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    A test

    Awww yeaaah, 69.
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    I knew it. You're after my Homura-chan aren't you?

    So do they have any vague ideas on when the NA release is? I'd imagine it'd be fall or winter of the same year at the latest.
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    Aw lame, it's not even gonna a total Persona-fest. It's just P3 vs P4. Oh well, at least it's definitely coming to consoles. Japanese have this *******-ish tease they do where they tend to push out epic arcade games and get vague on whether it'll be ported to consoles. Or maybe just Capcom are *******s. Yeah, probably just Capcom. I'll still await a MitsuruxYukiko makeout ending though.
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    I hope the fighting game turns out to be a good one and not just "Oh hey these guys are gonna waltz around all slow like and maybe do stuff". Although if anything, this'll probably play like the Jojo's Bizarre adventure games. Minus Dio's Streamroller.

    Yeah, I still don't get why it was a Persona fighting game and not an all-out Megaten cross-over. I'd love to see Yukiko and Mitsuru stab each other in the face while Raidou calmly observes like a boss. Or make out. Or just P5. I'd imagine what with two Persona games on the PS2 that did well, they'd want to capitalize on the 5th. Either they've been secretly working towards making a badass new engine for this gen that'll create an insane game or they're stalling by rereleasing the older games so that when P5 is announced they'll not only have a larger fan-base, but it'll also create enough want for the new game.
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    Oh really now? ;D
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    I heard Kinuko and Persona from Mecha Fetus are rockin' it as animators. Plus with Michiru Yamane doing the music, clearly Reverge wants to do this game right. All signs point to great graphics and music.
    And the Grinta vs Mike Z battle showed off how slick things are now. The Anti-Skullgirls track totally has Yamane written all over it.
    They're still looking for animators and people to do clean-up. If only my hands were good at something other than progamming.
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    Why is your name still not GhettoFabulous?
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    Oh Jubey <3
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    Despite being recklessly straightforward in battles, Kratos does have the strength to back up his seemingly insane attacks. Legends of the things that the spartans had to face was pretty well-known, so there's no slouching on Kratos' end. Plus he's earned his place as a god, that takes serious skill. Sephiroth's strength is a bit harder to place though. He was one of the highest ranked members of Shinra in his time, but that alone doesn't make it any easier to gauge his power. Although if you use Zack as a starting point, and see how much stronger Genesis and Angeal were than him, and then go further and see how much stronger Sephiroth was than them both while fighting them, he's definitely got some power behind him.

    As far as any supernatural abilities go, Kratos ends up short since any powers and weapons he gains are taken away from him pretty easily, and without them he's back to his old chains. Now Sephiroth is probably weakened quite a bit without his sword, but the magic he's able to use through materia is pretty deadly. I'm sure no one can forget that ridiculously long supernova skill. And who knows what other crap he's managed to learn after merging with the Lifestream.

    I think Kratos technically wins harder to kill since we're not even sure if Sephiroth is alive. His will is definitely alive, and his Jenova-made clones are certainly alive. His body on the other hand will be a while before it's actually useable as of Advent Children. So since Kratos actually did manage to keep coming back from death, he's harder to kill.

    Strategy is hard to tell. Kratos was pretty high ranked before he got screwed by Ares. But that was him and a bunch of spartan warriors helping out, who ended up getting wiped out pretty easily after Kratos' brief hiatus. And whenever a god decided to really flex their powers, he ends up dead and has to go through hell and back just to change time enough for him to live again. And when he fights, he seems a bit too heavy-handed in his tactics. Sephiroth was pretty epic tier as far as SOLDIER goes. He was 20 when he became a war hero. Now Kratos isn't exactly someone's grandpa (which is pretty much his own fault), but the amount of skill Sephy managed to get pre-insanity was impressive at that age. His swordsmanship would definitely leave a dent or two Kratos, especially with his range and speed.

    Seems like a draw to me since one of them would throw a tantrum and punch death in the tits to come back, while the other is just a planet that would clonecloneclonesnideremarkclone. We clearly need a yaoi manga to settle this.

    Basically, he died and was literally dragged into the underworld. Gaia intervened and healed him just enough for him to waltz out of there. And his accomplishments was pretty much just being a spartan. He did manage to defeat the champions of other gods while on his quest to heal his daughter, which got him Captain even though he pretty much used his men as fodder so that he could escape. Then after that it's all bam, barbarians easily overpower him, he asks Ares to smite his foe, then he becomes Ares ***** and kills his family which starts his whole rage spree for the next 5 games.
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    A tough choice. Number 2 is somewhat possible already with enough hard work, so that's not much incentive. And the only satisfaction from Number 3 is from a fictional person, as the fame and wealth gained from Number 2 can easily win over the hearts of the more fickle yet asthetically pleasing ladies in real life. Now if Number 3 cloned the chosen person, I'd definitely be interested in having a threesome with my real girlfriend and her equally hot clone.

    I suppose that only leaves the large possibilites available in Number 1. It'd most likely evolve into a situation where I get power hungry and become a Kira-esque God of a New World. Or possible just get sick of people and become more like Char Aznable.
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    The girl in the first one is Ritz in her non-grandma hair form from FF Tactics Advance.
    The robot with Aegis in the second one is her sister, Metis.

    I definitely like the style you've used here. The blur thing doesn't really bother me as much since I've seen other artworks with a similar style. The simplicity is used very well in this case, since it's paired with refreshing colors and light textures to keep things from being too flat. When the universe dies from entropy, I hope I can absorb your soul and gain your skills.
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    Weird, when I stopped coming to this site the same things happened to me. Except the raise thing. I'm not quite sure what a job is.
    There are hidden powers in these forums.
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    One of my favorite fighting games is Soul Calibur II, but other than that I strongly prefer 2D fighters.
    But in the end it depends on the game itself. I could never play something as slow as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat without getting bored, but games like Melty Blood and Guilty Gear definitely keep me preferring 2D.
    Now if some of those 3D fighters can add in some more advanced techniques and faster gameplay, then I might enjoy them more.
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