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    Maybe the game has a "lightweight" plot? Between Days, BBS, and or 3-D, there's been some rather depressing endings. Maybe we'll see Kairi for more than 3 seconds.....
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    Ahh....Gotta love more news.... Thanks for the update Mike!
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    You know what they say: "The truth hurts. But the truth will set you free." I'm going to get some kind or form of writing and development education to work for Square. I just want to work for Square.
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    Yes, the same letter. Do I know Japanese? No. Do I have a vague idea that whenever you address a business letter you are extremly respectful? Yes. Are the Japanese respectful? Yes. I can only hope they liked it. I know...4 words of Japanese. And those are all from anime.

    Acuatally, I translated the letter, printed it, and mailed it to Square Enix in Japan, and Square Enix USA in California. I had sent a letter to Square Enix USA before, and got a reply. Add up the current news, and the fact I pitched to sell ALL the rights of the idea(Not Kingdom Hearts, Disney, or Final Fantasy) to them....Yeah. Nomura has new game. Wonder what it is.....
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    Yes, you are correct. That is the deal.
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    I wrote a letter to Square Enix. More or less, I wrote a letter to Square USA first, got told they could not use my idea due to legal issues, and this is what I wrote in English to Square Enix USA, and in Japanese,(thank heavens for google translate...) to Square Enix in Japan. NOTE: I do not speak Japanese, Google translated it to Japanese.
    Here is the letter. NOTE: To protect privacy, some parts have been cut out.

    Here is the letter:
    Dear Square Enix:

    I am glad that you liked my idea, and appreciate your support. Due to legal complications, however you cannot accept ideas from the general public. That is why I am willing give a full explanation of my idea.

    Title: Kingdom Hearts: Reverse
    Opening Theme: Utada Hikaru- Time Will Tell (for a slower opening)
    Or Utada Hikaru- Letters

    3 weeks after Kingdom Hearts II, after Sora and Riku have left, Kairi has a dream of Sora and Riku being swallowed by darkness, and both falling into a comatose state. A bright flash of light outside occurs as she wakes from her nightmare, and she steps outside to find Destiny Islands dark and bleak, the normal cheery attitude replaced by something much darker, much sinister. The image disappears, as Nobodies, mostly of the Dusk variant, swarm around the once pleasant, peaceful, tropical paradise. After learning to summon, Rainfell, her first Keyblade, Kairi, assisted by a mysterious young man who later reveals himself to be Shiro Yang, a Keyblade wielder himself, but who also uses a rapier, two katana, and a pair of handcrafted 'stun pistols' which render enemy combatants immobilized to the spot. After an introduction and some explaining, Shiro guess’ that reason for the abundance of Nobodies is a reaction to Anti-Darkness, which instead of destroying a world as regular darkness; Anti-Darkness reverses the world, causing the mirror image to take place of the actual world. After defeating the source of Destiny Islands Anti-Darkness, Kairi, along with Shiro, board the spacecraft called The Flying Wing II, on which she meets the rest of Shiro’s crew and associates. After receiving instruction and some advice from Yen Sid, Shiro, Kairi, and the rest of the group head for Radiant Garden. There, while walking through the borough near Merlin's house, Kairi closes very close to being severely wounded by former Organization members Larxene and Xigbar, who is now Braig. The shock of the event nearly stops her from continuing, but with encouragement, Kairi continues to press forward, undaunted by the odds or the Heartless. At one point, a mysterious crimson hooded girl attempts to persuade Kairi to abort her quest. Kairi refuses, and the two clash. Kairi wins by having herself and Namine fight the stranger away. The mysterious girl arrives again, only for Shiro to ambush her, and Kairi is partially horrified at the face she sees. It is her own face, only with dark black hair intertwined with streaks of dark blue; the girl's eyes pitch black. Once she escapes by using a Corridor of Darkness, Shiro lets Kairi know the truth: the girl's name is Kuro Yin, the embodiment of the Anti Realm's Darkness, while Shiro himself is the embodiment of the Anti Realm's Light. The pair is brother and sister, and sworn enemies of each other. The two have been battling since they knew of each other’s existence. It was only after Kuro discovered she could manipulate her anti-darkness into the Realm of Light that Shiro decided to form a team to stop her rampage before she ruined all worlds, and twisted them into her own image. After traveling throughout all the worlds, Shiro and Hope come to one final conclusion: In order to stop Anti-Darkness from tearing the world apart, they have to go straight to the source, and fight Kuro in the Anti-Realm to stop the Anti-Darkness from conquering the Realm of Light. Each member agrees, though some have doubts. Kairi urges them all on, and they finally reach Kuro's palace. The girl has twisted the very fabric of space to her will, conjuring everything from former friends to exact copies of Sora and Riku. Kairi and the group continue onward, fighting through horde after horde of darkness before finally reaching Kuro. Exhausted, they valiantly put up a last stand, and defeat Kuro. Kuro refuses to fade into darkness and instead stabs Kairi in the heart, possessing the Princess of Heart's own body, ejecting her heart into the beyond. Shiro musters his strength, and blasts Kairi's body with light, forcing Kuro out of the body, her form now like a Nobody, at the cost of Kairi's body. Shiro begins to fade into light, before giving his own body back to Kairi, thanking her for showing him how to never give up, and he thanks the rest of the group for their unwavering support. He then forcibly grabs Kuro's own tangible form with his own, and the pair disappears into light and darkness. Kairi then wakes up on Destiny Islands, shocked to find she is alive. Lightning and Serah fill her in on the details and non-existence of Shiro and Kuro. Kairi asks if they would possibly be able to stay, and the trio walks out onto the beach and watches the sunset. The game ends showing Shiro and Kuro's keyblades impaled in a memorial garden near the beach.

