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    MRRRRRRRH -flails around-
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    I love the opening. Especially when the Vexen clips are played. They just had to put him there when the song is saying "I watch you fast asleep" xD
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    We actually get to leave the boat and go on Neverland this time?!
    YES! FINALLY! I've been waiting for this ever since KH1 :3
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    Right before you posted this, I was looking for Aqua's lines so I could start recording xD
    Thanks for posting the lines, Mike~
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    Even though I'm an understudy, I'm so excited I'm attacking mah biffle fo' shifffle~

    Andrea (Her biffle): .____. why do you people do this to me... I Just got raped... attacked and brutally assaulted. Next she might throw me under a bus... Please think of my health >______>
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    I'm ColorfulObscurity and I'm fairly new around these parts. *has been here for a while and JUST found the Welcome forum*
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    Banned for being sad
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    Now all I have to do is find my DS before it comes out for NA!
    I know it's in my room... but I lost it around... 2 years ago? I think?
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    This'll give me a chance to build up my voice acting skills :D
    *wants to become a professional voice actor*
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