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    I am not used to write in English, i prefer Slovak, but it would be impossible for people to read. This isnt first time i write something, i am writing a book, but i am facing realm/plot problems now and then. Thanks for reading this :)
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    *sigh* this update is confusing...wish there was undo button so i could go back to what i was used to

    Thanks for info
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    Misty told me to post here

    Where is PM system?
    How to change layout style (that i am used to) to one site was using as first layout (i think it was 4.0)
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    I am annoying, right? :)
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    ooc - This is something like...umn...serialized version of Greatest Heist Ever, which was something like test thing if it would work out somehow. So far i have absolutly no idea about actual timeline of crimes, but they are like separate stories put together by people. Whenever i write new story, old one will go into Spoiler and new one will be available to be read.

    READ BEFORE READING STORIES: These stories contain alcohol refferences, couple violent scenes, which should not be done in real life. Everything in this story is fictional and any actual refference to any real situation is pretty improbable and not intended.

    If you havent read Greatest Heist Ever, here is summary of named characters

    Position within team: The leader of the team, takes great pride in his work and tries to ensure that nobody gets killed during jobs, unless it is specified in job or it is last resort.

    Way of dressing: His usual attire is leather brown pants, white shirt with adjustable sleeves and silver necklace as a gift from his mother. He has two job attires.
    For more noble jobs he has beige top hat, darker white tuxedo, brown vest, darker white shirt, bowtie, dark white pants and leather boots (because i dont know if i have described it correctly, here is link to picture i mean:
    For those jobs where it is highly possible he will get hurt and his clothes get damaged, he sports torn dark brown shirt, pants ripped on many spots and he has dirt on his face.

    Personality: Prideful, respectful towards other member of team, has very little talent for brute jobs, but is very good leader. He is also a charmer, but is not very interested in lasting relations.

    Short history: He became a thief after his parent died from old age, some time after he reached age of 15. His first real job resulted in him being captured, punished and thrown to prison. He spent half a year there, learning from more experienced thieves who he befriended. On one cold night he escaped and ran in his torn rags across half of the town. When he felt he couldnt run anymore, he stole a horse and ran with it into another town. Nobody knows what happened afterwards, but years later he became king of thieves, his face known among guards and enforcers, but still able to slip by them undetected.

    Position within team: She is one of two distractors in the team, usually towards males. She is also main assistant of Zeus and accompanies him on more noble jobs as his partner.

    Way of dressing: Her usual clothes are fairly limited to sewn rags and leather gloves. Same as Zeus, she has two different attires for jobs.
    For noble jobs she has green dress with fake golden necklace, white boots (i am not fashion expert, so i have no idea how those boots with heels are called).
    For more dangerous jobs, she wears sturdy leather clothes which can withstand minor scratches without breaking the fabric. As for boots, she spots knee high leather rider boots with iron tip and ankle protection

    Personality: She is a charmer, because of her beautiful body and open attitude towards males, she ensures nobody sees Zeus or any other member of the team.

    Short history: She was an actress when she was younger, but nobody liked her way of acting. On one occassion, after audience told her she should stop being an actress, she violently murdered them. Realizing what she has done, she ran away and when she heard about Zeus, she asked him if she could work with him. Zeus changed terms to work for him and she gladly agreed.

    Position within team: Apollo is very short, about 145 cm (less than 5 feet), so he is good at breaking into tight spots. He is also teams clothier, and sometimes accompanies Zeus and Artemis when they need to cause a different type of distraction.

    Way of clothing: Apollo usually wears hunters hat with a feather, crossbow on his back and a hollow cane, which he often gives to Zeus. He has no real need for it, just to be fancy. His whole clothing is mis-matched, checker shirt and stripped pants never go well together.
    His clothes for jobs include, but arent limited to: waiter, beggar, dwarf (with wooden hammer and fake beard), journalist and few animal costumes.

