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Jun 24, 2016
Feb 8, 2008
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Jun 3, 1992 (Age: 31)
Safest Haven


Goddess, Female, 31, from Safest Haven

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Jun 24, 2016
    1. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Otay. :glomp: Go to bed. XD

      Thanks. That really means a lot to me. ^^ You're a great friend too.

      Well, I can, but I want to get it done and over with, ya know? ^^; That sounds rough... I know I wouldn't be the same after something like that would've happened to me.
    2. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Lol! Sorry I didn't make it clear. :sweat:

      Actually, a lot of times, I felt like it was my fault. >< I felt like I didn't want to make friends in real life after those arguments, because I feel like I suck at being a friend. I always end up hurting people without meaning to, and that really hurts me. I never, ever wanna do something that'll hurt anyone, because... guess it's because of my childhood and the way things are in our family... Meh.

      I might stay up a bit longer. Have to take Earth Science test... >> And awwwww... I'm sorry. >< That must've been really, really tough. :glomp: My parents kept it hidden from me when my cousin died. My dad told me on Sunday through a prayer that he was gone. Tore my heart, and then I force to go to church after that. Then I didn't go to his funeral. It took me about four months to finally ask how he died and stuff... Eh, yeah for depressing times... X(
    3. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      I redited my post, btw. XDDD There's a bit more. ^^;

      Eh, just misunderstandings. It mostly resulted from the both of us not giving each other space.

      Yush. I will sleep soon. I'm planning to leave in 15 minutes. Ew, carrying icky tissues with you is... icky. >>
    4. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Well... they were bad emotional wise, but we got through it. Meh. I'm still worried though.

      They weren't home. XDDD Emergancy stuff kept popping up for them. Same time here, but I'm sleepy. XDX Awww, I'm sorry... Remember to take a big box of tissues with you too... Oh! And a gorcery sack to put the yucky tissues in. ^^ I can't stand funerals. Even though it's a person I don't know, I can't look at them when they're in their coffin, and I can't stand to see people bawling their eyes out around me. I guess it's been like that since my cousin died. I didn't even go to his funeral I was so upset, so I guess I feel regret everytime I go to someone else's... >>
    5. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Yup. I just grin and bare it. I'm about to leave the house for school, but I'm a bit nervous to stay with the friend. >> We got into a lot of fights when she was here. DX

      Cause her parents couldn't come pick her up those weeks, so she ended up staying longer. XDDD And I might just end up going to bed if I go take a nap. >> *Looks at time* Cemetary? Why are you going the Cemetary?
    6. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Yush, I have to remember my mom isn't stable in the head. Usually her tactic is emotional and mental attacks towards me, but after she's been taking medication, she's a lot better now. ^^

      Same here. My head hurts and my friend finally went home. So maybe I can get some sleep. XDDD lol. She stayed with me for almost a whole month. And I might not get on much either. >>
    7. volleyballgirl79
      Same how has your summer been
    8. volleyballgirl79
    9. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Lol, hiding actually saved me one time. That was when my mom was really angry with something and wanted to take it out on something. I happened to be in the way, but I hid in a closet. >> So she never found me, and my dad calmed her down so I could come out again.

      Yeah for smiling, too. ^^ Yush. I found meh flashstick. I will try to post another chapter soon.
    10. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      It morphed over time. DX I mean... it Digivolved. O.o In all seriousness, I use to hide. >> Then I just started sitting there and take it as it comes.

    11. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Yeah, it died. My dad fixed it though. ^^

      I cower when I get yell at. >< Habit of mine.

