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    Silently Prexsal would keep his distance as his light purple eyes watched Auron. Soon the individual would break away from the group something the flute player was hoping for. A wicked chuckle would gently escape the shrieking hummingbird's lips as he slithered into a alley. As Auron walked the nobody would remain hidden in the darkness making his finger tips glide against the sides of the numerous buildings he passed by. He thought how he was going to approach the stranger how he could succesfully cover his true personality. Indeed being able to gain their trust by fooling them was a easy way to gain information about a desired subject.

    Looking around the flute player would notice a metal trash can laying around. A smile would creep upon the sound manipulater's face as he though of a way to innocently get Auron's attention. Bringing his leg back all of the way Prexsal would swing his foot forward making it fiercely surge through the air as it aimied toward the object. Once the bottom of his sandle crashed into the metallic object the shrieking hummingbird could hear the sound vibrations that lingered from it. He would immediatly increase the sound wave's intensity drasticly increasing its pitch and loudness the walls in the ally would seem to shake due to the sound waves intensity. Pretty sure that the individual heard the crash the nobody would site upon the cold ally street as he curled up into a ball. Flipping up the dark hood light purple eyes would glisten with innocence as he made his lips form a sad frown displaying sadness and freight. He would simply rock back and forth making himself look lost and confused.
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    Continueing to walk around light purple eyes would try to find something usefull. Although sadly so far the shrieking hummingbird seemed to find nothing of interest. Peering out of the provided darkness from the hood his face would be cloaked from all light. The tainted flute player could always hear the screams of the numerous victems that lead to his creation the only information that did not get engulfed by forgotten time. Halting his progression temporary delicate hands would reach for his temples beforey they simply rubbed the area in a circuler motion. The screams and not finding anything usefull was annoying certainly there had to be something interesting and usefull here. "seriously if i dont find anything im gonna obliterate everything" Praxsel would silently mutter to himself. Actually that was the only logical way for him to let out his frustration by simply forcing all of it into his cursed flute making the area crumble in the process.

    However after a few moments of silence his ears seem to twitch on someone simply talking. Moments would pass on bye as the voice could faintly be heard his ears could pic up sound but the intensity of whoever it was talking was not loud enough to be manipulated. Even trying to hear a faint nose was always not very realiable but for this instance it was something that would keep the flute player form letting out hsi frustration on the area. A smile would creep upon Prexsal's face as he pondered about the people know how to put heart's to use. Maybe this one world would unlock the secreates of his reincarnation finnaly becoming a reality. Continueing his travel he would walk onward heading towards the faint sources of sound.

    After a few moments Prexsal would stop as his light purple eyes noticed the group. The optics would seem to glisten faintly as they peered through the cloaked darkness inside his hood. He would simply smile a very wicked smile knowing his options of persuading the two strangers to tell their possible information ether by his false innocence or by his true selfish identity. The sharp light purple eyes would weaken as they was easily replaced by innocent sparkling optics as a gentle smile was created.
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    Silently a black corridor would rip through the fabric of the world before it spreaded wider. Casually walking through this passage way a short hooded figure would appear. Pearly purple optics would look through his cloaked face as he observed the world he appeared in. "so many worlds with so many useless people, having hearts without a clear use for them is pointless" Praxsel would mutter to himself silently a little irritated about his not so succesful journey so far. He was tired of having hearts without the knowledge of using them properly. Grinding his teeth to get rid of some of the irritation the flute player would simply continue his walk as he explored the new area.
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    Name: Praxsel
    Age: 20(forever stuck in a body of a 10 year old)
    Type: nobody
    Power: he has the ability to intensify sound to the point of it being able to create intense sound wave, This is normally done by using his flute although it could be done by any mechanism that can create a sound but it would take more effort and must have enough intensity already coming from it to be able to be manipulated(clash of weapons or any loud noise).
    weapon: Melodious Shrieker, this weapon is a 6 feet long metal flute which is Praxsel's main tool to use his sound wave intensity manipulation. Glistening with its bright silver body it seems to glisten when light touches it. Down through its body is the nobody symbols taking the forms of note holes for the flute player.The weapon forms as sound seem to erupt in one single area near the nobody's hands.
    Appearance: He had a short life as a normal humen being that was for sure. When the heartless attacked the olympus colliseum the young 10 year old child could not defend himself from the rampant heartless swarm. Now forever stuck to have the appearance of a 10 year old child his pearly purple optics still has their glistening glow for the most part. Although like any nobody Praxsel can only fake his glistening eyes and his childish smile for so long before it turns to its emotionaless opposite. Upon the individual's scalp is a bed of neatly streight clay colored hair stopping slightly past his chin with his front bangs evenly cut slightly above his narrow eyebrows. He simply wears a black cloak with the zipper unziped slightly showing his collar bone. he wears simple pants and sandles.
    personality: Prexsal has a fake personality and a true personality. His fake personality is simply used to integrate into a group and to learn about their motives. Most of the time if it benefits him someway the flute player will stay. The best way his fake personality achieves this is to act like his appearence indeed act like a 10 year old child. During his act the nobody will be clingy and joyfull around the people he dicides to stick with. He will always try to be playfull to people and try to act innocent. Now when nobody is around his true personality is evident. Thinking about ways to recieve his heart to get out of being a child forever Praxsel developed a personality that constantly thinks about how it will benefit his wish which is ironicly like a selfish child. So he basicly thinks about his needs before even considering other people. Indeed the opposite of his playfull act he is strict and serious which is very evident when he has to hurt someone to achieve a goal.
    Lastly a Bio of you character
    When the doors was unlocked the heartless invaded every world. Simply playing his flute beside the judge of the collesium the young boy played happily as his father judged the collesium battles. There was cheers before they became screams of terror. Oppening his eyes to this the young child would watch in absolue horror as heartless swarmed out of a dark corridor before pouring over the audience in the stands. Even the fighters in the arena ran from the vile black monsers as they attacked. His mind was in shock but yet the musician could not stop playing his beloved flute as the screams of the victems filled the atmosphere. Screams and the melodious tunes of the boy's flute was the only sound coming from the arena. Still in a state of shock the clay colored hair individual watched the heartless devour the hearts as they left the victems soon their soulles eyes woudl look at the boy. Soon the clear blue sky hovering above the collesium would vanish as it soon became replaced by darkness.

    Created from this destruction the nobody of shreaking melodious was born. Not sure about this reasoning for this fake existance he simply traveled through world using the same dark corridor that brought his premature growth. Soon the flute player would run into Hades which was happily glad to have a flute player to simply entertain him. Seeing this as a way of being usefull and possibly getting a reborn he agreed to it. Developing his selfish personality he would learn about the purpose of capturing hearts not sure how they was used though. Telling Hades that his time was over Prexsel would leave the lord of the dead's realm searching for the method of using hearts to obtain his desired reincarnation.
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    ooc- hmm may i join
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    heya mixt whats up ho u been
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    im returning

    Ello everyone man i havnt been on here since ever. Im so sorry about suddenly disappearing. The good thing is im gonna b on here more often now so ill b able to talk to everyone lol :3 it feels good to be back.
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