    Personality: He is quite bitter when teased about his height, but when it is done by his team members, he teases them for their flaws and laughs with them. His desire is to help Zeus remain alive and not in jail

    Short history: Youngest son of lesser noble, he was outcasted from his fathers castle with couple gold coins and crossbow. He was mediocre marksman, so he had some trouble hunting animals to feed himself and he was even more terrible cook. One of his arrows missed Ares by very little and he out of anger sought who dared to make another hole. Zeus followed him to ensure the offender could explain himself before Ares would chop his head off. Apollo was hiding in bushes, but when they threatened to burn down whole forest with him in it, he was struck with fear and crawled out of bushes. While Ares was boiling with anger and his face showed murderous intent, Zeus accepted him as a newest member, something Ares had to respect.

    Position within team: He isnt officially part of the team, but he works as an inside man for jobs. When things get rough, he is first one to dissapear, because his cover would be blown otherwise.

    Way of clothing: His normal attire is quite mysterious, because he is always dressed differently. Once he is butlar for royalty, other time a simple sailor and next minute he is a drunkard in local inn.

    Personality: As Zeus, he is proud of his work and loyal to his non-official employer, but he never hesitates to earn extra coin from their crimes.

    Short history: Unlike other members of the team, Ares still is part of nobles and quite a respected one. His face is most known, except for face of Zeus, so he must make extra preparations, like getting more tan, having his face beat up or changing his way of talking. He joined the team out of boredom and meets them only when the job is signed.

    Position within team: Hades serves as a shield to times when things get rough and brute force approach is needed. He is also cook and occassionaly does blacksmith jobs, but he hates them

    Way of clothing: Being the largest member of team, his attire is especially tailored for him by Apollo. Usually those are some patched up and sewn together pieces of discarded clothes that nobody would ever wear.
    His job clothing is normal chef clothing including white hat, large white shirt and chef coat, and a cleaver.

    Personality: Unlike his appearance would suggest, he is fond on reading books and enjoys time spent with others.

    Short history: Son of a blacksmith, he despised his father who forced him to learn how to forge weapons. He grew up to be fat with strenght of a bull. His hands became rough and he learned a lot about forging, but he was more into cooking. His father grew insane from brain damage, so Hades put him out of his misery by poisoning his food one day. He packed his cooking books and ventured to make best meal ever. Apollo made mistake of trying to pickpocket him, so he grabbed the little man by his hand and accidently crushed it. Zeus ran there to fix problem of his partner and apologized to Hades. He felt guilty over crushing Apollos hand, so he offered to become cook for the group. While Zeus was performing third-rate job on the wound, it was enough to fix it and he agreed on proposal.

    Position within team: He is horse rider and can do so without any saddle. He owns horse farm and quite often uses his own horses for jobs.

    Way of clothing: Just as his position would give out, he always wears his rider clothes and sports short dagger on his belt. His marksmanship is on average level, so he doesnt use bows or crossbows.

    Personality: Stoic and calm, he is teased for being dim-witted, because he never laughs at jokes or when situation gets rough and everybody panics, he just walks around with some beverage and calmly drinks it.

    Short history: He met Artemis on jousting tournament, he being contestant, she was posing as a princess. He was immediately charmed by her and promised her that he would win. He lost in first fight because he couldnt hold lance correctly and crashed into mud. While it wasnt very noble, he dragged other contestant from horse and killed him with his dagger. Guards seized him and took him into the prison for whole life. Artemis passed him during one job and threw a hacksaw before him. When she was returning with other prisones, he was free and decided to join the group.

    She serves as main opposing force for the thieves. Her manners are rough but she is fair and would never resort to foul play. Her body structure is somewhat resembling athlete, but she is strong enough to beat larger man at arm-wrestling. She wears light armor and has rapier tied to her waist.

    And now, for actual story:
    Prison Break

    ooc - This isnt based on actual show called Prison Break, neither on any other similarly named shows.

