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    I call Shadow ^_^
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    Replied ^_^
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    Id like to help judge if possible and as a suggestion: Alex Mercer(Prototype) and Cole McGrath(Infamous) ^_^
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    Because every member other than Xigbar is open.
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    We are holding auditions for all members of the Organization except for Xigbar of course ^_^
    to audition simply send me a pm or vm or add me on skype: ventusbeastus
    we are a podcast who focuses on Kingdom Hearts but this time we will be expanding to various other media
    1. Must have skype
    2. Must have a fair amount of Kingdom Hearts knowledge
    3. Must be able to record at least once every other week (exceptions can be made if made known in advance)
    4. Must be okay with various vulgarity when it arises (of course it will *smirk*)
    5. Must have fun!

    Happy auditioning ^_^
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    I'm gonna say Bushy Brow.I could really picture the forest the way it was described and I like when an RPer keeps away from vague details.
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    I have a pretty good idead of what meme i would be but lets see what you think
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    Someone VM me if Smash Bros Brawl ever gets put in......on that day....there shall be blood..... -_-
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    Wish granted but it got all kinds of f***ed up in the mail.

    I wish my damn Pottermore welcome email would show up already!
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    Profile Post

    I posted yesterday

    I posted yesterday
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    Name is Roxas.....Cool Story Bro.. all joking aside welcome to khvids
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    Hmmmm destroy facebook so people will go to your network run by known hackers and cyberterrorists? Somehow I dont see this happening.....Regardless they can take down facebook if they want itll only come back up in a month or so. And as for the fifth of November your symbolism is terrible. V fought against people like you.And as for the rest of you here saying go ahead your ridiculous.You are encouraging cyberterrorism.And as I recall somebody got banned for threatening to take down a certain site (smirks at the mods)
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    (sorry i JUST found this thread today)
    Kusani's eyes slowly opened slightly glancing before she started to close them again (as she had done most mornings before).Suddenly she jumped up, realizing the new surroundings.In her rush she slammed her head sgainst a low hanging branch."AHHHH!" she said grabbing her head."Well crap....where am I?" she said rubbing her head.She slowly started moving through the forest being sure not to run into anything again."What a dark depressing place..." she mumbled to herself.After wandering for several minutes she realized she was lost.She noticed a tree that seemed to be alot higher than the others around it."If I can get up there then I bet I could find the exit!" she thought to herself.As she slowly made her way up the tree one of the branches supporting her broke.As she managed to catch a branch her short tore slightly."Oh somebody dies tonight for this!" she said with a scowl.As she reached the top of the tree she saw no exit but a clearing."Well at least I can make camp there...." she said finding this acceptable.Just then a loud roar echoed through the forest. A dark grin spread across her face."Oh look....breakfast!"
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    You didn't spawn a troll, you brought him out of hibernation
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