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    Roxas one is very eyecatching. o:
    Post by: Cocohints, Nov 8, 2009 in forum: Forum Families
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    Quick visit! Wow this place looks very different since last time.. coolies. Hope you're all doing fine guys. <3

    Erm... Other than drawing Axis Powers Hetalia stuff *coughNordicslovecough* I've taken more photos of Nature stuff and my little niece. I was never brave enough to post any of them in the forum other than perhaps that album, but that won't be updated now. Instead I made a livejournal account to put up the nature stuff, and so far 4 of the photos have been shown on local TV. X3 The last one so far is my first ever pumpkin, I made the design inspired by a search for cats on google. I almost cut myself, this tradition is dangerous. o,o

    For November and December, I will work on a secret santa thing on lj, so I won't draw anything other than APH stuff just yet. So addicting.. >3> If you don't see me online here but want to ask something, you can as always find me on my DA, but during October some people seemed to have a problem with some virus they think came from there (I personaly don't think it's DA's fault), but just incase I can also be reached on livejournal. I have the same username there.

    JapAnimeFanatic - hope you don't mind a cnc. ^.^;;
    That's a pretty lovely drawing. <3 There's something about the blue outline that was appealing to me, definately concider to use it for future drawings sometimes. I don't remember if skinny bodies was your style or not, but it does work to give a taller/more mysterious impression to the character's look. Perhaps the arm holding the violin is too long, might want to shorten it for next time. Always try to keep the balance between both arms and it's perspective. Other than that, I'm not sure if the scanner/camera killed the colours or not but if you can, maybe add a pinch of stronger colours? Particullary in areas you want to show more. But not the outline, it would risk getting too powerfull.

    Toodles. ~
    Post by: Cocohints, Nov 8, 2009 in forum: Forum Families
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    I honestly didn't know how to react when I first found out - which was a few moments ago on a newsletter I have on the comp. It's like, this could go both ways, to heaven or hell, succes or epic fail on both sides. But the gut feeling I got reading this was... fear.

    And I haven't even played around with a KH meets Marvel elements idea, oh god..
    Post by: Cocohints, Aug 31, 2009 in forum: Current Events
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    XD That's awesome! Just that the hand could need some more work. If you haven't done so, have someone take a photo of your hand in the position you want it in, and try drawing it then. I should know that trying to look at it from all kinds of angles is too hard when it is attached to you AND is the part of body you use to draw with in the first place. Maybe not have that line across the wrist might help?

    Other than that it's very lovely. Nice and clean.
    Post by: Cocohints, Aug 29, 2009 in forum: Arts & Graphics