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    Skidding to a halt at the Sandlot, Isleen quickly surveyed the area. As she guessed, this was the epicenter of the creatures' attack. There was something odd about the scene though, and it only took a few seconds to figure out what. The various civilians that hadn't been able to run off yet weren't moving. However, the creatures were not impdeded by the same force. At the moment their sights were on a boy and a girl, who on closer inspection weren't frozen either. Carefully, so as to not alert her presence to any of them, she crept toward them.
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    The girl was strangely at ease as she explored the market district of the town. Since she didn't know quite what to look for or expect, she took her time and got herself accustomed to the new surroundings. The locals would occasionally look at her funny, and when a few of them saw that she noticed them, they offered sincere smiles. 'I wonder why I stick out,' she wondered as she perused the goods of a street vendor. Just then, she felt a tap on her shoulder, and she turned to see a very young boy with short blonde holding a bat made of what looked like blue foam "Why are you wearing that?" he asked brusquely, nodding to the red metal gauntlet on her left arm. "You're not part of the guard, are you?"
    She frowned. Why would a place like this need a guard? Come to think of it, weapons might not be all that commonplace here. Carrying a weapon was almost expected back home, but the only thing she had seen so far resembling any kind of weaponry were bats similar to the one the boy had, and only the kids seemed to have those. "No," she said politely, smiling. "I'm just visiting." The boy looked her over as if he didn't quite believe her. "Ok," he replied. "Don't cause any trouble while you're here." He turned to leave, with an unmistakable air that said he thought he owned the town. Isleen chuckled at his ridiculousness, stopped, then called back to him. "Wait! What's this town called?"
    He turned back to her, a sneer on his face. "You walked into this place without finding out the name? Geez, you really are fresh off the train. This is Twilight Town." With that, he left.
    What a fitting name, she thought, going back to her browsing. Just then, the sound of screaming filled the air. She turned toward the sound instinctively. Many people were running away from a clearing with terrified expressions on their faces. One of the same kind creatures who had attacked her before chased after them. Also on instinct, she flexed the fingers of her left hand, lightly running the sharp metal tips over the back of her other hand to make sure they were sharp. She knew she would enjoy this. The spark of anticipation made her grin. She wasn't so defenseless this time around.
    With that, she ran toward the area the people were running from.
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    Excellent job so far; however, I demand more, NOW! >:O
    Kidding, keep up the good work ^^
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    Her purpose was clear. However, the idea of where to begin was beyond her. Follow the red light... "I don't see any red light to follow," Isleen muttered. A column of darkness rose out of the ground in front of her. Startled, she leap away from it. It was like the darkness she had encountered under the lake, but more contained. Controlled. Well, it was no red light, but...
    She stepped into it. At first, she could see or hear nothing, but after several minutes she heard the voice of a little girl. "All the grown ups are so mean," she complained. Isleen looked around for the source of the voice, but of course could still see nothing. The girl's voice went on, "They make us follow their rules, but they break them all the time."
    "They're called hypocrites, Issy," a boy's voice replied. Isleen gasped. She remembered this conversation, remembered that voice.
    "Hypocrites; people who pretend to be what they're not. But don't tell them I said that, we'll get in trouble."
    "I know that, silly...they don't like it when we insult them."
    "Just follow the rules for now," he advised. "You and me, when we grow up and become strong, we'll change all that. We'll make this city a happy place."
    Tears pricked at her eyes, but she managed to hold them back. 'Too bad they killed you before then,' she thought bitterly.
    When the darkness finally opened up, she practically dashed out into the light, glad to escape that old memory. She glanced around; she stood in the middle of what looked like the market of a large town. It was so peaceful looking it could almost be described as sleepy, especially with the setting sun throwing half of everything in shadows, half in a dull orange glow.
    It was not the kind of place she expected to be sent to, but she knew there was a reason for it. With that in mind, she started down the street to explore her new surroundings.
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    The sun was on the verge of setting, its red light making the water of the lake appear crimson. She sat in a rowboat in the middle of the lake, looking almost meditative as she gazed into the water. "This was always your favorite spot," she said quietly. "When the pressures of our duty started to grate on both of us, you'd take me here and, for a little while at least, we could truly relax."
    A voice calling from the shore interrupted her reverie. "Isleen, hurry it up! We have to head back home soon!" Isleen looked at the distant figure at the shore, a comrade who had been assigned to watch out for her once she asked permission to use her day off to visit outside the city. Knowing he was too far away to see her face, she stuck out her tongue at him. Was it too much to ask for a private moment without getting intteruppted? "Okay," she called back. "I'll be over there in a minute." Giving the scenery one last look, she reached for the oars with the intention to start heading for shore. A movement in the water caught her eye. Curious, she squinted into the water, a small frown on her face. At that instant, a wiry blue arm emerged from the water, latching onto the side of the boat. A small creature pulled itself out of the water. Its red eyes, full of malice, glared at her. It swiped at her with its skinny arms, but she managed to sidestep its attack and kicked it back into the water. She looked around uneasily at the surface of the water. Of all places to be attacked, a small boat was perhaps the worst; not only was there little room for her to manuever, but she had left her gauntlet with her companion so it would not get lost in the water. She opened her mouth to call out to the guard at the shore, when a dozen or so blue arms grabbed ahold of one side of the boat and flipped it over, making her plummet right into the water.
