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    Let me school you fools.

    FIRSTLY! Find the lady who you wish to pick up.
    SECONDLY! Wiggle your hips very subtly whilst keeping eye contact. Don't stop until she has noticed.
    THIRDLY! Whisper "Whoa there mama your eyes burn my buns really bad". Take a large gulp of your drink, intentionally spilling most of it in your front. This will be sexy. She is now aroused.
    FOURTHLY! Say "listen... You are a silkworm and I am a snappy boy. Let's make music. Love style." She is now in love.
    FIFTLY! Pick her up
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    The fight system was.. hell. I hated the gameplay in KH1 :< frustrated me to the point of yelling at sora at every single boss. Still, it really has something none of the other games have.. this like.. innocent, childish feeling? >:-I
    I loved it sora was a kid, he was just adorable... But then they all grew up and fangirls/boys appeared like weeds :C Just not the same.
    Really miss the old sora.
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    1st date

    I don't wanna mind**** anyone here, but you should know that some gurls actually hate it when you pay for everything and open doors etc... Even though it's a really nice gesture it might have them thinking that "just because I'm a girl, he thinks that I can't do anything!*rage*"

    Yes, it does happen <:-I

    though, you probably know this girl a bit, so you'll figure her out..
    anywho, you've been given some great advice by everyone here.. Like they said, don't try to be all cool, it never works. Makes you look like an *******. Don't force yourself to make jokes all the time, makes it all the MORE awkward...Just be natrual, if you can :)(
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    .. How do you get it? <:'D It would be a great help if you could tell me. :3
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    Drawings of Harley Quinn that I made earlier today.. Tried to teach myself how to shade properly. Kind of failed with that, but still, I like 'em.

    Uncolored version -

    Colored version -

    Personally, I prefer the uncolored one. Please share thoughts :- 3
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    BENEA REACH *____*
    Best songs: Awakening, new waters and reason.
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    What is there to rant about? :O

    ..please don't say "about loving/hating twilight". Please. <:'-D
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    *clears throat*


    I am DELIGHTED to announce ,to you who gave me advice and to you who just accidently clicked on this thread instead of the one below and who is now wasting precious seconds of your life reading this utterly meaningless little piece of work, that I finally beat them!

    It had been a while since I had last tried 'em, but it actually went kinda smooth :)
    I am now currently heading back to hollow bastion for the second time, meaning I just beat Maleficent and Riku/Ansem and is heading back for the big bosses :3

    Thank you all for your advice! ^__^
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