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    About a year and a half in Japan. About a year in North America.
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    Last post was from November. I think a new thread is fair.
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    So yeah. I crawl out of the abyss that is this game and find that no one is talking about it here. Fix that problem.

    (also, 97 hours and 49 minutes. And a complete loss of productivity for the two weeks I was playing it. There's a reason I call it an abyss.)
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    Stripped down last gen handheld released shortly after the current generation handheld with a lower price point targeting an audience that doesn't want to spring for the much more expensive alternative? What we have here is a repeat of the Game Boy Micro.
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    I'm just going to link to my Backloggery. It's not a 100% complete collection since it doesn't include PC or older platforms, but it is probably the bulk of my collection. Also, **** I suck at actually finishing games.
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    I'm surprised to learn that the games take place not just after the rest of the series, but at least a decade after with Red and Blue appearing as adults. The story involving starting a Pokemon League was leaked along with the starters' final forms, so I had expected it to take place before the rest of the series. But some other comments:

    I had written off Rowlet because Grass/Flying is an atrocious typing. I wasn't expecting Decidueye to drop Flying in favor of Ghost. Grass/Ghost isn't a huge improvement, but it does give it a lot more interesting options and it will most likely still have access to a good number of Flying type moves. It IS a bird still.

    Words cannot express my relief at Incineroar being Dark instead of Fighting. As soon as I had seen the design, I could only assume it was going to be a Fighting type. While Fire/Fighting is probably a better typing in general due to granting Blaziken and Infernape access to a very nasty move pool, Fire/Dark is far more unique and interesting typing. However, I don't really care about Incineroar's design and think it should have stayed quadrupedal.

    Primarina is AMAZING. It's so elegant and graceful! And it's typing is fantastic. I've run an Azumarill before to great success and that success combined with the fantastic design pretty much sets in stone my starter choice here.

    With four Island Guardians, even before taking Ultra Beasts or anything else into account, Gen VII officially has more Legendary Pokemon than Gen VI. And people think I'm crazy for thinking Gen VI was a disappointment after Gen V.
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    The reason it's Skyrim probably has more to do with Skyrim Remastered being Bethesda's next big release than anything. Regardless, seeing as they're basically going with a handheld first strategy with the Switch, I'm more confident that they'll be able to hold onto third party support than usual. Really my only complaints are the size of the device, which I think might be a bit too big and the apparent lack of backwards compatibility, even to 3DS.
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    There seems to be two categories of Alolan forms: Absurd and Logical.

    The logical ones include Vulpix, Ninetales, Raichu and Marowak.

    Then you have Alolan Exeggutor and Dugtrio.
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    Would be nice if it was real 2 factor and not just the fake 2 factor mobile authentication.
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    E3 2016

    So, I'm gonna go ahead and say this: The woman that spent the entire ****ing Bethesda conference screaming like a banshee at literally everything is why E3 is supposed to be press only. With some luck, the audience would some level of professionalism without the general public being allowed in.
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    Well, these are unnecessarily and oddly specific.
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    Yeah, I'd much rather see them focus on getting steady framerate than trying to make the game photorealistic.
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