      But then I'll make your chest hurt! DX
    12. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Sorry about being missing for a few days! The internet went out of whack. ><

      More than words can explain? XDX

      Tee hee, yush for randomness!
    13. sorashark5
      hey aura how have u been
    14. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Kind of. See, only so few people know about this but, I am a psychic who sees strange numbers and can make time stop for a few seconds. Plus make clocks go backwards for some strange reason. Yes, I know, I'm not normal.
    15. Symphony
      I saw them. 8D YOU'RE SO PRETTTTTY. <3 You really are. Perfect. >< -Runs my fingers through your hair and kisses your forehead- You're right. <3 Good! I hope you don't. And I'll grow my hair back. -Nudges back- And you're really my princess...<3 I'm so glad I was able to save you...<3333 Why did your mom get mad at you for that? D: I'm sorry...And...I explored more, got a coffee that was disgusting, burnt my tongue and threw it away. Then read a few chapters of a manga. 8D

      Ew, math. 8D Do you do photography? Or play an instrument? I'm glad you are. ^^

      D< No youuu. <333 Oh. I need to find a way to be able to call you or something. 8DD Thank you...-Blushes and smiles at you, kissing you back- >//< Thank you...<3
    16. Symphony
      Oh, right...XD I'm sorry. ; ; I want to see a picture of you with your hair down and all of the way down so I can see more. XD So now it'll be all soft when you take it out? o: -Strokes it- NEVAH CUT IT AGAINNNN. -Squeezes you and kisses your cheek- Aw...<3 That's so sweet. -Rubs your back- I would like that. <3 And I know! XD PASTA. And of course that kind. <3 And ride away with you on my white horse. <33 That's going on my list of, "Things to do before I die". XD How has your day been? Has anything happened?

      What will you be taking? 8D8 Do you remember? <3

      >//< You're the sweetest. <333 Maybe you can teach me more than I know. XD I only know the really basic stuff. And...Thank you works! Right? ^^;
    17. Symphony
      How long WAS it? ._. It still seems long. 8D Maybe if you grow it out long enough, it'll wrap around the whole world! And heal everyone. 8DD And why your teddy? ^^; -Hugs you tightly- ...Good. <33 Someday you won't, when I kidnap you from everything. <3 -Is glad you're mine- Ohh, good. I was about to say that was a bit of a shallow reason. XDD You'll go someday! ^^

      Aw. Well, we could always see each other during breaks and stuff...If we had the same down time. <3

      So am I. <333 Aww. D: Do you want to be fluent? ...Gracias...? -Guesses- XDD
    18. Symphony
      That's probably why it's so long! O: TEH MAGICAL POWERS GROWS IT OUT QUICKLY. -Clings back to you- Miraaaaaaaaaaa. <333 Well, just don't cry. XD >>; And awwwwww. >< That made me happy. <3 I'm glad I don't have to worry about my mother nagging me or anything. ; ; <3 I'm glad you do...Cutie. ; ; -Holds you tightly- And is that really the only reason you want to go? xDD It would be fun. ^^

      I know. >__< I totally would have. Maybe I can transfer. XD

      Me too. I was still happy. I'm glad you slept well. ^^ <3 ...How good is your Spanish? I can speak a little bit...Hola. XD
    19. Symphony
      OO: Magical hair! 8D -Clings to you tightly- ... ; ; Well...Yeah, okay, so I'll show you a picture TONIGHT. XD -Nudges my nose back and holds you tightly- I don't understand why parents try and force you to sleep when you're not tired! Especially if you aren't tired at all. <3 You should be all, "I'M A NIGHT OWL, MOM, ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I IS." Well, I was thinking of what I could call you. I know people call you "Vi" and..."Ian" is a boys name. XD So...IVVYYYY. <3 And I know. I really do spam the word cute too much around you. >___< I'm sorry. Italy...? 8D For pasta? -Will take you someday- ^^

      Of course! <3

      How did you sleep, dear? <3 I missed you so much today. And...-listening- The kitty picture is a bit distracting. XD <333 Thank you. ^^
    20. K u r o g a n e
      K u r o g a n e

      That's right. A lighting bolt strikes you, guess what it's Blubo's doing.
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    Jun 3, 1992 (Age: 31)
    Safest Haven
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