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    hey, im new here, ive been here before but i lost interest in it, but then i decided to join again so here i am!

    im a christian, trying to be a good, but its hard. i play basketball and bass guitar, i like both very much. and i have three very good friends that help me with my walk with God. one of them being my youth pastor, which he is like a brother to me in some ways. and the other two guys are members here, they are Dr. Roxas and Rawr. if you dont know them they are two pretty cool guys. i like alot of music, but not country.
    bands i like are Demon Hunter(duh!)Kutless,Newsboys,stellar kart,big daddy weave,aaron shust,the afters,audio adrenaline,building 429,casting crowns,charlie hall,chris tomlin,david crowder band,the fray,fall out boy, jereemy camp,leeland,red hot chili peppers,rush, rush of fools, skillet, todd agnew, and that not even half of them! and dont get me started on basketball, its my favorite sport, the volleyball and track. one of my most common nicknames is Jerry, given to me by Dr. Roxas's dad, Chewy. lol. i can be a friendly person, so if you want a friend or someone to talk to send me a mesage. but i dont wanna sit here and tpe all day, so if you wann know sumin else ask me. cya around the forum!
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