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March 10


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Apr 20, 2011
    1. O R A N G E
      O R A N G E
      and my vagina does not have teeth. >|
    2. O R A N G E
      O R A N G E
      lol, 'Ms. fruit'
    3. Advent
      Get your friends to introduce you to girls you don't know, but for the love of God, make sure that there's some chemistry.

      Really? I mean, I never so much as humored the idea either until, well, Harriet obviously, and honestly, the difference is not all that bad. You get a few pedo jokes here and there, other than that, it's pretty much the same.
    4. Advent
      I'm REALLY not. I don't know what came over her, to be honest. I'm average at best. Anyway, it ended poorly. Only thing we had in common was that we both played the violin. The mutual friend that threw the party asked me out (over the phone while I was at some science camp thing of all places), and she went all jealous ***** and started to talk to me less and less.

      I'm glad she did, though. Harriet is immeasurably better than she ever was, both in terms of looks and the ability to keep up any semblance of a conversation.


      Anyway, interested in anyone specifically at the moment?
    5. Advent
      ... She didn't, actually. I think it might have been because at the party we met at, she was rather obsessed with me even though she just met me. I wasn't used to someone liking me THAT much in such a short amount of time, and she even gave me her screen name at the end of the party without me so much as approaching her.

      That'd do it.
    6. Advent
      Oh, I see. That's how my last relationship ended. That and the girl was just weird as hell towards the end. She was nice when I met her, but she became a real indifferent *****, and eventually just stopped talking to me altogether. She was weird about everything, kissing, holding hands, the works. And we could never have a decent conversation either, since we barely had anything in common... To this day I don't know why the hell I dated her.
    7. Advent
      It's been... 10 months for me. It really does suck. I don't even get hugs more than once every two weeks or so. But I know it'll be all worth it soon. Same goes for you, man.

      Oh, this was a pas girlfriend I assume? How long were you two together?
    8. Advent
      Yea, I actually do agree with that. My GF's before Harriet were never friends or mine, simply acquaintances whom I met like once of twice before. Make a good, slightly flirtatious first impression, and you're set. Parties and hanging out with friends' friends really do help.

      God, I know how that feels, trust me. You'll find someone, and it'll all be worth the wait.
    9. Advent
      Try to recall all of the times that you flirted successfully when you plan to flirt with a girl. Could be a good confidence booster.

      Well how is the situation between you and Ms. Fruit at the moment?
    10. Advent
      Dude, that would be ****ing awesome. We should definitely plan something like that, since my (completely useless) junior license will be upgraded to a full license in the end of October.

      Maybe you aren't showing your interest clearly enough. Perhaps you need to tone up the flirting a bit without making it obvious.
    11. Advent
      Oh lol, no you didn't. Jesus Christ, I wish my friends gave me free condoms... because I get laid all the time... totally. Seriously though, you shouldn't be so doubtful of yourself, you could get a girl.

      Well we both happen to be going on vacation to Florida during the same week (no joke, this was a complete coincidence), so we were like "Well ****" and planned to hang out, like, the entire time. Also, quite the contrary, I like in NY, the most weirdly shaped state in the U.S. aside from Texas.
    12. Advent
      Well first boy is gonna be named John IV, first girl is gonna be named Jarriet (lolwut). Nick seems like a fine name, I'll bring it up with the lady.

      lol I saw a Trojan Condom booth at Warped Tour and I thought of **** like that happening.
    13. Advent
      Ron is always stupid, though. I've come to accept that. I guess everyone in that movie is gonna look bad compared to Hermione, I mean... it's Emma Watson. She needs more fanservice in those children's movies.
    14. Advent
      Ah, Harriet and I are gonna see Harry Potter when we meet up in Florida. I've heard mixed things. Apparently they cut a lot out from the books, that true?
    15. Advent
      Yea, it has been a while. Long time no talk.

      Goes pretty well. Just got home from Warped Tour. It was pretty good for the first seven hours, but Bad Religion's closing performance made it downright epic. How about you?
    16. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      Well besides going on my first rollarcoaster since 4th grade(lame I know)
      My sister,my bestfriend and I caused all sorts of trouble at the resort we stayed at.
      Although it wasn't our fault xD
      One lady said we were bad role models haha.

      The matresses were hard to sleep on and the water tasted weird (but that's because NY has better filters).
      But other than that it was great.
      I learned a lot of stuff about history,which is sorta good because I am a nerd for that stuff xD

      I saw a jelly fish in the water at Yorktown,I almost stepped on the poor thing.
      Then it would have probably attempted to kill me D:

      The food was awesome there,and I went on one of those cheesy ghost tours*shot*
      The tourguide was wearing a pirate hat with a feather in it.
      Creeepy.I took a picture with him though xD

      I saw Harry Potter and the half blood prince because the weather was bad one day;it was pretty good.
      Although a bit rushed at some parts.

      Let me remember more now D: xD
    17. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      Yeah I know.
      I just came back from VA and DC and it was tiresome to say the least.
      I only visited about 3 Smithsonians.
      And walked around and took a trolley.
      I don't think I could have possibly seen everything.
      2 days in DC felt like a week.
      And Virginia was fun :p
    18. Kannira the wolf
      Kannira the wolf
      Why hello there, good sir. How are you today?
    19. JellyBeing
      Still trying to get into those skinny jeans, eh?

      Alright. But be warned her vagina has teeth.
      Damn those plot twists.
    20. Misty
      bright eyes reference?

      The only movies I can really say I love are Wriscutters, The Science of Sleep, Eternal Sunshine, and maybe a few others I can't remember.
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