    For the Secret Ending, a hand, shown off-screen, pulls the keyblades out of the ground, before Light and Darkness pick them up, and send them hurling off into space, as if summoned by their wielder.

    Lightning Farron- Second-in-command and close combat expert, the former Guardian Corps sergeant, now turned demi-goddess, uses every ounce of her courage and might to stem the flow of Anti-Darkness, along with the rest of group. Often reserved, Lightning is not afraid to show disapproval or concern over missions.

    Serah Farron- Lightning’s younger sister. Specializes in long-range combat and magic. She cares for her sister with resolve like no other. She has a keen sense of justice, and always supports those around her.

    Sazh Katzory- Pilot of the Flying Wing II, unmatched in flying skills. A baby chocobo resides in his afro, and he is willing to step back and look at the odds before charging in. He has his own reason for joining Shiro’s group.

    Hope Esthiem- Technology expert and researcher. Hope provides a voice of reason, looking for motive or scientific explanation behind the appearance of Anti-Darkness.

    Oreba Dia Vanille- Specializes in healing and mid-range combat, but her sunny and boisterous personality hasn’t changed a bit. She still can be serious when she needs to be, challenging common sense with her own personality.

    Noel Kreiss- Hunter from another era, Noel Kreiss lends his prowess, knowledge and skill to the team; often playing the peacemaker along with Serah should tension arise.

    Voice Actors:
    Main Cast-
    Kairi- Hadyen Panettiere
    Shiro Yang- Ryan O’Donohue
    Lightning Farron- Ali Hillis
    Serah Farron- Laura Bailey
    Hope Esthiem- Vincent Martella
    Sazh Katzory- Reno Wilson
    Oreba Dia Vanille- Georgia van Culenburg
    Noel Kreiss- Jason Marsden
    Namine- Meaghan Jette Martin
    Mog the Moogle- Ariel Winter
    Kuro Yin- Alyson Stoner

    Minor Cast (Sample)
    The Phantom Blot
    Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy IV)- Liam O' Brien
    Cloud Strife- Steve Burton
    Leon (Squall Leonhart) - Doug Erholtz
    Yuffie- Mae Whitman
    Aerith- Mena Suvari
    Sephiroth- George Newbern
    Zack Fair- Rick Gomez
    Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy IV) - Yuri Lowenthal
    Golbez (Final Fantasy IV) - Peter Beckman
    The Emperor (Dissidia 012)-Christopher Corey Smith
    Garland (Dissidia 012) - Christopher Sabat
    Zidane Tribal (Final Fantasy IX- Bryce Paperbrook
    Snow Villers (Final Fantasy XIII)- Troy Baker
    Balthier (Final Fantasy XII) - Gideon Emery
    Fran (Final Fantasy XII) - Nicole Fanti
    Vaan (Final Fantasy XII) - Bobby Edner
    More characters and voices can handled for other locations within the game as necessary. The above list for minor or guest characters are suggested characters that can be used in different worlds and environments as needed.

