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    This is definitely a valid point. I guess I'm just trying to understand what it is Nomura and co. are trying to get across to the audience now. I know there is a good portion of this that was made up as the story developed, but I'd like to think that as they were creating this new plot, they did it with the old stories in mind and were able to mold them together in a way that makes some sense with the right amount of digging.

    For example, the plot of the first game makes sense to me. Gathering the 7 princesses of heart in attempt to find the 7 lights adds up perfectly with this 7 lights versus 13 darknesses plotline. Even the ambitions of Ansem-SoD go along with the idea that Xehanort wanted to fill the worlds with darkness (feeling that the world had an imbalanced abundance of light) in addition to obtaining Kingdom Hearts. To me the Xemnas plot is the only one that doesn't fit among the rest, which is why I felt as if I were missing something. Now I under that the point of him creating his own Kingdom Hearts was to fill the 13 darknesses with Xehanorts....though it still seems to me that he got caught up in this idea of "nothingness" along the way.

    Now, my last question...and I'm unsure if there is an answer to this one....why did the original Master Xehanorts body reappear when he had "TerraNorts" body when he became a heartless and a Nobody? Shouldn't that have been the body that returned instead?
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    These are all really helpful answers. Thanks!

    What I'm still wondering though is if we saw the true form of Master Xehanort at the end of 3D, than why did he disappear when the "time was up?" I had always thought that was a version of him that had traveled through time, but if that was indeed his true form returned, than shouldn't he be able to exist in that time just as Axel/Lea is?

    Also, how does he plan to fill the each vessel with his own self now without Kingdom Hearts, because I thought the point of forcing the 13 darknesses and 7 lights together was to create the x-blade which would...unlock kingdom hearts. Doesn't one need to happen before the other?
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    If this is already a discussion that is happening on these boards, please refer me to it!

    I have been trying very hard to understand what the "plot" of the KIngdom Hearts Saga really is, and I've almost gotten my brain around the whole thing, but I am left confused when it comes to Xemnas and what his intentions were during the timeline of KH2.

    If his role in Xehanorts master plan was to gather 13 darknesses in order to eventually create the x-blade, then where does creating his own kingdom hearts come into play?

    Mostly I'm just trying to understand where the entire plotline of Kingdom Hearts 2 fits in with this greater plot of the x-blade.

    Also trying to figure out where the true form of Xehanort is since both Xemnas and his heartless have been defeated. All we saw for sure in 3D were versions that had time traveled to get where they were.
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    Just want to point out that I was one of the students at the Philadelphia Matinee of Red (which he was phenomenal in), asking about Kingdom Hearts in the talk-back. I felt bad...but clearly it was worth it.
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    Does anyone know what our chances are of still getting a 2.5 HD remix of some sort? I wonder if they will choose to release it after KHIII if at all.
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    BEAT HIM! Leveling up did wonders. I just spent a few hours and got around level 27 and then I beat him with no problem. Thanks so much!
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    thanks a lot for the suggestion. I tried doing the mirage game board thing but I didn't really get it to be honest. Do you know how to get new shot lock commands?
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    Alright, just as a disclaimer I've been playing through the game, I guess you could say, the simple way. Just going from world to world the way the story is going and fighting through heartless when I see them. But now I'm fighting Hook and it takes me close to 5 minutes just to get passed the first layer, before the creep swishes me to death. I'm on level 16, Standard Mode, using Mark of a Hero. My attacks are doing little to no damage on the guy and I don't have cure and barely any potions to heal myself. I keep having to d-link which is a tad annoying.

    Any suggestions? I've played the Kingdom Hearts series since I was like....9? (17 now), but I'll admit I'm a bit of a nood gamer. So please help!!
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    Afterall, the secret ending of the first game was called deep dive, but kingdom hearts 2 was just kingdom hearts 2.
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    I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm playing in beginner mode and just can't win. I defeated the first vexen out of luck and just can't beat the second one. I'm at level 38, but I think my problem is my card deck. Could you please suggest a good card deck to me? And like, where I can find the cards your telling me about.

    Ugh, the thing thats so sad about it is that I was so good at the other two games. Please help
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    Wow. Im playing in beginner mode, and this game is HARD. I havent gone against a boss that I haven't died in atleast once. Normally that would mean that I just suck at video games, but I beat the first and second games with like no problems. this is gonna take awhile.....
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    I have a question, I pre-ordered the game last sunday from amazon, with the fastest shipping, so does that mean i get it tomorrow or wednesday?
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