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    I wondered why we didn't already have a tread for this wonderful webcomic ^_^.
    • Favorite character? Probably Jones. Jooooonessssss. The Stone might be my favorite chapter because of all the wonderful artwork.
    • Favorite chapter? The Stone - Ch: 40? I think.
    • Favorite partnership? Parley and Smitty, although Shadow x Robot is also really really cute.
    • Ysengrin: Tragic underdog (lol) or unhinged psychopath? Only unhinged because of Coyote, and for no other reason.
    I really like all the elements of different mythologies at work in the comic, as well as the Science vs Nature and Magic theme - because one side isn't particularly better than the other and the two can in fact co-operate as we see through Kat and Annie's friendship.
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    The rollerblades ... the game's still kinda built on a grid system like the previous games but the blades give you will 360 degree movement, so in places like route 3 (?) that is made of hedge mazes with 1 square space to go through them you can end up a tiny amount out of allignment with the space to go in it? And it's not like the bike where you can unequip them, they're always on if you move using the analogue stick. To get semi-traditional 8 directional movement you need to use the d-pad.

    So that's my impression of it.

    They're cool, and I like them ... i just think they're a bit fiddly ...

    In addition why wasn't it a bike? France, which Kalos is based on is FAMOUS for cycling!!
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    Rev up those novels!!

    It's that time of year again folks! The month of November is quickly approaching and it's almost time for National Novel Writing Month.

    For those unaware, National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo to use a portmanteau, is a celebration of hard graft at the art of story-writing. The challenge is to write a 50,000 work novel in the space of the 30 days of November, with the spirit being to get away from the habit of drafting and redrafting multiple times and to just write it all down and (possibly) edit it later.

    I know that quite a number of or members have done this in the past 3 or 4 years, so I'm really looking forward to seeing who steps up to the challenge this year.

    I myself am not taking part in the novel writing challenge, but I will be (once I have the two essays I have due for school) using the month of November to plan and write some things of my own - using the momentum of the occasion.

    Feel free to post here if you are taking part and once the month starts, offer words of encouragement to others - or as the case may be frustration at yourself - over the challenge!

    Good luck guys!
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    Just started this yesterday and I'm really excited. I'm really enjoying the 3D battle environments and the rollerblades (even if they're a little tricky to control).

    Super-training is a really nice way to make EV training accessible to everyone and I really like the idea of it.

    And ... yeah ... I can't wait to see how the game develops from here.
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    So I've seen the first two episodes of this now and just ...

    the second episode almost made me cry, I think it was really brave of them to tackle what is possibly the saddest part of the franchise - certainly in the games.

    I'm watching it really slowly because the subbing team I'm using is going through it quite slowly, but I'm really enjoying it so far ... but it would've been nice to have it as a 12 episode series instead of cramming things into 4 ...
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    I'd definitely recommend it. The server issues they had to begin with are pretty much gone now. Actually. I was kinda happy they had server issues because that showed that there was immensely more interest in the game than they anticipated. But yeah, I'd give it some though.
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