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    thats what i think about that.
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    eh, well... i got it on the 24th....
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    Does anybody know the play as xemnas code? i know that there is one for roxas that automatically jokers itself, but i was wondering if there was a way to make it work for other charachters
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    I know some C and C++... Not much, but I can help if you want.
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    Yeah that sounds like a problem... Like I said. I couldnt even give any ideas because i dont understand any of it. It might take a day or 2 because my uncle lives in california, while i live in texas. XD
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    Yeah. I wish I knew about encryption and stuff, it all really confuzez me. For example, Its beyond my brainpower to even comprehend how a .zip file works. I just CAN'T understand it.

    MAJOR EDIT: Ok guys. My uncle is a REALLY awesome programmer/hacker guy. He's awesome. So anyway. I FTP'ed him the unpacked file of Days, and told him to try and decompress some of those custom files. He said that if its possible, he could try to unpack them! I'll update when he tells me what happens!!!
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    Well, they are actually 2 sprites layered on both sides of a 3-D model. If you were to unpack one of the weapon files, it would be VERY simple to change the sprite. Because im assuming (with my basis on other games) is that its a rectangular, or Two-by-Four-ish model, with the textures on top. The texture would be the the two sprites on both sides.
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    I think that a game centered on riku would be awesome.

    Personally I think that a game about riku would HAVE to be his side of the story during KH1 and KHII. wouldnt it be awesome to play as riku, then do like a "imit" and turn in to xehanorts heartless? WOULDNT IT?!? to be the bad guy? it would be sick. thats what it would be.
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    Check your PM for my save file.

    BTW. Has anybody figured out how to change DW roxas weapons?
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    I know that the NDS uses nothing of the PS2, BUT this isnt your simple DS game. It has inredible Graphics (for a DS) and its really good for a ds)
    Its not like... umm.. Super mario RPG, SO basic. SO simple. and i know that a DS game will never stack up tp the complexity of a Ps2 game. But it seems that teh game is complex in a different way... Not as in the Graphics or anything, but the fact that... For example. DW Roxas's weapon is actally 1 sword, BUT his model and weap. file tells it to render the Oathkeeper and Oblivion. So when you hack them to Axel, ot wont work, because axels model and weap. file dont contain that data; it has to be hex edited. So my point is that most of the people asking for codes here, dont understand that its not as simple as KHII, because due to that LIMITED hardware of the DS, Square has had to make ALOT if changes to the way that the game works. Like in KH2, you can make sora have 2 keyblades by modding the moveset. but in this one, its harder because of what i said about roxas above.
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    well, It probably doesnt require anything extensive, but we have so many possibilities because we can load the rom onto our PC's (or macs, in my case) and do all kinds of stuff with it. Somebody mentioned earlier that they had hex edited ALOT of stuff in the game to make cool mods. I think that because the game is so simple, yet it has the BIOS, arm7, and arm9 systems, of a ps2 game. Its not like a Snes game or GBA game that can be decoded and edited by any coder worth his salt. It still only came out 18 days ago... and when you look at the KH2 thread, it took how many YEARS to sora to hold his keyblades backwards?
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