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    Forbidden fruit is a phrase that originates from the Book of Genesis concerning Adam and Eve

    Adam and Eve eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, which they had been commanded not to do by God


    In Western Europe, the fruit was often depicted as an apple


    An alternative view is that the forbidden fruit is metaphorical, possibly the fruit of the womb, i.e. sex

    the paopu fruits binds the two who share one together for all eternity... like having children might do.


    riku and sora had a race to see who would share the paopu with kairi, riku won. yea he said he was just joking but...


    that's why the females are making the wayfinders.


    Lucifer was cast down to earth by God.

    Kairi comes to earth in a meteor shower sent there by xehanort (God)

    Ansem's Report 11 If the princesses and the Keyblade are connected, they should resonate. I have chosen a girl. I don't know if she holds the princesses' powers, but I will find out. She may lead me to the key bearer. I shall set her free and observe

    After riku and kairi shared a paopu fruit, ansem (God) came walking in the garden in the cool of the day.


    and kicked them all out of the garden (island)

    three people on the island and three people in the garden.

    the other three people on the islands you are undoubtedly thinking of right now make Six, (sex)

    the Serpent or Sora. the Son/Sun and the fertility which it represents. the trinity of father, mother and son.

    Riku, 15 the eldest , the father.

    Riku opened Pandora's box as he is the one that opened the door on destiny islands.


    Pandora hearts is published by square enix.





    riku in re coded is lord over the box.





    Kairi is the door in the secret place. Dorothy means "red door"

    This is why both Dorothy and kairi are transported to different worlds in a storm. Gale means a "strong wind" Dorothy's last name was Gale. and remember riku's name for the raft? the "High wind"

    kairi is the red door



    The high winds are the winds of Winter when the sun dies and the world falls into darkness. this is why Dorothy goes from a world of no color, or winter to the vibrant colors of light or spring.

    this is how come destiny islands FALLS (like the season) into darkness. the sun dies and falls into the underworld and has to make its way back home (Dorothy and kairi)

    they are the red door of Passover. once known as the new year. today called april fools.

    they have to make it from autumn or winter, back to spring and summer, that's why Dorothy "follows the yellow brick road" of the sun

    so we have goofy, the scarecrow who needs a brain. and Donald is the cowardly lion who needs courage.
    kairi is the tin man, in need of a heart, or you could say this tin man is sora after becoming a heartless.
    sora who houses kairi's heart is Dorothy. of course kairi is Dorothy as well.

    all the characters Dorothy travels with are just different expressions of herself.

    and jiminy is of course toto. Toto actually meaning TOTAL. the whole circle and not just the parts. like jiminy keeps the entire journey in his journal.

    toto, the entire wheel and not just half. day AND night or winter and spring and not just one or the other.
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    not really sure why that's the golden question but I make envelopes at an envelope factory at the moment. why? what do you guys do?

    very real possibility but I still think those are 9 keyblade wielders. because there are also only 13 organization members but there is a 14th NO. I xion

    NO.I IS the 9th number or the imaginary number it restarts the cycle back to 1 (10 or 1 and 0 which is just 1)

    also all of them seem to be more humanoid that Donald and goofy.
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    there is a theory I came across awhile ago by HMK that there are 9 gaurdians of light.

    At first i didnt think anything of it but i have sense found corroborating evidence that this is most likely the case and i will explain why.

    it would make sense for it to be seven because KH has always had a fascination with the #7. 7 princesses of hearts in KH 1 and bbs and now the 7 guardians.

    so why would it all of a sudden be 9? that's what I thought. If the theory is true then there must be a connection between 7 and 9 or something significant about those numbers. well there is.

    in order to understand why there are 9 guardians of light, first we must understand why there are 7 guardians of light and 13 darkness's.

    so ill start with the 13 darknesses.

    many were confused when time travel and manipulation became a part of Kingdom Hearts but honestly, it fits right in with the narrative of the story KH has always been telling.

    it's because the 13 darknesse's actually represent time itself.

    think of a clock, [​IMG]

    of course there are 12 hours but the Hour between the 12 and the 1 is known as the 13th hour or the witching hour.


    also to make one full rotation of the clock you must count 13 spaces. from 12, back to 12, is 13.

    13 is the # that separates the old from the new. it is the death of the old and the resurrection to the new.

    now for the # 7.

    the #7 represents the division of time.

    so take a clock and count from 12 to the 6 and you will count 7 spaces. it evenly Divides time.

    this is why 7 days separate one period of time from the next, one week from the next.

    and of course the clock is based on the astrological wheel of time, the zodiac. there are 12 houses but in order to complete one full cycle or in order to get to the new year you must count 13.

