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    all of your graphics are so smooth and nice. eye catching and pleasing to look at, a+ focal point work
    Post by: Doukuro, Sep 24, 2018 in forum: Arts & Graphics
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    Oh I love them, though it's been a while since I've heard any of their songs. The first two songs are actually ones I've used in rps before outside of khv, writing drabbles from the lyrics and all. They have a calming tone and good lyrics that made it nice to write to them.
    Post by: Doukuro, Sep 23, 2018 in forum: Music
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    its fine! i've been okay how about you?
    Profile Post Comment by Doukuro, Aug 7, 2016
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    I saw the word mafia and was drawn in instantly.

    "Magic is a common thing in this world. Yes or no?/Instead of magic, a more sci-fi method is used for gaining abilities. Possibly even illegally. Yes or no?"

    Sci-fi Noir sounds interesting. If you go with this route perhaps genetic modifiers or whatever you go with being sold illegally by them and that is how they got to the top in the first place? Just a thought.

    "Set in current day(or a "near" future) or in the past(20's-40's American aesthetic)?"

    Could always go a Bioshock route but either way I'm down.

    "Should one of those three sides be removed from the equation? Only "mafia vs cops/town" or "mafia vs rival gang"?"

    I'm thinking it works as is but up to you of course. Would there be dirty cops as well? Either way this is a well layered cake.

    "Lots of realism or not? Ex: More realism requires the only viable weapons being guns, no magic, no sci-fi stuff either."

    Maybe semi-realism?
    Post by: Doukuro, Aug 5, 2016 in forum: Retirement Home
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    The ending was pretty cool in terms of animation/art. Left it kind of open ended with showing how it would have gone but then them still reaching for the door and all know how that could turn out so I understand some people being upset and wanting of a clear cut end. Me personally well I'm just glad it ended in my lifetime and otherwise pretty neutral on it.

    Homestuck as a whole?'s been a ride...
    Post by: Doukuro, Jul 31, 2016 in forum: Literature
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    No need to apologize when life is happening. Sending well wishes to your brother.
    Post by: Doukuro, Jul 30, 2016 in forum: Retirement Home
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    Full Name: "My name is Ace Daniels. Generic, right?"
    Appearance: "I don't take pictures often but maybe this one will do."
    Age: "I just turned twenty-one last month."
    Likes: "I like people. I like seeing what they're capable of, how they love, what they hate. I also like colors and animals. I like science and myths. Basically I love this planet we live on."
    Dislikes: "Being wrong, but who doesn't? Losing, being cheated, liars."
    Weaknesses/Fears: "Isn't the fun part of life figuring these things out?" He's afraid of being cut off from people and his greatest weakness is a lack of control when anger strikes.
    Strengths/Talents: "I know how to read people as well as I could cut one open," he laughs. "Sorry, sorry. Didn't mean to make anyone uncomfortable. I'm a med student."
    Personality: "I'm just your average guy, one you'd see anywhere."
    Sexual Preference: "I don't care much for labels. I like whoever I like."
    Are you a Virgin? (How many partners have you had?): "Hm... Isn't it a bit rude to ask?"
    Highest level of education?: "Like I said, I'm a med student."
    Do you smoke? (Do you use illegal substances?): "Not often. But when I do it's not a lot. And anything illegal? Of course not." He has.
    Do you have children? (If yes, how many): "No."
    Do you exercise on a daily basis? (If yes, how many hours a week, and what do you do, leg work? Arms? Strength or Agility?): "I try. Not daily but normally every other day at least. I lean towards agility over strength."
    Do you live alone?: "Afraid so."
    Do you have a mental illness?: "I'm not diagnosed with anything."
    Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend?: "I hate cheaters. So naturally I never cheat on anyone."
    Have you ever lied to your best friend?: "This implies I have a best friend. Which I do not. If I did... Well, like I said. I'm your average guy. But it would only ever be in their best interests."
    Have you ever stolen a potential partner from your best friend?: "Same as before."
    Have you dated your best friends old boyfriend or girlfriend?: "I honestly don't see the issue. Unless they became the ex for horrible reasons, then no."
    Have you ever betrayed a friend?: "There's a reason why I don't have a best friend right now, right?"
    Have you ever wanted to kill anyone?: "Who hasn't?"
    If your best friend or lover committed a crime, what would you do?: "Depends how close we are."
    DnD alignment?: "I think I would either be chaotic or true neutral."
    What's your deepest, darkest secret?: "That I'm a murderer!" He laughs again. "Sorry, was that joke in poor taste? Come on now, you can't expect people to seriously answer this, right? Have others?"
    What do you hope to discover about yourself this week?: "Not in it for the self discovery. Just here for some fun."
    Post by: Doukuro, Jul 29, 2016 in forum: Retirement Home
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    Missed you too! So glad to see you again.

    Also yeah totally okay with learning as we go. Okay with character deaths and the one or two character per person limit. Just think if ours dies and it's still on-going being able to put in another would be cool. Would make it feel easier to let the first one die I think.
    Post by: Doukuro, Jul 29, 2016 in forum: Retirement Home