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    Marushi you just blew my ****ing mind, I didn't realize this either
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    I have two answers. The first one is that if this is like, basically the equivalent of someone jogging every day for you but instead you’re uploading YouTube videos, I would treat it like jogging. When you stop running you can’t just jump right in at the same place you left off. For example I used to do 5K every day at school, now I don’t run. I can’t just go back to that 5K, I need to slowly get back there over time. So try one upload a week, then two, then three etc etc. You have to slowly reintroduce yourself into the habit

    My second answer is though why this habit needs to exist I guess? XD Like for example I play KH2 for fun, but I don’t force myself to play it every day if I don’t feel up to it because it’s just supposed to be a fun thing I do when I feel like. Same with writing or any other personal hobby. The only reason I can see for having a consistent schedule if you’re not doing it for yourself is for audience growth and what not. Like for jogging I have a consistent schedule because it improves my health but that doesn’t really apply here XD So instead of showing us how much you upload wouldn’t it be more valuable to show your audience growth or decline during this time and the time when you uploaded every day for a comparison?
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    Wait y’all are done? Our semester ends in April
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    I’ve never pulled all-nighters but I included cause I think a lot of people do on the forum do XD for me my biggest problem is like, sleeping from 10-6, and then waking up at 6 knowing I need to get up at 7 and decide whether it’s worth it to try and go back.
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    I don’t think it’s that silly, writers do this intentionally all the time. There’s lots of other games where you find journal entries or even write your own,
    and not all the information is true in the end. The Xehanort & Ansem reports, as well as the journals are to help the player, but we also have to keep in mind that the POV each are given is very intentional. I think that’s why the journals / reports / diary entries or what have you are some of the best out of any other games I’ve played - they still keep in mind a certain character is writing them and makes sure to act accordingly.

    The only thing I can think of in terms of the Mirror as well as the Pumpkin carriage is Vanitas was the one who did it, but he was simply attracted to their emotions in a way. Like he sent the Unversed / changed the Mirror into an Unversed, but the reason he knew to do that is because he could sense their negativity.

    Apparently Vanitas feels pain when Unversed are destroyed and what not, and so I wonder if there’s a stronger connection in a way. Like not only can he feel pain when the Unversed are killed, but I wonder if he can sense other peoples emotions and so that’s where the correlation between say, the Pumpkin carriage comes in. Like an emotion omnipresence, but that’s not confirmed or explained

    Or maybe he REALLY wanted to try on the glass slipper XD
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    I can’t wait to see someone else take a stab at this, but just one thing

    That is AQUA’s report though. Like it’s not an unbias information source, none of the journals really are because they’re more or less in the POV of the heroes. Even the Ansem reports have clear bias in them so they’re not necessarily entirely correct per say. I wouldn’t say Aqua is the most qualified to identify what the Queen did since the Unversed popped up like, 5 minutes ago for her XD. She probably perceived it as that but imo it doesn’t seem to have any of the qualities of the Unversed for it to be that way, so I would put that to Aqua’s perception of the world more then what the world really is
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    I don’t think for any of these questions there is gonna be a 100% canon confirmed answer to work with here. However I think some of these can be based on strong assumptions, general guess work, piecing together what we already know about certain characters and what not. Like I think you’re gonna be pressed to find confirmations for all these when I think the answer to these questions ARE supposed to be slowly pieced together by the player based on all these things:

    Why are there globes and maps of Earth and real world locations in some worlds? Are some worlds just alternate reality-type Earths that exist simultaneously but separately? Or did all the worlds used to be Earth when they were all together in one massive World in the Age of Fairy Tales, and the globes and maps are just artifacts of history?

    I had always assumed it was earth but this doesn’t have a canon answer. However, Disney has done this sort of thing in the past with Once Upon A Time so this is a possible route they may go: basically in Once Upon A Time you have a bunch of dimensions, the Land of Fairytales, the Land of Untold stories, etc etc. All these places include different fairytales similar to the worlds in KH. In Once Upon A Time there is a dimension where it has taken places from the real world, such as London in the 1920’s, and the explanation given is that in this dimension the world is stuck in this time period. So for Land of Dragons let’s say, it would be the same thing. In Once Upon A Time you can travel to other dimensions through boats, mermaids and giant beans more or less and so it’s almost like one giant connected world slightly seperated by a very thin veil to travel through.

    So to try and apply this to Kingdom Hearts, it could have been that the original earth had been made up of different land masses similar to the different Once Upon a Time dimensions, and so when the earth broke apart these places got seperated from each other. People could travel freely between these different lands until everything went horrible.