    7 divides the zodiac wheel in the house of libra, the 7th sign of September. the Sep in september means 7 because it used to be the 7th month but it is now the... 9th month.!

    the SEP in September is for 7 the same prefix as the word SEParation. The SEPtember SEParation. the separation of Spring from winter. the time of Autumn, the time of in between times.

    this is why there are 7 wonders in TWIlight town. twilight time is the EVENing time. it is the time of between times. the time of SEParation between the day and the night. where they are divided equally, THUS TWI(2)light town.

    thats why if you look at the #7 it actually looks like a scythe


    so Xheanort represents the wheel of time. and the 7 gaurdians represent the division of that time. the division of the old year (Xheanort) to the new year. (Sora)

    so the #7 is the end of a season and the beginning of another 1.

    likewise the #9 is also the end. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and the #10 just starts it all over again 9 is the last number. so it represents the end. 10 starts the cycle all over its rebirth Binary 0 (female) 1 (Male) so it represents the rebirth of the cycle.

    even though the SEP in september means 7 it is our 9th month. and though the Nov in November means 9 it is hour 11th month.

    this is why we have 711 and 911.
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    Destiny Islands


    the place where the sun set or descended into the darkness.
    Notice how one shows you the sun very bright and shiny while the other shows you the sun as it sets.

    rikus "changing" if you pay attention, was happening at twilight.

    the next time we get a destiny islands cut scene, its also at twilight and we here that "riku" is changing as the sun is setting.


    "you know, rikus changed"

    the next cut scene we see is actually at the darkness of night time. the time of the death of the sun where the moon touches the light of the sun and becomes the ruler or master or the light of the world.


    About Riku being the rightful owner of the Keyblade - why is it that Sora had the Keyblade first?
    Nomura: That part is also a bit vague. In the Destiny Islands when Riku is swallowed by the darkness, there's a sparkle of light, and next comes the scene where Sora first gets the Keyblade, right? In my setting, the darkness wrapping itself around those two is the darkness of Riku's heart. At the moment when Sora enters that darkness, the light you can see is the light of the heart. Sora, trying to help Riku, struggling in the darkness, touches that light and temporarily the Keyblade goes to Sora

    so you see, the darkness that is swallowing riku is the setting of the sun and the light that sora touches is the light that that moon touches when the sun sets when the moon REflects the suns re's or rays

    don't believe me?

    see they show you the night time with the light of the moon in the shape of a heart


    the colors of the struggle competition red, blue green and yellow. the colors of autumn. red green and yellow the colors of the autumn leaves and of of course blue of the sky.

    when you beat riku in the race on destiny islands you get a "pretty stone"
    its description is "a beautiful stone that glistens in the sun. just like ven get from defeating setzer


    red vs blue


    the champion SETzer
    like the setting sun
    notice the resemblance to riku.

    358/2 or 358+2 = 360 as in 360 degrees of a circle. like the circle of the zodiac wheel which rotates on an AXEL. roxas is the 13th member in the organization 13 is the number of death or the setting of the sun.
    If you divide 358 by 2 then you get 179. 179 is one short of 180. 180 is half of a circle representing the division of the annual year. Xion represents the X or the cross of the zodiac wheel. this is why she appears as both a male and a female in one. just as in one day there is day and night and in one year there is summer and winter. Xion represents the division of the annual year from summer the rising of the sun to winter its setting.
    Twilight town is a world where the sun never sets and it is stuck in eternal evening time. when the sun set's the sky will sometimes turn purple because Red light from the Sun (when low in the sky) is reflected off small particles. in the upper atmosphere. In the right conditions the red can mix with the generally blue color of the sky, giving a purple color to parts of the sky and clouds.


    7 is a number representing division of the sun's cycle. there are seven days in a week and the 7th day is SUNday. 7 days divide one week from the next. this is the meaning behind the 7 wonders. they represent the division of time between day and night at twilight or as its also known, EVENING time

    . 7 represents the division of the zodiac wheel. the division of one season to the next. starting at Aries, the first sign. if you count seven spaces in either direction you will arrive at libra. you can see that this equally divides the zodiac wheel. if you start from libra and count back to Aries then again there are 7 spaces


    the 7 princesses of heart are actually Sun sacrifices for the rebirth of the sun in spring time from the cold death of winter.

    the purple train is about the cycle or procession of the sun. it represents the sun that has set.


    one train is orange and represents the sun

    while the purple one represents the moon.
    they are roxas and sora respectively.
    from the first game sora has been associated with the moon


    Ansem's name is an anagram for mensa meaning table. the table of the zodiac wheel that is divided between summer and winter. this is why we see ansem sitting in the room with the broken table.
    notice you can see the 360 degree circles lying ontop of the broken table. its an allusion to the table of the zodiac wheel that is divided every year between the season.


    in order to form the X blade two equal forces of light and dark must clash this is the clash of the seasons which forms the cross of the zodiac wheel



    in unchained x we all get the keyblade starlight. the keyblade graveyard, is the starlight graveyard. it is the death of the sun between the hot and cold or the spring and autumn equinox's 6 houses are the cold months and 6 are the warmer months.

    the house of Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. It spans the 180 210th degree of the zodiac. it divides the annual year between summer and winter.

