Sep 30, 2006
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Jul 7, 1995 (Age: 28)


This silence is mine, Female, 28


Pink?! Aug 5, 2021

    1. Korosu
      Oh **** yeah it's a deal.

      Can the gay monsters come too? c:
    2. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      omg stranger who are you D: WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!1
    3. kingdomheartsfan_567
    4. Korosu

      I want some of those pancakes for breakfeast though oh and the chocolate milk <<
    5. Korosu
      Yes tis. But you locked me out ;;
    6. Korosu
      Course we are ; D
    7. Korosu
      Ohai Chris (': Thanks for the request.
    8. rikusorakairiown
      HEY MAN WHAT'S UP you wanna carry on with our forum we already got just tell me! hye i do you a propose why don't we go make a new forum i have told another guy too to too tot to tootoo do and now i say to to you for we are make forum for THE TRIO about the KINGDOM HEARTS 258/2:45345 : The fanfic writer dies so we can make a nice page with background image KH to can has be catchy and look like nice so first I go make the site to for kingdom hearts if you agree you cna has pls tell me thanx your you are patient
    9. kingdomheartsfan_567
      HEY MAN WHAT'S UP you wanna make a forum just ask me hye i do you a propose why don't we go and make our own forum i have told to another guy too to do and now i tell you to so we are going to make the trio the forum it's about the kingdom hearts III so we gonna make a page and put a backround image for kingdom hearts so it will be catchy so we are going to find the site first ok if you agree with me just visit my page or send me a message thanx again for your patient :)
    10. Saxima
      I'm doing pretty good myself, my friend. :D

      This website is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. It's been added to my list of websites/forums I permanently visit.
    11. Saxima
      Haha, hey Chris, how are you doing?
    12. Ienzo
      Well then fabulous, the tea might taste a bit of binary though, so be warned.
    13. Ienzo
      Now that is true kindness. Would you like some tea, I'll put the kettle on... well only if you have a kettle.
    14. Ienzo
      Well it is one of my favourite hobbies, needless to say if you open the window and let me in then I'll explain the concept of a stalkathon >:3
    15. Ienzo
      O.o Are you stalking me?
    16. rikusorakairiown
      And I should think so too. B|
    17. rikusorakairiown
      I have slain the creepers!
    18. rikusorakairiown

      It was just too tempting.
    19. Cherry Berry
      Cherry Berry
      Haha, true that.. C:
      He gave away his identity in a link someone gave to me (possibly the easiest hint ever :o) Let the others guess as long as they want of who he could be. :lolface:

      Ahh I getcha... Didn't really expect him to go on voxli myself... Second I found out I was all like, ''what is this I don't even'' followed by a ''this I've gotta see.'' Maybe its because he's curious about what sites I go to? :/ idk, throwing a guess into the spanners.

      True that, and I'll also keep that in mind, just change one of the letters when on facebook :3

      Haha, I'll drop you a greeting over facebook if you like? C:
    20. Korra
      Ugh, sorry man @_@ I was working on it, then my laptop got a virus (which is why I've not been around lately) and I had to reset some of my stuff so that inevitably got lost in the process. I did have a sketch of it though so it shouldn't take me too long to redo it, especially since I've got like a week off from school, lol. Sorry. ;_;

      And <3 that song.
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