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    //casually drops by again//

    To anyone who's here, hello! How are you guys doing lately? What artsy-farsty challenges have been keeping you busy? 0:
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    I don't even want to know what that is.... ; A ;
    Dark waters - like the actual dark water - are like one of my numero uno fears //sobs//

    This is so true. I can not deal //sobs harder//
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    If you really want scary movies I would suggest Asian Horror because I can not stand any of that oh god

    But then again my wimp level is like maxed out.
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    Her eyes showed complete disinterest as Sam blabbed on in front of her, going on and on. There was an obvious change in his tone and Frida quickly knew what he was going at but he didn't let that get to her. She didn't flinch or move and inch when he had leaned towards her nor did she look away. Well, she did for a moment, to peek at the markings that poked into her line of vision but looked back at him. There was no spark in her eyes or anything, she wasn't even sure if she was paying attention to exactly what he was saying.

    "Are you done, now?" she squeaks, tilting her head to the left slightly and raising an eyebrow. The A-classman was quick to end the conversation and announce his leave, kicking back his chair before anyone could say anything. Frida only let out a small chuckle and smiled.

    That smile quickly faded away as Alice began telling them off. A frown slowly formed on her lips as she listened, leaning back into her seat a bit. Alice was someone who was genuinely nice to her - a type of person that comes by very rarely for someone like her. Despite her tactless and snarky attitude, her new friend stuck by her. It wasn't out of fear either, so that kind of made her feel guilty that Alice was disappointed with her. At least that's what she assumed. Plus, what Alice was going on about was totally right. Ever since that talent show thing they had, it was pretty obvious that their little group or whatever it was had a lead on something about the school - which could easily get them all in trouble that they couldn't even imagine. Sticking together and putting their brains in gear would probably be the smartest option - although it would probably also get them killed. However, with how she saw it, only they seemed to have the ye to see something was up. Everyone else was oblivious, so even though them sticking together could possibly get them killed - it also seemed like their best chance of surviving. But of course, the petite female stayed quiet. It would so ruin her reputation if she retreated, relied on others or did something like follow orders. Hah.

    Frida's smirk returned when Sam's comment chimed in,
    "Ms. Zeus-From-Hades? Hah. I like that." she barked, not letting what he called her become an insult, and sat up straight once more. Her cherry eyes glided through the numbers of the list of books, the last one obviously strange as pointed out by both Lex and Alice. She pursed her lips together for a moment, thinking. She racked her brains on it and began sputtering out her ideas, "Perhaps it's hidden somewhere in the history section? Like, I mean, a hidden section. Secret passage? I don't know. Something of that sort. Or maybe it's hidden in a book? Like, it's enclosed in a book? Or how about we just go there and look for it like who knows? Maybe it's a special book for just us to find. Destiny, if you'd like to call it like that."
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    //curls into a ball and rolls around everywhere//

    oh yea

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    You have to live life challenging yourself.
    Even if it takes all your lives.
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    Profile Post Comment

    I definitely will now! hehe

    I definitely will now! hehe
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    woooow BIU this is so greaaaat * v *

    Your writing is superb! I can basically visualize everything in my head as I read through each scene. I'm definitely hooked as well - I'm going to come by KHV more often now hueheuheu but yeah! I can not wait to see how the story progresses! This is so wonderful!

    Also, this line omg:
    I get that so often OTL //scurries away//
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    * v *
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    /clutches heart dramatically + sparkle explosion/ Th-thank you!! /)* /// 0 /// *(\
    can we get married
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    Weooooow these look great! How was SDCC?
    (this con is my life goal honeybabyjesus)
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    Avatar : 8/10
    Super kawaii as butts + the colors are fab though i can't seem to focus on the girl idk

    Sig : 7/10
    Simple and glowy and PASTEL SO YAY
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    This is upsetting but personally I'm okay with this as long as they give us full episodes and don't cancel the show

    like they practically just started airing Legend of Korra in my country so lol
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    This is a life and death situation, are you sure you want to risk it
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