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    Remember that time I was here and then vanished?

    For years?

    Interesting I do say.
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    Brothers and Sisters,

    You do not know who I am, or why I’m calling upon you for assistance but some questions must remain a mystery. For your own protection, you must never breathe a word of what I am about t to tell you. The Redemption requires you to understand this point completely, until the time is right..

    This transcript is the only proof of my existence. You will never meet me. You will never hear my voice. I’m locked within the confines of these pages for you and you alone.

    There are key dates in our history that you should have been taught in Historical Branding:

    July 4th 1776.
    December 7th 1941.
    August 6th 1945.
    September 11th 2001.
    October 19th 2015.

    You know their significance in the world history. A group of colonists seeking a new home free of persecution is granted independence. A sneak attack awakens a nation, only to strike fear with utter destruction. The fear is culminated with an organized attack to bring a nation to it’s knees. A moment when unity means everything and peace will reign.

    Are you sure?

    What you do with the following information is a choice only you can answer. I can only hope that this transcript has been passed from trusting hands to someone looking for the truth.

    The Allegiance will attempt to remove any knowledge about our movement to maintain their so called United Order. You can stop it. We can stop it.

    If you’ve continued to this point and know what I’m telling you to be true or believe to be true, that The Allegiance has been lying to you, then we are one and the same.

    My name is Ichar.

    The Tybic Redemption is coming.
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    I believe it's time to dust off the keyboard.

    You choose to stand at the foot of the bricked path leaving your home behind for an escape, but I must ask you one question before you step inside our gates.

    Do you believe in magic?

    Walk the streets of Main with me, what do you see? A street turning with the century toward hope and promise or a flock of cultures following a strip of nationality?

    Do you feel your soul awaken at the sight of her castle, standing magnificently, watchful over a realm for which children reign while scrapping the frothing sky, or do you collapse under the broiling sun or dissolve with the rain?

    Have you paraded through your childhood, cruised betwixt a pirate assault, become a space fairing adventurer seeking the impossible beyond our grasp, or will your connection to the outside world vibrate you out of the moment announcing trivial chidings of text?

    Will you see the magic glisten in the eyes of the believers?
    Will you take a leap of imaginative fear?
    Will you believe?

    I can’t answer this for you. It resides for you to decide once you step under within my kingdom.

    But will you?
    Will you truly see?
    Or shall the outside world play antagonist and corrupt your experience.

    I am but the narrator. You are the hero. This is your tale.
    Make it count.
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    Profile Post

    uh greetings.

    uh greetings.
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    still plugging away in NY?
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    It's like the olden days!
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    Your Highness

    Just wondering if anyone has gone out to see this yet and if so what peoples thoughts are of it. I'm planning on catching it probably next weekend.
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    I've never watched Black Cauldron nor Ratatouille. I've only seen parts of Fantasia as well.
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    In my mind the only "Disney" Sequel to be better than the original would be Toy Story 2 and 3 but since they are pixar they technically don't count. Also Robin Williams reprised his role as Genie in the third Aladdin movie.
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