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    There may be a chance that if Master Xehanort finds out that one of the princesses is actually a Keyblade wielder, it may be possible for him to take advantage of that by trying to create the X-blade again.

    He may even have more of a chance now that he could be using a natural born heart of pure light instead of ripping a person apart forcefully. It's just speculation, but since this is possible, Kairi can be the biggest secret weapon in the heroes' arsenal, but can carry the biggest risk as a princess of light.
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    The Dream Eaters at the end made me laugh. Now there's an army ready for KH3 xD xD
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    Alright... I went back to their website and guess what? The VIRUS WAS BLOCKED message appeared again. Yup It's the website, not me. And considering Roxasvsriku recieved that message as well, I am not alone. I wouldn't consider taking it out of the list of affiliates because:
    1. Isn't that one of your main sites for news?
    2. They have been active around February 2011 before i got this virus, not sure how come their not answering.
    3. Kingdom Hearts Ultimania might has a chance of starting up communications again. (considering they even set up a big podcast...)

    But, I'm not the mod, you guys are so you decide what's best for the website and theirs. Just be sure to tell them if you do plan to separate. Don't make them mad. They're nice people. :D
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    I was just asking if you guys are affiliated with Kingdom Hearts Ultimania (the website). I do not know how this thread came down to talking about this. [Thanks for the people who helped me! It turned out I had some lethal viruses and had my computer reformatted and equipped with new Anti Virus software!
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    I guess... but it's the site I always go to for early news or updates on upcoming games. Should I just go to a different website? (Better start looking-)
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    It would be in the tech support, but I thought that I would only be let down, since I think the tech support only talks about THIS website's problems. Because of this, I changed my motives and decided to post here hoping to get a better response.

    And it seems I did. Thank you for this information. :)

    EDIT: Ok, now a different virus was found once I accessed the page again. Seriously, that website needs to be checked out... O_o"
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    For some reason, every time I enter it's home page, My Security System says something about a virus- A "Black hole Exploit". Not sure if this is also happening to others but can the Mods at KH-Vids communicate with the Mods over there and try to fix this problem (If other people also have this issue)? Of course I would post at their forum, but seeing as I'm blocked access to their website, I best go to my other favorite KH site for help. :type:

    Thank you for all that see this thread. (No I am not advertising there is seriously a problem there.)
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    No... the most possible other person wouldn't be Riku nor Aqua. If you are talking about a technical guess to whom is this "other character" it has to be Master Xehanort (you know, old guy). In Birth by Sleep, there was one as well as many other topics that were VAGUELY explained, such as the past Keyblade War, Who is Xehanort, and where did he come from, and why he chose Sora in particular in the extraction of Ven (If anyone can give a clear one for this, please provide me) If the series is expanding, then it increases the fact that Xehanort may not be the true villain of the story. Besides, who or what may have Xehanort become so fixated in Kingdom Hearts? What drove him to commit the actions he did in Birth By Sleep? Probably a history of Xehanort will answer some questions to the catastrophe that happens in Kingdom Hearts 1. I have a hunch that it was someone else that inspired Xehanort to his role in the series today. This is only a guess to what I should suspect will happen throughout the future games. However, this is my guess, because Nomura can change things. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT NOMURA HAS INSIDE THAT HEAD OF HIS!!!!!!
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    srry i get so excited, but really, are you?
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    What does Xaldin not remember?

    anyone know? :)
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    hmmm this seems hard i dont want to be so harsh so i placed in i dont know him.

    from the looks of u, u look like a very nice and crazy fan of nintendo like my friend
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    is there a choice to choose all of them cus they all look so great
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    really cool
    hope that the video will be better than all of the new game trailers ive seen
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    wow, the classic game made in the 90's, using their 16- 32 bit or whatever has turned into a world wide phenomenon. heck, now this is even more exciting than seeing USC vs. UCLA and i like it!!!!
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