"Thank you! Now he sees it..."Roxas huffed, alittle annoyed that it took the chase to get Gexln settled down. "Hopefully Kurix isn't doing anything stupid..."he said.
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    When I was a baby I got a blue teddy bear. I have her to this very day as a comfort pillow and a teddy bear.
    I got suspended in 3rd grade for accidentally kicking another student in line.
    I accidentally stole a Hershey bar from Wal-Mart when I was a kid.
    I stole volume 1 and 2 of the Chain of Memories manga from a student sitting in front of me in middle school.
    I tend to be very timid when I'm out of my comfort zone.
    I can be very energetic when I AM in my comfort zone.
    I'm 17 and I've never been kissed by anyone other than family.
    I hate heights. I sometimes to get jittery even when I'm only a foot off the ground.
    I can barely remember my dreams, and when I do remember it's always the really crazy ones.

    ....and I'm stopping there.
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    Roxas nearly jumped a bit at a clearing of the mob. "EDEN?!"He was suprised, but quickly turned furious at the lack of understanding. I told Kurix to look after her! He let her out of the gummi ship?!
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    "Wha-hey!"Kurix was a bit suprised when Eden suddenly left. "Oh boy.... Now what...?"He gave a small nervous gulp, not sure whether to follow or to wait.
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    "Sorry...."Kurix muttered. "I-I don't think Roxas and Gexln are coming back anytime soon...b-but I don't really know how to fly a gummi ship...hmm..."he started to think of a solution.
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    "H-Hey.... I-I didn't mean to...."Kurix frowned. "D-Don't cry...I-I shouldn't have said anything...oh, what to do..."He looked around the gummi ship.
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    "Wouldn't you miss us, though?"Kurix asked. "I mean... I wouldn't stop you from going home but... you'd be missing out on a great adventure..."he couldn't help the smile.
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    "I-I wouldn't know. I heard you guys talking about Earth, but I wasn't around during that time. I-I'm sure everyone there is alright. I mean, they don't have to worry about Heartless anymore, right?"Kurix tried to lighten the mood. "I-I'm probably not helping much though... M-Maybe being around the other would help cheer you up..."he was really hoping Roxas would come in with Gexln soon.
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    "Well, as soon as Roxas and Gexln come back we can go to Radiant Garden to meet up with them!"Kurix said. "Unless... Riku and his group isn't who you're talking about..."he said, looking at his tea.
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    "I know its just... with you, Kairi, Namine...even Val. I just feel...nervous. Like I'll say something wrong. and Its like... I'm out of a comfort zone...if that makes sense for a nobody to have that..."Kurix said. "Roxas told me... nobodies sometimes develop a different personallity from their somebodies... I hope my somebody wasn't nervous like I am..."he said. what he didn't know was the irony of the factor of him being nervous around girls.
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    "Sure. You need it more than I do now, though."Kurix couldn't help but chuckle. "S-Sorry about earlier. I dunno why but... talking around you makes me really nervous. It's not that I don't like you, you're really great after a while. Its just... I dunno. I just feel more comfy talking with Sora...Roxas...Jeffrey, Gexln....heck, even that stubborn goat Riku."Kurix shrugged.
    "Now approaching Radiant Garden."The gummis announcer said. "Finna....finn...."Riku suddenly sneezed. "whoa, bless you!"Sora shielded Kisa from the sneeze, seeing the infants pure blue eyes exploring the gummi ship. "woo-hoo..."Valerie said, finnaly glad to be landing in Radiant Garden soon.
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