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    I never really fixed it. But I decided to beat the game and never go back to Pride Lands or Space Paranoids. By doing that, I can still face all of the Organization XIII datas. However, this will leave you without the explosion ability, a great combo finisher. Since you unlock it by beating Space Paranoids the second time.

    Instead, I used my codebreaker to cheat and unlock explosion anyways, so I guess I'm set now. Just unfortunate programming.
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    I believe the game recloses it and does modify the map when Hollow Bastion is inhabited with the heartless from Space Paranoids. It has to do with story-related events.
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    I hope this is the right section to post this. If not, please move it appropriately.

    This is the glitch I've been experiencing, and I'm wondering if anyone has find a way past it. I have a codebreaker if someone can provide a fix with a code. Thanks,

    I went through the entire Cavern of Remembrance on Critical Mode after defeating Xemnas' first battle. I defeated the waves of nobodies and gained access to "Garden of Assemblage", the location of the Organization XII Data Battles. Upon leaving, it opens up the secret passageway to Garden of Assemblage which is much quicker than navgating all the way through Cavern of Remembrance.

    Now here's the problem, upon beating Space Paranoids and Pride Lands after beating the game, the passageway to Garden of Assemblage closes. When I navigate through Cavern of Remembrance and attempt to leave Garden of Assemblage to reopen the shortcut, Sora falls forever.

    I think the game wants you to beat space paranoids the second time before attempting cavern of remembrance, and since I did it in opposite order. It glitched out.

    If anyone has a similar problem, and came up with a fix, please let me know. Thank you so much,

    ~ Ben
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