    She fought for the surface, but the blue creatures clung to her, dragging her down. She kicked at them and tried to squirm out of their grip, but they were strong for such skinny things. Finally, she managed to free one of her arms and put the palm of her hand on one of the creatures. Utilizing her magic, the creatures touching her were covered with a layer of ice. Since they no longer struggled against her, she easily shoved them away and punched them, obliterating them into millions of crystalline shards.
    With the creatures no longer attacking her, she realized that she was not sinking slowly in water anymore; instead she was drifting down in a great void.
    "Would you prefer to drown, or dive?"
    The sound of the voice startled her, for it seemd to come from nowhere and everywhere, and somehow very familiar. "Into what?" she called back, irritated that she could not see the speaker.
    "Into the darkness." As if responding to the voice, a great wave of cold, blackness covered her. She couldn't see, could barely breathe against the force of it. "Dive into the darkness, accept it, and in turn you will become stronger. With that strength, you could achieve the peace you've craved in the deepest recesses of your heart, and right the injustices of the past." She felt her heart skip a beat. How did it know what she wanted? The voice then went on, "Or you can drown, and lose all. Which do you choose?"
    The force of the blackness was nearly suffocating at that point. "I choose to d--" At that moment, a great light burst, making the darkness dissipate like mist. It was so strong, she closed her eyes to avoid being blinded. A voice spoke again, this one very different from the first. Don't let the darkness coerce you into making a choice; think carefully. The path to power doesn't always lead to peace of the heart.
    She opened her eyes, and find herself being hauled out of the water by her companion. "When I said hurry up, I didn't mean jump in and swim to shore," he said patronizingly.
    "I'm sorry," she said quietly. "I'm not sure what came over me."
    He shook his hood, annoyed. "Don't do anything dumb like that again." He looked at her strangely. "What's that you're holding?"
    She looked down into her hands and found herself clutching a small bottle, inside of which she could see a note. "Just a piece of trash I found," she said dismissively. "Go ahead and start walking without me, I'll catch up with you in a moment." Looking at her strangely, he handed her her gauntlet and started down the path that led to Coronae. She pulled the cork out of the bottle with trembling fingers and took out the note. It read:
    You who are chosen,
    A terrible evil approaches your world.
    You alone must seek the Grand Key, a blade whos power is both terrible and wonderous.
    Its eternal power will call to you, and you will seek it out.
    For if you fail, Void will consume your tranquil world and bring forth Naught.
    The Naught will summon calamity.
    And Calamity will destroy all you love.
    Your Chosen Path is left to you.
    There are two roads to power.
    One path to salvation.
    Follow the Red Light.
    Was this the power the first voice had spoke of? The power that would let her...She tried not to think about it, but the desire could not be suppressed. She slid her left hand into the gauntlet, flexed her fingers, and headed down a path opposite the one that led to Coronae. She would find the Key, and with it she would right everything wrong in this world.
    With it, she would destroy her home.
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    Character Name: Isleen
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Class: Rogue
    Weapon: Gauntlet; Abaddon
    Magic: Ice
    World: Coronae; a seemingly idyllic city-state. Strength is prized above all, with intelligence and innovation a close second; thus they have a strong military (with an ego to match it) and are technologically advanced in many ways. The city authorities are oppressive, to say the least.
    Build: Because of her short stature (only 5"1), skinny limbs, and small bust, from a distance she's often mistaken for a young girl. Her red-brown hair is kept short, about shoulder-length, because she's too busy to tidy it most times. She wears a sleeveless shirt that is high cut in front but backless, revealing a smattering of old scars from training. She wears black denim shorts, gray over-the-knee socks, and knee high, black boots. On the middle finger of her right hand she wears a silver signet ring, a gift that means a lot to her.
    Allignment: Bad
    Personality: On first impression, she seems like a jovial, carefree person; she is given to tease the people she cares about and taunt those she despises. However, she's quite level-headed and prefers to strategize at least a moment before rushing into things. She likes to fight, and treats battles like high stakes, adrenaline-filled chess games.
    History: As all children in Coronae, she grew up with a lot of restrictions, high expectations, and a lot of ambition. She trained hard to achieve a high rank in the military alongside her childhood friend, and later her sweetheart, Dante.
    After a high ranking officer committed a crime, Dante was used as a scapegoat so the other man could be spared execution. She has accepted his death, but refused to forgive the ones responsible for it. She wishes to put an end to their corruption by destroying her former home.
    Dante did not actually receive the execution; strings were pulled by those who felt too much guilt and he secretly received exilation from the city. Since then, his heart has turned to darkness and is making sure Isleen's does the same.
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    Resist the thirst? It was almost too good to be true. Kestrel almost smiled at the idea, but realized how difficult the power would be to obtain.

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    Kestrel shifted uncomfortably. "I take only whats necessary," she murmered. "Nothing more."
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    Kestrel wento into the forest as soon as she got her note. She saw Rik and a few others, but waited patiently for more to show up.
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    I guess it can't hurt to see what it is, she thought.

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    Kestrel frowned; she didn't exactly like the idea of running into more of their kind, but she was curious at to what it could be. "Just what exactly is it?" she asked.
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    Kestrel suddenly tensed. "May I help you?" she said quietly, though loudly enough for sensitive ears.
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    I've have, though I only read it in the bookstore because I don't think its worth buying. ^^; Its kinda cute.

    Anyways, I think you posted this in the wrong section.
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