    It would be interesting if the Once Upon A Time world was actually the version of Kingdom Hearts where the worlds didn’t seperate, but that’s another story XD I always assumed it had just been a “planet” that had later fallen apart. We can also see from some Disney TV crossovers (Aladdin / Hercules ) it seems like in the Disney universe itself everyone is existing in the same world, so Kingdom Hearts is the universe where they didn’t.

    In the first Kingdom Hearts, how did Mickey know about Sora and Riku, and how did he know that they got a Keyblade? Yen Sid has the ability to sort of sense things and people in other realms and worlds, so did Yen Sid tell Mickey about them?

    This is one of those “there’s not really an answer but putting pieces together and subtext and what not”, if Yen Sid was able to sense these things in BBS, I’m guessing he also used the same thing he used to talk to Eraqus and what not to Mickey in Disney castle. Again not a canon answer but I think it can be assumed to be what happened at this point.

    In the first Kingdom Hearts, Genie says he's heard about a Keyhole before 200 years ago, and implies that he used to know its location. Why does he know about the Keyhole and how did he know its location?

    I don’t play Kingdom Hearts Union Cross so I don’t have the answer for this, and maybe someone else on KHV can chime in, but when/if Genie appears in that game I’m sure that will be the given explanation.

    When a Heartless is destroyed by a Keyblade, whether it be an Emblem Heartless or a Pureblood Heartless, a heart is released from it and the original person is recompleted. (For the Pureblood Heartless, the heart isn't visibly released, but it's still released.) If someone has a Nobody too, you have to destroy that as well in order to get their original self to be recompleted. If a Heartless is destroyed by something other than a Keyblade, then the released heart will end up just eventually turning back into a Heartless. So, when Ansem, Seeker of Darkness was destroyed by the light from his artificial Kingdom Hearts (and Xemnas was destroyed later), why did Xehanort get recompleted? He shouldn't have gotten recompleted since his Heartless wasn't destroyed by a Keyblade, it was destroyed by the light from his artificial Kingdom Hearts. Does getting destroyed by Kingdom Hearts count as getting destroyed by a Keyblade for some reason, or have the same effect as getting destroyed by a Keyblade or something?

    I mean even though technically the light got him at the end, it’s not like we didn’t do a massive amount of damage to him right? XD like y’all can’t tell me we fought him 3 different times and he wasn’t breaking down. I think it may be a case of “yeah we didn’t get the finishing blow but we did MOST of the work here”. Like if you think about actually playing KH, Donald and Goofy get a lot of hits on the Heartless and you’d think that would cause an issue if they are just gonna come back. Like why even have them fight if that’s the case? So I think that it’s a case of Sora grabbing an assist. The problem is within the gameplay we never see the difference I don’t think between a Heartless Donald kills alone and one Sora helps to kill etc.

    How did Stitch get to Hollow Bastion?

    I mean, he has his own airship, so it’s less of how and more of why he bothered imo.

    Why did Axel and Saïx want to find the Chamber of Repose?

    Well Saix was looking for it for Xemnas right? And Axel was just following Saix. I think if we’re talking about personal reasons though, Axel chilled with Ventus ya know? Not to say they became instant friends, but I think it’s safe to assume that the reason he took a liking to Roxas is because he remembered Ventus from his child hood. In a way Ven is a representation of better times between both Saix and Axel, before when they were close friends and ate ice cream after sneaking into the castle at Hollow Bastion. Maybe that’s a reach but for Axel I think he is a little sentimental.

    Why did Naminé return to Kairi, when she's made out of Sora's body and soul? Shouldn't she have returned to Sora instead? Did she have some of Kairi's memories that needed to return to her, the same way Roxas had some of Sora's memories that needed to return to him? If not, then why did Naminé even need to return to anybody?

    We were actually talking about this in a Discord I’m in yesterday, but I’m not sure where this idea comes from. Like Sora was just a vessel for Kairi’s Heart, but when it comes to actually making Namine I don’t see why people think he had so much involvement. Even though Kairi’s Heart wasn’t inside herself, she still “lost it” and created Namine. The only thing Sora did was influence Namine’s powers and appearance, but she’s not HIS nobody. Also I say her appearance because Roxas obviously looks like Ven, so Namine would basically be genderbent Ventus. As for why Namine had to go back, even if she has none of Kairi’s memories she’s still apart of Kairi. She says “believe / trust in yourself, come on” in KH2, and I’m guessing yourself is a play on words because Namine and Kairi are “the same”. So trust yourself in that line doesn’t refer to Kairi trusting herself, but Kairi trusting to Namine who is... herself XD

    How did Kairi's message in a bottle end up at the Dark Margin?

