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    Well, maybe not. XD I just wanted to say that 'hi' even though I won't come back after years on endas KHInsider is a lot awesomer.

    So, it's nice to see this place again, I guess.
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    Hi, but no one knows me here. Anyway, please don't talk to me or add me as a friend or anything. If you would like to, add me on Kingdom Hearts Insider Forums. My username there is aswaxsora. The only reason I use this website is because of Destiny's Force's fanfics. No I don't support Sora x Kairi or Kairi being strong and having a Keyblade, because she doesn't. It's just well written.

    Well, that's all.
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    Glad to see you back in business DF. When you wrote 'Merlin's Pants' I laughed so hard that my sided burned.
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    ... Really? I didn't know. Sorry.
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    What? How am I doing that?
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    I love that stuff!

    So, anyone ever drank any?[/COLOR][/I][/B][/QUOTE]
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