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    Good morning Mr. PikaPower, good morning everyone o:

    (When I was a little kid, that is how my morning classes always started, except my teachers weren't called Mr. PikaPower)
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    I do agree with you on both counts. And I do agree that rules are there to be followed, and that any aspect of society, needs rules to function. I just think it is getting a little overkill on requirements and rules and regulations. It makes me a sad Kay :c
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    @ P, I am glad you can see my point. As with the culling, ok, I can accept a compromise if the thread is available for longer period of time. How about they get removed if, they are active on the site, but don't post in the thread? That would imply they are active enough to be online and are just not posting in the thread. Whereas someone who is completely away from the site, they should be allowed to stay, at least until their circumstances are known. Is that a fair compromise? I want to work with you on this because I do want voxli to go back to being fun.

    As for non-KHVidians being linked to voxli, I personally have no problem with that. Think about it, like that person said, it IS a good way to interact with members and get a feel for what the member mentality is like before joining the site. (Though if I was a potential new member and saw it lately I would back out and never consider joining the site again). Obviously I don't think its a good idea for someone to invite all fifty million of their friends to voxli, but I see no problem with them inviting someone over. It would be nice if they said though, like, "Hey guys I'm inviting a friend to come and talk" instead of being mysterious stranger about it.

    @ Noroz, for the record I wasn't being serious. At all. Quite frankly I am not that immature. I was being facetious. However, it is exactly the same thing. Both are irritating and annoying. Regardless of whether it is someone who chooses to reveal their name or someone who chooses to be anonymous. I actually find it more annoying when the regular members of voxli do it, because they spend so much time complaining about "trolls" doing it, and then go do it themselves. See my point? People cannot get mad about someone doing something, that they themselves go and do three minutes later.
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    Because what do rep count and post count have to do with anything? It has been emphasised time and time again that Voxli and KHV are not the same thing, but you're turning it into a sort of "has to be earned" feature of the site. It isn't fair, there are some prems for example who don't have much rep, and there are normal members who have a lot of rep but hardly any posts. Besides which, don't forget that RP and Spam zone don't count for posts. I am half wondering if you are trying to enforce this to go in line with your newest idea for bumping activity which we have spoken about.

    I also disagree with removing people if they fail to post in an activty thread. Sometimes people have irl stuff that keeps them away from the computer, why punish them for having a life?

    This is draining the fun out of voxli completely, and you know, the really sad thing is, its everyone's reactions and over-reacting that is causing more damage than the trolls are. I would also just like to add that I heavily resent being labelled as a troll myself or a "troll supporter" just because I express an opposing opinion to the majority. That is ******ed. I couldn't troll myself out of a wet paper bag.

    As for the fact that this thread is a complaint thread, so the trolls have to be punished, I'll just make a complain thread every time someone normal in voxli does something annoying, then they can be removed too, because hey, then it would class as complaining about it right?

    I do apologise if I am coming across as irritated and agressive, that isn't my intention, I just think this entire thing is being blown massively out of proportion, and that the troll(s) are being allowed to win.

    I would like to further add, that lately Voxli has become a miserable little place, everyone complaining about bloody everything, I swear, if the place goes more than 5 minutes without someone whining about something its a bloody miracle.

    Everyone just needs to lighten the frick up and calm down.

    Oh, I also disagree with the whole multiple room thing, what I think would be a better solution is for P to give his voxli password to one (or more) other people so that even when he isn't there, the place can be modded etc. That being said, it would have to be someone he trusts and not just randomly passed out, since it has the potential to go extremely haywire. Everyone jumps ship far too easily, and I honestly believe this is because of members wanting the power of being in control of a room, see: people moving to "modded" rooms when Pika is being "trolled" (but not really since they are hardly trolls) and being kicked because whoever is in charge of said room doesn't like them.

    I feel I am becoming tl;dr so I'll end this here.
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    I am ridiculously pale. Which considering I'm a brunette, and the fact that all my family tan very easily, is just odd.

    I just don't tan. In the summer I sometimes get an extremely light one, but I have to virtually cook myself for it.

    I like being pale though, so its all good.
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    Did in there a while back? That isn't an issue NOW, all they do now is blast music or change their name a lot, which is something some reg members do too, look at how some people spam around with the voxli voiceover thing. Personally I think everyone is over-reacting
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    Oh god it's last year again
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    I say everyone stops complaining about trolls and just mutes them. Also you cannot remove people just for having less than 2 rep gems/50 posts, that is disgusting :l
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    I've missed you

    I've missed you
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