    Again, not canonly answered but based on what we’re given, I think Kairi’s letter comes to the realm of darkness because it was trying to get to Sora and that’s where he had happened to be lol. I think it comes down to more “your heart will guide this to Sora” bullshit then anything else

    How did Mickey's message in a bottle get to Sora on Destiny Islands?

    See above answer

    Tetsuya Nomura has stated that Ventus' heart stayed within Sora's body AKA his Nobody, Roxas when Sora was separated from his body and soul and became a Heartless. What is the reason for this? Why didn't it get released along with the other hearts?

    Well Ven’s Heart is INSIDE Sora’s right? And so I’m guessing instead of just floating out in the void or whatever it works a little differently XD like with Kairi’s, Sora’s wasn’t apart of her or anything but with Ven they’re deeply connected to a point because Ven does need a safe Haven. Even in what you linked there, it says that they’re “linked” and so it makes no sense for it to just go off on its own.

    How is the ship in Deep Space able to access the Lanes Between without a Keyblade or Corridors of Darkness? Or does this mean that somebody aboard the ship has a Keyblade or the ability to use Corridors of Darkness?

    In BBS the worlds aren’t locked yet. There is no unlocking the “lanes” like in KH2 for example where you have to do the gummiship gate to get in. Back then it seems like you could just travel as you pleased without issues

    how was The Queen able to turn the Spirit of the Magic Mirror into an Unversed?

    I don’t remember this ever being implied that she did that. She didn’t magic him into an unversed, but he was just a boss like you’d have Captain Hook or the Beast.

    Why did Lea and Isa go into Ansem the Wise's castle in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and why did they get kicked out?

    I could have sworn they said this in the game proper, but I don’t wanna go digging for links. They sneak in to eat Ice Cream there and they got kicked out because they’re trespassing XD

    Who are all of the Seven Guardians of Light?

    Again I’m pretty sure Mickey outright states this, he thinks it’s Terra, Aqua, Ven, Himself, Riku, Sora and Kairi, but Xehanort right after I’m pretty sure says they’re “short a player”, referring to Terra I think. That’s why they grab Lea, to replace Terra. Whether this will actually stay as the line up in KH3 is anorher story, but what is currently our understanding now is outright said by Mickey

    How are we going to save Ventus, Terra, Roxas, Xion, and Namine?

    Well we don’t necessarily NEED to save them. Like I know Sora wants to but the only person we gotta rescue here is Ventus. Terra has already been replaced by Lea. All Aqua has to do is open up the chamber where Ventus is so they can give him his heart back, that’s the easy part XD

    How was The Master of Masters able to see the future with the Gazing Eye when it wasn't even passed down yet? Wouldn't that just be him looking into the present since he has to wait until it's passed down?

    I don’t think I’m going to explain this right, but this is less a KH thing and more a “anything that uses this trope thing”. If this Keyblade can see the future it knows that the future is going to be the Master giving the Keyblade away and it just goes from there. It sees the future, which means sees he’d give the Keyblade and everything else that follows. The Keyblade knows the future and so it doesn’t need to wait XD

    How was present-day Maleficent there in the Unchained realm during the Age of Fairy Tales during the Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] secret ending?

    I thought the entire implication with Unchained was that it’s not a real world. Like the worlds in it are apart of some sort of data created by the book, and so that’s Maleficent like she got into the Data in Re:Coded. (That’s why Coded is important I think) but like I mentioned I haven’t played Chi in a long time and so I would need confirmation on my own answer.

    Those are all the ones I can think of answers for. Just cause it isn’t outrighted stated doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t already know or can’t figure it out based on contextual clues and what not. Also some of these are outright stated in the game so there’s that XD I think @Krowley and @tamale would probably be able to help with this since I’m pretty sure I’ve made more then one mistake somewhere
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    All I want is animal crossing
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    In class, we went over a concept that has really changed my outlook on things, so I thought I’d bring it up

    We were discussing the idea that to achieve true freedom and liberty, the state should have no power in imposing their views on private life onto individuals. Meaning that the state should not try to regulate private behaviours, and instead only focus on activities that harm others instead of self harming activities. The idea being that morality or moral activities are activities that harm others, while imprudent activities are activities that harm yourself

    But this begs the question where the line is drawn between activities which are imprudent, and activities which are morally incorrect.

    The idea is that activities like murder are a moral issue because it is an activity that harms someone outside ones self.

