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Jun 25, 2010
Oct 20, 2007
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Merlin's Housekeeper, from Twilight Town, eating Sea Salt Ice Cream. :3

axelsoraroxasfan103 was last seen:
Jun 25, 2010
    1. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      ^^ welcome back

      Hmm I actually don't know,I just found it one day xD;;;

      How is college going? ^^ I am pretty good thanks, just being busy busy busy @_@
    2. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Hey, I'm sorry I never replied to your message, I wasn't being ignorant, I just got backlogged by them and I am now trying to get through them all @_@

      Thank you very much <3 and it is a baby leviathan.

      So how are you?
    3. KingdomHeartsFanGirl7952
      Oh okay and I see and yea same here
      Yea I think that will be better for me too ^^
    4. KingdomHeartsFanGirl7952
      Your welcome and yea I hope that too and srry about the late reply I do come back on just not everyday like I used to a little bit busy with school :)
    5. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      I'm trying to get Dracula done for a senior project. It's pretty damn boring. You?
    6. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      Ooh, lucky. I don't NEED to take them, but I will just in case. Thanks!
    7. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      I shall tell you! It might be a while. I'm busy for the next few days. SAT's and all. :s
    8. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      Aah, I see. I bet they're good though!

      Tempt me to get a Youtube account. I just might.
    9. The Fuk?
    10. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      Jajajaja. :333 I had to make a new account not too long ago, actually. Kind of a pain in the butt. :/

      I wish I had a YT channel. I've thought about it once or twice, needless to say. That's really neat! You tempt me, you really do!
    11. The Fuk?
      The Fuk?
      Yngwie malmsteen. Only one of the best guitar soloists ever.
    12. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      I think that'll be alright. I'm no literary expert so I don't want to be like, critical or anything. But I would love to see your facfic when you're done! I had an account not too long ago and I barely used it too, so I know how you feel. xDD

      Awww, it's only coming out for PSP? D:
    13. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      Like a character is 'coincidentally' clumsy so the loving prince can save her more often. Or the lady in the story is granted super special things to get her out of the way of troublesome things normal people would have to suffer though. :l Jaja, I'm too lazy to type it out. xDDD

      You mean my username? Haha, that's what I thought a long time back. xDD Ooh, you can do it! :3

      It's amazing! Day 95. They go by too fast. D:
    14. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      Neeh. They have those 'coincidental' traits that get them anything they want. I don't know how you write an overly perfect character but I wouldn't do it. People hate those in literature...or at least they do at

      Oh, you mean the VI IV thing? I know how you feel. The only one I know by heart is Roxas's and anyone other one that just have I in it. Without an X or V. Gararararar.

      Yeah, a few. 8DDDD
    15. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      Awaah! You should totally give Twilight Town a thought. Maybe as a one shot or something. Y'know, ice cream on top of the tower and you know where that leads to! 8D
      Mary Sue = an overly-perfect character. Like Bella Swan from the Twilight series.

      The roman numerals screw me up to this day. D:
      I know, right? I mean, I don't really pay attention to 'jocks, preps, goths' and stuff like that, but eesh!

      Hehe, yeah!! It's good to have this name back. 8D
    16. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      Plain reading. xDD

      Hmm. What's your idea that you had before? I bet it's good, no matter what it is. ;ooo
      Just don't make anyone a Mary Sue! XD

      I thought at first Zexion was reading a kid's book. I don't know why, I just did. And it took me forever to remember the names of the Org members. Good grief. XDDD
      I KNOW, RIGHT? D8 People judge a book on its cover way to quickly nowadays.

      I did! XD Now people won't get confuzzled.
    17. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      I'm awful at graphing. Anything with it and you can just give me an auto-F. But I'm really good at reading.
      Rion? Oooh! Tell me when you do! I'll want to take a good look at it! Haha, I'm spoiled pretty damn good. Kinda sucky, but at the same time I don't have to be super sad and stuff when it happened. XDD

      Haha, awww! though! Oh god it's so silvery! But at the same time he looks so yoooung~ GRBGRB I KNOW, RIGHT?! Zexion is not emo, will never be emo, and ...Grb.

      Yaay, thank ye!
    18. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      Bluuuugh. I can barely do multiplication, man. :l Thank you for the inspiratioooon!! <33

      Was it really? XD I think of my old username and I kind of lol a lot. Zexion is one of my favorites too. I really like the whole illusion thing he does. Super nifty! 8D

      Oh of course! I'd be insulted if you didn't! XD
    19. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      Oh geez. Math is sooo hard. XD I hope to be a Graphic Designer after this. I have an interview with the college I'm looking at tomorrow, actually! I'm really emotional, so I'll probably cry a bit. XDD

      I was in middle school when I came up with that name. xD Everyone loved it, for some reason. I was like, the biggest Roxas fangirl or something like that. *shrug* I dunno.
      DAYS IS AWESOME. Get iiitttt!~
    20. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      Oh god. I can wait for a bit, y'know? I'm certainly not planning to rush this year. :l I'll probably cry like a ***** during graduation day. xDD

      Ris? XD When I first joined my username was 'Roxas_is_Hot'. But it was too long so I changed it to Ris! But now people are getting me confused with Rissy so I'm changing it back. XD
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    I like Kingdom Hearts,anime, and other things. Oh and I'm friendly, just get to know me. :)

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    Riku x Xion is SWEET. :)

    ~Someday, You'll Shine And Other Days, You'll Fade~