    Zeus was sitting on his usual spot in run down tavern they used for their meetings. The owner passed long time ago and very few wanted to venture into sewers to reach it. He was sitting there with Apollo, who was drinking some ale, and Hades, reading a book about cooking. All three were bored and waited until rest stops by. Hermes and Artemis were on a job, on which Zeus didnt want to go, because it was bribery job, which he didnt like too much.

    "Apollo, when will they come back?" Zeus asked.
    "Getting impatient, arent we? They should be back by any minute" Apollo replied and took another sip.

    Apollo was correct as doors opened and two sweaty, dirty, but smiling people arrived.

    "What happened to you two?" Zeus asked.
    "Some guards didnt like our attitude, so we had to run away" Artemis answered.
    "Want to drink?" Apollo asked.

    Their reunion was ruined by Ares, wearing guards attire.

    "I would gladly have something to drink, but i am here to take Zeus into jail for crimes against the country and other nonsence" Ares replied.
    "Is it part of the job?" Zeus asked and Ares handed him piece of paper.

    Zeus read it slowly outloud
    "Dear Zeus. I am offering large sum of money if you will be able to free one of prisoners out of the jail. Discretion is advised as it is delicate manner. Signed" with signature missing, which was code for real mission.
    "You should change into your rags, it will be a wonderful visit" Ares said and waited until Zeus gets dressed. Ares put chains on his wrists and ankles and walked towards doors. Rest of team was casually talking, because it wasnt first time one of the team has been "captured" for the sake of mission.

    "Kneel, you ungraceful thing" Ares ordered when he came back to his unit.
    "What did you bring here, Gabriel?" one of guards asked.
    "This lad calls himself Zeus. I had hard time catching him, he almost escaped, but nobody can escape me" Ares said and dragged Zeus on his knees. Torn rags revealed steel kneecaps, which guards ignored and took him into prison without any need to confirm. Anybody who called himself Zeus was supposed to be imprisoned for lifetime.

    Zeus struggled by shaking his chains, but when Ares calmed him by punch into jaw, he collapsed on ground. At least rest of guards though so. Both Ares and Zeus were taught basics of acting by Artemis and they proved to be quite talented.

    When Zeus "woke up", he was still in chains in prison cell. He stood up with problems and checked his pockets. Hacksaw he had in his back pocket was gone and so were his other things. Even his necklace was gone from his neck. He had rough idea of where the prisoner is, but he had no idea how far is he from him. He shook his head from "shock" he recieved from Ares and leaned onto wall. His cell was small and there was not much. Some rags thrown on ground and hole dug in corner of the room as toilet. He looked inside the hole and saw something glittering. He put rags on his hand and took out smelly ring out from it. There was no way he would put it on his finger, so he wrapped it into some clean rags he grabbed from floor and put it into his pocket. The chains he had on himself were sturdy, but lock was old and rusty. Few hits against steel bars were enough for it to break, but doors wouldnt open so simply. And it would be hard to pretend he is chained without lock on. He looked around and saw a hand in window. He recognized Apollo and walked to him.

    "Hey, things are little different than usually. Here this should help you" Apollo said and dropped nail on ground next to Zeus.
    "Couldnt you bring hacksaw or something better?" Zeus complained.
    "You know, i could just spit on you, dont be ungraceful, you can pick a lock with that" Apollo said and spit on ground.
    "I know, just wanted to tease you a bit" Zeus said and watched as Apollo is leaving.

    He grabbed the nail and waited until guards pass by. He knew it would cause lots of noise, but he smashed the lock against wall. Guard came by and saw Zeus laying on ground, coughing.

    "Hey, dont die here, death so soon would be easy for you" guard said and Zeus collapsed on ground. Guard looked around and opened door. Zeus was patiently waiting, twitching occasionally. Guard kneeled to Zeus and checked his pulse. Zeus didnt hesitate and dragged guard under him, quickly silencing him with chain he was holding. He had to strangle him, which he didnt like, but it was necessary. He took off guards clothes and put his rags on guard, which took him couple of minutes. When he got ready, he walked out of the cell and saw Ares talking to some other guard, so he left the other way. Ares was stalling the guard talking about his wife and kids.

