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    Alright I am about to rant about the port of KH2FM.

    Disclaimer *I can tell you all, I LOVE KH2FM it IS my favorite game of all time but 2.5 HD, what a crap piece of dukey rolling down a hill, it's a half assed port. Disclaimer*

    Here is why:

    No data install for load times, so you pretty much are near forced to pause every time you want to drive form just so that your staggered enemy can't have ample time to recover

    No Reset button for some fights, such as Axel 1, the Alley fights, The Roxas fight, and ESPECIALLY Data Final Xemnas. No excuse.

    No ingame soft reset on controller.

    They for some reason REBUFFED duck flare in English while they did not in JP

    Load times in English are longer

    Vexen Data is glitched to a point that he is almost impossible to kill now without using magic on LV1 (his snowflakes disappear while in the original game they did not, and the disappearing snow flakes can OHKO you and there is no way to see them, fair attack, right?)

    Final Xemnas Data and his normal final boss form is glitched, half of his RC's are broken

    Now let's compare to 1.5 HD:

    Cutscene skip throughout the entire game except for 3 scenes.

    RC commands

    Summons moved to 4th slot on command menu

    Sure, the game is known to soft lock. But the glitches in 1.5 HD are useless and aren't harmful.

    However, the damage storage glitch is a AMAZING glitch. It is SUPER helpful for cheesing many bosses with summons.

    Try and respond to me, but you can't deny all of that isn't true about 2.5 HD. I expected so much more in the entire year they had to make this game.
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    Okay, well you must be a major KH noob and know nothing about computers. I would like to in a way call bullshit they rebuilt the game no port could be so perfectly built. 1. We don't have the tools. 2. Nor the resources. 3. 1.5 HD has multiple versions, you can import textures that are custom, but not music. Then you have to deal with crashes and graphical glitches and remaking every single model in the entire game. Not only that patching this game is an absolute nightmare.
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    Oh and while at it, let's just had a cherry on top. That's almost impossible to do, you have no idea how hard that'd be.
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    I'm a 1.5 HD LV1 runner though. I have a silver crown in KH2FM but I think I know 1.5 HD LV1 way better.
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    I can confirm this. I was trying to get Final the other day and with the Roxas Keyblade, I would always turn into the form I picked and nothing else. So once I stepped into battle, I got anti and eventually Final Form.
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    Anti Form is the most useless and worthless form. You literally are pretty much guarenteed to die with it on Critical. You can't even pick up HP balls when in Anti, so that's why it sucks. Not only that but you only have 1 FINISHER JUST 1. And if you miss, you're probably going to die. When you fight Data's and Terra or any other "super bosses" for that matter and want to beat them, you will learn that Anti Form is a absolute abomination.[DOUBLEPOST=1418179005][/DOUBLEPOST]

    That's probably the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. Try Final Form and Firaga. That's arguably the greatest attack in the entire game. Even Limit Form Zantetsuken is signifcantly stronger. Not to mention, you have 1 finisher to even use to kill a boss and there is no way of healing when you get hit. Oh and the absolute worst part is you have 0 drive after it goes away.
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    By the one and only Cursedkeyblade1. I also am doing KH 2. HD, check it out!

    I would love to be one of the experts on this channel, as to make extremely helpful and unique content and adversitse this site.

    I am a KH LV1 runner of the series, I know a lot about KH. I am also only 16 years old.
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    I'm a KH2FM LV1 runner, those trophies will be cake. But I really hate how KH plats are SOOOO time consuming. BBSFM will be balls. I get my copy soon and will stream the fook out of it.
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    Can you read Katakana? If so, there's no point for the English Patch lol.
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    Damn! Well I have been taking it for about 6 months but I actually have had a bit of Japanese immersion when I was little so I can speak it pretty well. I just needed a bit of a refresher. By the time I do Japanese 1-5 I will have the equivalent or even more than that of a 2nd semester of Japanese in college which would be fantastic. I am greatly considering majoring in programming and then minoring in Japanese, but I still can't wait till I go to Japan next year.
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    Nice. Pretty cool meeting someone who can speak Japanese. I know mine not be perfect, but I am actually take it in my high school but we learn A LOT.
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    どおもう ありがとう! 僕は アディ"ソンです.いいえ, 僕は アメリカ 人, そして 日本語 勉強 します. あなた は 日本人 ですか?
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    Hello, it is me, Cursedkeyblade1/ a LV1 runner of the KH games. I was the first in the world to post Final Ansem LV1 in 1.5 HD and I also have a LV1 silver crown in KH2FM.

    So yeah, I also can speak Japanese and English. My hobbies are LV1 running KH games, swimming, singing, and aikido.

    I am also part of the KHFM patch or well "was" I am now helping more with KH2FM (since KHFM is a MESS TO PATCH, it's all completely unorganized unlike KH2FM).

    If you ever need translations, just ask me ^.^.
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