    Playable Worlds:
    Destiny Islands
    Radiant Garden
    Neverland (Featuring the Disney Films Peter Pan II: Return to Neverland and the films Tinker Bell, as well as Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure)
    The Toy Box (Based off Pixar Animation Studio's film Toy Story)
    Lunar Paradise (Based off the Pixar Animation Studio's film Wall-E)
    Twilight Town
    Olympus Coliseum
    Cafe de Paris (Based off Pixar Animation Studio's film Ratatouille)
    Merlin’s Tower (Based off the Disney film The Sword and The Stone)
    Port Royal (Featuring the films Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, and if needed, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.)
    The Pridelands (Featuring The Lion King II)
    Castle Oblivion
    The Beginning of Anti (The location of Kuro’s palace within the Anti-Realm)

    Party System and Playable characters:
    The party system remains fairly the same within Kingdom Hearts Reverse, similar of the previous installments of the Kingdom Hearts series. The party is either a trio or a quartet, depending on the player’s choosing. However, much like the Paradigm system of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, different combinations of characters result in different bonus for the party as a whole. For example, if the player chooses Kairi and Shiro as well as Serah Farron and Noel Kreiss, the party receives the Guardian bonus, which gives Serah and Kairi a 25% boost in magic, and Noel and Shiro receive a 25% boost in attack. However, if Kairi, Hope and Noel Kreiss are used, the party receives the bonus Reserve which awards the party +10% health and +5% Experience. Different combinations of characters result in different bonus, so the combinations of people are very wide and diverse.

    The playable roster includes:


    Namine (who is 'unlocked' or usable after a side-quest)

    Lightning Farron

    Serah Farron

    Noel Kreiss

    Sazh Katzory

    Oreba Dia Vanille

    Hope Esthiem

    Shiro Yang

    Yoko Shimomura, the renowned composer for Kingdom Hearts, along with other composers Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki, each of whom were composers for Final Fantasy XIII-2, would be combined to create the Kingdom Hearts Reverse musical score. Songs range from Yoko Shimomura’s slower, more elegant themes, to Masashi Hamauzu’s more repetitive, up-tempo songs. Mixing existing songs is an element of the soundtrack. For example, a theme for Destiny Islands would take the already produced theme, and mix in the theme for New Bodhum of Final Fantasy XIII-2. If that does not work, perhaps all four composers could each create different parts of the soundtrack, and then combine their work together into one unified soundtrack.

    Game Engine:
    The game runs off of The Crystal Tools engine, most known for its use in Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. The engine would need to be formatted for Kingdom Hearts fast-paced combat, and yet retain the cell-shaded graphics of the series. Higher quality graphics are a very appealing option. In a better analogy, it is trying to make a Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children look of realistic graphics, yet still a Kingdom Hearts style.

    Additional Developers:
    Tri-Ace, who was used in Final Fantasy XIII-2, for additional graphics and design, could provide extra developing muscle should anything arise. Tri-Ace had a very good design in Final Fantasy XIII-2, so why not have them assist Square Enix again?

    Game platforms:
    Kingdom Hearts Reverse would be available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

    Thank you for reading the letter and I do realize it was rather long. Since you cannot use ideas from the general public, I offer to sell all rights, ideas, and properties to Kingdom Hearts Reverse for a price of.
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    Would you care to see the letter I wrote to them? Would you like it in English or Japanese?
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    I still have a sneaking idea as to what the new title is.......But I'm not saying anything yet.
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    I could say something here, but due to one, the lack of announcement, and two, I really don't want to say anything about it. But I have a question. If a fan of Kingdom Hearts submitted a game idea to Square Enix, with cast, voice actors, platforms, worlds, plot, and secret ending, and offered all the rights for a price, and Square possibly bought it, would that count as a new game?

    Uh....what about Kairi?
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    Image: currently unavailable
    Font: Arial
    Border: black line, 0.5 point
    Text: (The past will be reawakened as a new number.
    In never-before-seen detail
    Prepare yourself for the awakening of the new number.)

    I will deliver the image shortly.
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    On July 31st, 2012, North America will Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance avaiable for purchase.

    That is all.
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