    Zeus looked around on prisoners and saw very familiar face. She was beat up so hard it was impossible to recognize her and was bandaged almost from head to toe.

    "Alaska?" Zeus asked, not believing what he was seeing.
    Woman gazed on him and even through bandage it was clear she was gently smiling "I never thought we would be in such position. Me behind bars and you dressed as a guard" she said and gazed away.

    Zeus had two choices: Either go his way and let her rot in her cell or help her. He chose the latter "Wait here, i will try to free you somehow"
    "Why would you free me?" Alaska asked, her muscles aching so much she couldnt move much.
    "Dont ask stupid questions, it is always so much fun letting you chase me" Zeus answered.
    "I forgot how much fun it for you to be chased, you always have that smile when you escape" Alaska said and gently smiled, still looking away.
    "I have to make some other prisoner free, so wait here, i will be back" Zeus said and walked pass her.

    He bumped into few guards, but he usually pointed on prisoner saying he moved suspiciously and they would beat them up. It was crude method, but this mission was going not like planned. He found the prisoner after few minutes of quick walking, but there was guard in front of him.

    "I need to move this guy to interrogation room" Zeus said.
    "Do you have permission from somebody? I cant just let him get out on his own" guard answered, clearly bored.
    "Some psychopat stole it from me on my way here. Probably thought it would be something more interesting" Zeus said.
    "Sorry, no permission, no prisoner" guard replied.
    "Come on, ill take you for pint of best beer in Three Scrooges" Zeus lied.
    "That sounds interesting, but you still didnt persuade me" guard said, interested in such offer.
    "You are tough one, arent you? How about i also take out the dead bodies for you" Zeus said.
    Guard was persuaded and opened the door.
    "Get over here" Zeus demanded and dragged prisoner by his hand. Guard handed him large bag. "You know the usual spot, right?"
    "Yeah, of course" Zeus said and they shook hands in agreement.

    Prisoner had cloth inside his mouth, so he wasnt very talkative. Zeus returned to Alaska, who looked on both of them and nodded. While not as persuasive as Zeus, she "died". Zeus looked on prisoner, who was pretending to look elsewhere. Zeus opened door with keys and put Alaska inside the bag. She was relatively heavy, but Zeus was able to carry her towards main gate. Couple of guards were standing there, so he approached them and said there is some disturbance in prison and they growled and looked genuinely annoyed, but left. Prisoner was hiding in dark corner, coming out when he was instructed. Hermes was waiting for him on a horse in back-alley with a horse.

    "Job well done, who is in the bag?" he asked when he unchained prisoner and took out cloth from his mouth.
    "Somebody dear to me, could you please leave now?" Zeus replied.
    Hermes smirked "You are carrying Alaska in that bag and dont want to tell me. It is okay".
    "How did you know?"
    "She is only one you consider a friend and wouldnt want us to see. I will drop this lucky guy to meeting place. Stop by the usual place, we have some rewards there" Hermes said and went away.

    Zeus cleaned the ring in small fauntain while Alaska went out from bag, gasping for air.
    "I am in your debt, i hate to admit that. I was supposed to inpect the prison, but warden got paid for beating me up and making me never see the day light" Alaska said, embarassed.
    "I think i accidently killed warden. Shouldnt dress as normal random guard" Zeus said when he thought a bit about it. He had keys to all prison cells.
    "Well, you are only one who knows about it then" Alaska said, stood up and made few steps
    Zeus looked at her beat up body "What are you talking about, i never saw you. And you never saw me".
    "Fair enough, thank you" she said and walked away.

    Zeus looked on her for a little bit and walked back to tavern.

    End of story
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