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June 17
in your closet that's filled with fuzzy coats


Traverse Town Homebody, from in your closet that's filled with fuzzy coats

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Apr 18, 2009
    1. fadedphantom
      I know!! That stupid duck!!! HEAL ME DAMMIT!!! Healing you is all he's good for, and sometimes he can't even do that... Gah!!

      I know, Riku's story was sooo freaking boring. AND I was really annoyed by Mickey's voice. Did you notice that it sounded different?? I did, and it bugged me the entire time. He didn't sound like Mickey... he sounded like Piglet trying to imitate Mickey D:
    2. fadedphantom
      Hahahhaha gahhhh I hate how long it takes to heal!! I'm always like screaming at Donald like "Come on you damn duck heal me!! NO DON'T HEAL GOOFY YOU IDIOT!! HEAL ME!! IF GOOFY DIES HE'LL WAKE UP AGAIN, IF I DIE I'LL HAVE TO START ALL OVER!!" Whyyy does he feel the need to heal Goofy when he has more life than me?!?!

      I know, Riku's story was sooooooooooo boring! Omg. By the like 8th floor or something I was like "Oh my god. I'm going insane. It's the same freaking thing on every floor!!!" Couldn't he at least have talked to somebody in the worlds?!?!
    3. fadedphantom
      Hahaha that's lucky at least.

      Yeahhhhh for Sora's story I was like "Gotta level up, where are you heartless?!?!" but by the time I got to Riku's story I was like "There's not even cutscenes in the worlds... I just wanna see the cutscenes..." so I like avoided the heartless a lot of the time lol. Gah I know!! I was yelling that at him too!! It was especially annoying because right when I'd go into dark mode he'd decide to deal me just enough damage to shift me back into regular mode :/ Jerk.
    4. fadedphantom
      Hahaha I know right?!?!? People are so weird!! How can they like that form?!?! And yes, it was painful to watch D:

      OMG against Sephiroth?!?!? That sucks hahahahah wow.

      Hahah yeah that was pretty much my strategy too :D When I saw that I had to fight him again as Riku I was like "Noooooo I already fought you!!!! Go away and leave me alone!!!" And then he proceeded to beat me up (I had rushed through the rooms and hadn't leveled up enough lol, so then I had to spend like an hour leveling up @_@)
    5. fadedphantom
      Yeah, it's some people's favorite form O_o Weirdos!!! I think the first time that I got it was when I was fighting Saix D: I was like "OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL?!?!? HELP!! WHAT'S WRONG!?! NO NO NO SORAAAA!!!"

      And then I died. Needless to say I was pissed.

      Hahaha really? I do think he was easier in Sora's story. When I had to fight him as Riku, I was like "That's not fair!! I can't stay in Dark Mode like you!!!" Lol
    6. fadedphantom
      Lol I hated anti-form too!!! I don't understand why people love it so much :/ It's freaking annoying, especially when you're in the middle or a really important battle and then your Drive Gauge is completely wasted D:

      I know! She was awesome!! She was one of the hardest ones in my opinion. I also had some trouble with Repliku... he was tough.
    7. fadedphantom
      My favorite is KHII. The story is so much fun, and I go a little crazy with the Drives... O_O lol they make Sora look super awesome!! I have yet to beat Sephiroth though... I beat him on the first game, but for some reason I'm having problems beating him in KHII.... I'm gonna try and beat him before I go back to college lol.

      Yeah, I totally agree. Omg, Re:CoM was soooo long!!! It took me forever! Especially since I could only play it when I came home from college :/ I wonder if Days will be that length since there are so many questions that need to be answered...
    8. fadedphantom
      Hahaha same here.

      ...That... is a very good question. Sighhhh just one question after another...
    9. fadedphantom
      Lol yeah he does. And I can never remember his name either hahaha. I always feel stupid when people ask me and I can't remember... like I'm not a true fan D: But I am!!! I am a true fan!!!
    10. Roxas3310
      Thanks!!!! :d
    11. fadedphantom
      I know, it's all so confusing!! GAH!!! Maybe Zexion is like an illusion?? But... I guess Roxas was technically born before Sora was asleep, right? Because Sora lost his heart at Hollow Bastion. Hmmm idk... so confused... @_@
    12. fadedphantom
      Yes, exactly. Glad we share the same point of view on that :)

      Hmmm idk, I'm confused about the whole castle oblivion thing. I mean, it this before, during, or after that storyline?? Well, obviously it's not after cause of Zexion... hmmm...

      Lol thanks!! I'll cheer you on if you get it too!! We should all support each other, no matter who gets the parts :)
    13. fadedphantom
      Yeah, that is annoying. I mean, come on, complaining isn't going to change anything. It just means someone was more suited for the role. They shouldn't complain, they should just be inspired to work hard and try out for something else.

      I know!! Grr. I reeeeeeally hope she's in it!! That would be so sad if she wasn't... Gah, but even if she's not, I still would be happy if I got that role. At least it's something, right?
    14. fadedphantom
      Yep, I agree.

      Hahaha exactly. And I hear he's pretty swamped right now, so I bet he just wants to get this all done asap.

      I know!! Gahhhh so unfair!! Where are all the girls?!?! And I really hope Larxene actually has some lines and we don't just like see her from a distance or something... that would suck. Soooo many people auditioned for Namine and Xion. So much competition... ngh... -_-'
    15. fadedphantom
      Haha that's a good point, you may be on to something there...

      Lol that's all he needs to know. I doubt he wants to read any super long emails anyways, right?

      Me too! Grr, I wish there were more parts for girls. It's not fair that we only get to audition for three roles. The guys get to audition for like 20 O_o
    16. fadedphantom
      Nah, he's not choosing until he's sure that everyone's sent their auditions in. You still have plenty of time. And thanks for the Larxene compliment :D It's sad that she's the one that I put the least effort into, and yet she turned out the best...

      Haha mine did too. I was just like "Hey Mike, here's my audition... my names fadedphantom... okay bye." Lol

      That's okay if you don't sound like her. Mike's looking for talent, not necessarily imitations. I'm sure you'll do fine :)
    17. fadedphantom
      Aw, you can do it!! It's like a relief once it's sent, trust me. I auditioned for Xion and Namine too, along with Larxene... my Xion is pretty sucky haha but oh well! It's all in Mike's hands now.

      Lol so anyways, I'm sure your audition is fine, so don't worry about it. Just close your eyes and click! ...Well actually, don't close your eyes, cause you might accidentally click something that deletes everything, which would be bad... But you should definitely send it soon, there's less than a week until Mike announces the part!
    18. fadedphantom
      Hi! So you're auditioning for the dub too eh? Who'd you try out for?
    19. Wacko
      Yeeep.... EPIC FILLZ
    20. Wacko
      lol. Ike fights fer his friends.
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    in your closet that's filled with fuzzy coats
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