    But activities such as drunkenness, not showering, doing drugs, those are self harming activities and so it is a matter about ones values when it comes to being imprudent, or ones opinion on what is prudent.

    To continue, there is an idea that say, if a police officer is drunk on duty he should not be punished for the drunkness, but rather neglecting his terms of contract. That if a parent is on drugs and neglect their children, they should be punished for being neglectful and not doing the drugs. Because these activities are at a base level self harming and do not harm anyone else until someone decides to do something morally wrong while preforming these self harming activities.

    For something like murder it is very black and white, but with concepts that seem to be in a grey area, where do we place them? Because the idea here is that morality is based on rational ideas, while prudence is about feelings and personal values.

    For example:

    Polygamy is not a moral issue but an issue of perceived imprudence by other groups or people, being gay is not a moral issue but an issue of perceived imprudence by other groups or people, and these groups of people should not be able to infringe on individual liberties.

    So now that I’ve explained that fully, we sort of got to a place in class where we were talking about the idea of being the “moral police” or trying to regulate private behaviours, how this works into politically correct cultural and stuff like that.

    So my question is, with this line of reasoning is that how can we decide the difference when people genuinely believe their issues of what they perceive as prudent or not are moral issues?

    I’ll use the example of being gay again because I’m gay and that’s what I’m comfortable with. For being gay to be morally wrong, the idea would have to be that it is not only a perceived self harming behaviour, but that it also harms other people. I don’t think it harms anyone (obviously) But some people genuinely believe that it harms the well being of the people around this person thus in their eyes making it morally wrong.

    So what do we do in cases like this? Is that where the majority just has to decide what is or isn’t a matter of prudence? Or is that when we find evidence to prove that it’s a matter of prudence and not morally? And how can you “prove” something is actually morally wrong if people feel like they are hurt by the action? Is this a case of people needing to “toughen up”, or do we listen to each case of where someone may feel like their individual liberty is being impacted by a behaviour and decide? But that goes back to who is responsible enough to decide these things and if there is a right or wrong answer.

    For my personal opinion, this whole idea may seem lacking in empathy, because you’re basically saying that you don’t care about other people unless it effects you. And I do think that we should leave people alone if they’re doing something that’s not hurting us, but does that mean we don’t care if they’re hurting themselves? Like the example in class used a lot was being drunk, and how that’s a self harming behaviour and so we or the state shouldn’t moderate that or try to control that. But what about being concerned for someone’s health and well being? Do we not interfere because it infringes on their individual liberty even if they’re sick and we want to help them get better?

    I know that’s a lot of questions but I’m up to talk about this more
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    Yeah that’s really what I was thinking about, the REM thing. And so I wonder instead of actually sleeping if it’s just better for people to sit up and lie in bed, meditate or not sleep but just rest in a way
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    I think Facebook is starting to fall out of favour though, and maybe it’s because this generation may value their privacy more then say, our parents who post anything and everything on Facebook XD I definitely know people who are ready to expose everything about themselves on social media, but Facebook encourages that to an extent with how it asks about where you work, where you went to school etc meanwhile Twitter and whatever doesn’t ask, so it’s about being willing
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    This should be in the KH section, this is a proper theory and no laughing matter
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    This isn’t my theory, but I saw this video and I thought it was pretty interesting

    Basically the idea is that these hourglasses around the Young Xehanort fight in Kingdom Hearts DDD represent the foretellers. The foretellers are supposed to represent the 7 deadly sins and so these are the colours of said sins. To recap you have Sloth, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Pride and Lust, and the colours that are used in the hourglasses share the same colours used to represent the sins

    One hour glass is missing from these and since Young Xehanort has one on his Keyblade, the YouTuber here claims the hour glass representing Luxu or Lust is attached to Xehanort which I guess furthers this theory. I would watch the video to get a better explanation.


    For my personal thoughts on the theory though I’m a little confused.

    The light blue and the goat symbolism (Xehanort seems to be associated with a goat or another weird animal) is supposed to be sloth, a spot which would already be taken up by Aced.

    The dark blue one for Lust or Luxu is outside of the circle, which to me with the same logic this theory presents means that it would be that Aced is in Xehanort, not Luxu. Which is kinda weird and doesn’t make any sense

    But I find it strange that someone could explain all the colours and what they all connect to but then go “well ignore that Luxu’s Color is already on the outside mate it’s fine”, like it seems like a big hole that could be easily avoided. Because now you got a sloth Xehanort and not a lust Xehanort. Which means you got an Aced Xehanort and not a Luxu Xehanort. You could argue that Nomura just switched the colours around cause he felt like it but that’s the only way this still holds up
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