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    I love her so much. Not that much, but much. :>
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    It WAS the point, but now they've gone and added an interface, media services, social services, etc. to compete with the PC that still does all of that best. And if you want that out of a PC, get a Steam Box. No need for Windows.
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    There really is only so much you can do with a $500 piece of machinery nowadays. Console manufacturers lose money on the systems because they're trying to push so much power into a "consumer-friendly" price point and it really shows with this game. When you have a graphical market growing way faster than more efficient AND cheap GPU architectures, it's just not going to make any progress. Poor Xbox One just isn't as good as the PS4, but the PS4 ain't doing it any favors. I fear for the next generation of consoles because if the way they approach graphics continues, consoles will most likely be either more expensive, completely suck at everything performance-wise, or completely sacrifice frame rates (hence sucking). Or they could become more flexible and allow graphical customization and hardware customization. Why they haven't already baffles me.

    But if you want to do that, just get a gaming PC. It's best at everything anyways. WHICH IS WHY WE NEED A PC PORT OF THIS GAME. 60FPS+ is such a better experience for literally everything in gaming.
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    Well Square-Enix Japan has the following Final Fantasy games on PC:
    • Final Fantasy III
    • Final Fantasy IV
    • Final Fantasy VII
    • Final Fantasy VIII
    • Final Fantasy XI
    • Final Fantasy XIII
    • Final Fantasy XIII-2
    • Final Fantasy XIV
    FFXV on Xbox One isn't surprising at all considering how FFXIII went to Xbox 360 and such. It's true that they hardly embrace PC for the lack of popularity in Japan (you'd think that the country with the leading industry in technology would be all over the superior performance of the PC, but I digress). However, they port a lot of their titles over to PC eventually. I imagine FFXV will come to the PC at some point. Squeenix has officially stated that they have discussed the idea, but haven't drawn a conclusion.

    As for FFXV underperforming on Xbox One, I mean, what do you consider good performance? Both consoles struggle to keep the game at potato-grade 30FPS. Eek. It dipped to, like, 13 at some point.

    KH3 is a bit of a different story. It's the first Kingdom Hearts title to be released as a multiplatform. There's no chance Square is just going to pull the plug on KH3 for Xbox One, especially with how versatile the game engine they're using is. But I can honestly see them ignoring a release/port for PC. And that's whatever.
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    Thank you, Nomura. Now, how about porting FFXV and KH3 to PC pls?
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    Namine got taller between CoM and KH2, so yes.
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    He truly does have a remarkable timbre and unfortunately yeah, I was pretty off. I honestly don't know how much I want to work on Ansem's voice specifically because this was more or less just an experiment, but you two have definitely given me really helpful advice for future impressions I may pursue. :)
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    I could definitely hear my accent seeping through. Thank you so much for the input. You're spot on, I think. :)
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    All I want is for Square to announce Kingdom Hearts III for PC. It's all that matters. <3
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    Well thank you. :3
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    Judging by the dislikes on the video, maybe I butchered them? I don't know, I felt pretty good about Xemnas. Ansem could definitely use some work.

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    Please, Square...oh pretty please. Make FFXV and KHIII for PC. You would be a fool not to port FFXV to PC with it's beautiful graphics and it would be hella easy to port KHIII to PC with Unreal Engine 4 at its side. PLEASE OMG.
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    You have a point. I guess what I want to say is that there is no benefit to throwing the fact that "this person has privileges, that person has privileges" in their face and expect that to mean anything to them. Yeah, people are privileged if they're this or that, but that doesn't make it their fault or make them a bad person. I see it too often in the SJW community where people victimize themselves in order to get others on their side by making them feel bad for no reason. That is why too many people are turned off by things like feminism because they see SJWs and "Tumblirinas" as people who are only there to make themselves look like the absolute victim and make the privileged feel like crap. It doesn't work. It didn't work during the Civil Rights Movement and it certainly won't work now.
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