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    In illinois~!

    yeah yeah. no comp. we (me and my girlfriend) hacked onto her dad's. he's gone for now. So, i'll be here till the end of summer [Mid-August] and I'll try to keep up. and when i get home, i'ma try to fix my comp. so, still goodbye, sadly. talk to everyone [who misses me] whenever. sorry guys. oh, and, SEND ME MUNNIES!!!!!!!!!! thankyoubyebyez.

    [ps- i gave my girlfriend my copy of kh2 and she loves it!]
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    I have to go on the road with my father this week (He's a Semi-Driver.) and my laptop is being sent back (it's rent-to-own) for 2 weeks due to not being able to make payment. Well, in that two weeks, my girlfriend's parents will have already picked me up, and I may be gone for the entirety of the summer, so, this is Goodbye, from DeathWaltz Roxas, AKA Russell Lee.

    Hope you all have a nice summer, and I'll try to keep you updated if I get ahold of the net when I'm there.

    Thanks guys.



    Edit (June 6) ::
    (short. long wil be made when im no so sleepy).
    back from road. no comp still. desktop fried. might be spending all summer with gf. will try to keep you updated if you want. using khv from ps3. works fine. will make a blog when i get my laptop back/ desktop fixed, and that will be where i will keep you updated i guess. im sleepy. goodnight all. Luvs.
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    i leave group before my gf gets pissed. o.o;
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    Thank you. I try to make my poems different from the others. Check out the link, I have 2 other poems on the website.
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    The question seems to come up every day.

    And I've yet to have a real answer.

    But now, I can finally tell you.

    Only in a way I can express.

    The question comes..

    "How much do you love me..?"

    my answer..

    "A Lot. You know that."

    And a prelude..

    "How much is a lot?"


    Till now, my answer was blank.

    Now, my true answer comes forth.

    "I'd give myself a Chelsea Smile of the Heart, to keep yours beating"

    You 'aww' at that, like it's nothing more than a mere 'cutesy' phrase.

    It's much more than that.

    Probably something, more enigmatic, than you could ever discover.

    Only I know the true meaning of the phrase.

    You only think you might.

    If you are ever in doubt, think of the phrase, and the answers will come.

    "Replace these lies with brutal honesty, and thy kingdom shall prevail."

    "However, Replace this honesty with brutal lies, and thy kingdom shall fall. Flat out of the sky."

    Can you think of a more promising punishment?



    by Russell Lee

    (C) Russell Lee and AsphyxiatedPoetry


    View more of my poetry by going to the official AsphyxiatedPoetry Website
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    Agreed. Anyway, whoever's reading this should know, My girlfriend( ♀§♥His Angel's Suicide♥§♀ )'s computer fried. So, she won't be on for a while.
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    Made it to IL, first business: Date!

    -Taking my GF to DQ today!
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    Hey everyone~ I'm going to [finally] go see my girlfriend. So, I'll be gone for about a Month... Maybe, when I get back, I'll have pics.. I'm taking my laptop, so.. Might be able to catch you guys weekly. So, I have nothing else to say... Bye for now~!


    I'm back, sadly. I had to go home because of my dad (this was 2?weeks ago. i didnt have net, then) and I might be going back next weekend.

    but, I'll try to be active on here as much as possible between now and then..

    So, will someone please click this link? (Or, is linking bad?)

    ~Can't advertise, sorry~
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    I will never leave you.

    Do not worry.

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