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    #3? That's pretty exciting for my first time entering here!

    Congrats to the other winners, too~ :]
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    Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. N64 version.
    And no, it's not because the 3D version came out recently and i wanted to play the original to see which was better or anything... I just suck horribly at that game. ;w; I've had it for like 8+ years and am only at the Water Temple OTL
    granted i didn't play it for like 4 years because i 'misplaced' my N64... but it's still insanely pathetic. xD

    I also put in FF Dissidia (Duodecim, but i'm going through the original's story now) every now and then as well as A Link to the Past and Rune Factory 2.
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    Avatar: 8/10 Rinoa!
    Sig: 8/10 It amuses me so much and I don't really even like Bleach xD
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    -comes out from under rock-

    pretty sure no one remembers me. -sob-
    also why is the family section completely dead now? MUST. REVIVE.

    And in order to live up to my title...

    That is all. -flee-
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    Thank you! :)

    D: Your name looks familiar, but sadly i can't say the same to you.

    Already checked up on the rules.~

    And auuuugh. You have no idea. This year is going to be dreadful.

    Haha yeah. I've actually been lurking around here for a few weeks, and today I really started thinking about how much fun I used to have and decided to come back. :D

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to talking to new people and getting to know everyone as well~
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    Remember Me?

    I used to hang out here a lot with my noobish ways. well, i'm still a noob, just much better at hiding it.

    ... And now I'm back! Geez it's been like what, 2-3 years? D: Time flies, man. Time flies.

    Pretty sure I'll stick around so that I can use this place as stress relief. School stinks.

    So.. Hi to all!
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    Warriortards, ftw. =D
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    Profile Post

    Hello thar. ;3

    Hello thar. ;3
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    The Final Warning?
    That one was okay.
    I mean, they were in Antartica for crying out loud. Antartica only has so many exciting things that can happen there.
    I did get a few good laughs from it though.
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    Profile Post

    Demiiii. *pokes* :O

    Demiiii. *pokes* :O
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    I'm re-reading that series! It's amazing. I love James Patterson. :D

    Right now, i'm reading... uh... what i just said(Max Ride), along with:
    Firestar's Quest and The Sight, both by Erin Hunter.
    It's the Warriors series, where like, wild cats survive and stuff... Idk how to explain it really. (Maybe someone already explained. *shrug*)

    And i just finished reading the Twlight series~ =]

    And i'm gonna read Eragon once i finish the stuff i'm currently reading.

    ... I read too much. ._.
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