    Element: Air
    Ruling planet: Venus
    Symbol: Scales
    it begins the autumn equinox

    Libra is the sign of justice.

    interesting that ventus is divided into one being of pure light and one of pure darkness. he also encounters captain justice


    in vens room in the land of departure the libra scales can be seen sitting on vens dresser

    you can see them in the picture below in the upper left hand corner

    after the Autumn equinox the days will continue to get shorter and shorter until the winter solstice in December, so the Autumn equinox marks the beginning of the death of the sun. this is why when ven and vanitas were divided though they were equal, ven was so weak that he almost died because the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer following the equinox. however on the equinox the day and night are both equl in length this is the very meaning of the equinox.
    Equinox” comes from the Latin words “equi” meaning “equal” and “nox” meaning “night.” This implies that there will be equal amounts of daylight and darkness

    Havocs divide is where you fight luxord. lux means light and luxord uses cards as weapons.

    if you ever played 52 pick up then you know that in a standard card deck there are 52 cards. there are also 52 weeks in a year.


    this is why they are called Bicycle because its talking about the bicycles of the annual year. why one is blue and the other is red. the annual year is divided every year between the seasons of summer and winter thats why you fight luxord in havocs DIVIDE.

    look closely at the magic mirror...those are the houses of the zodiac

    kingdom hearts at is core, like most things is about yin and yang. those coming together of two opposing forces. in fact astrology is actually about alchemy and the balancing of the different zodiac signs, and their elements on your chart. Taurus and scorpio directly oppose each other on the zodiac wheel.

    in autumn and winter we enter whats known as the ember months.

    Hurry! Once in September, you know the year is quickly closing in as the ember months (September, October, November and December) seem to fly away.

    embers are the smoldering remains of a fire. as in a dying fire. (the sun in autumn and winter)


    this is why xehanort, ansem and xemnas all have yellow and orange eyes because they represent the progression of the ember months.





    Ministry of Scorpio – The Guardian
    The Ministry of Scorpio is the work of the spirit and the flesh, guarding the gateway between worlds and of those ready to help those face the consequences of such contact with spirit.

    (not only does ansem have his guardian but he does guard the gateway between worlds in kh1 being the one that opened up all the worlds and is the one seen in his spirit or heartless form at the door in the secret place.)

    scorpio coincides with the peak of fall. Natures disruptive forces are at work. dead leaves cover the ground merging with the mud from rain, crumbling and decomposing to become earth's rich and fertile humus. in fact, nothing disappears in scorpio, everything that dies changes and is reborn in a new form. Scorpio returns us to the mystery of the caterpillar. the silk worm that encloses itself in darkness. the wealth and power of Scorpio is found in this ability to transform and regenerate.

    The challenge that this sign offers us is to die to "be more" die to "exceed ourselves" there are four symbols linked to scorpio.
    the snake and scorpion that slither on the earth and represent the earthly dimension of the sign. the eagle and phonix that fly high in the sky and represent the spiritual dimension. earth and sky matter and spirit and thus death is the bridge that unites them.
    If in Libra meeting the "other" is a desire and ideal to be achieved, in Scorpio this union becomes real. in fact, dying means breaking down our bodies to join with "another" body and soul.



    Element: Terra
    Ruling planet: Venus
    Symbol: Bull

    Taurus is the earth (Terra) bull

    in the taurean age it was the first zodiac sign. this is why in the prequels you are supposed to start with terra.

    the harvest time is the time of the dying sun. the time before the death of winter when all the vegetation dies and everything freezes.


    ven frozen by xehanort

    the SOLstIce of the sun
    the etymology is as follows

    Middle English: from Old French, from Latin solstitium, from sol ‘sun’ + stit- ‘stopped, stationary’ (from the verb sistere ).

    the time of the harvest is the time of the evening or the even the time of the two faces of truth and lies
    such as the two face mayor in Halloween town


    and the two faces of ven and sora


    soul eater


    the scythe
    scythe (n.) [​IMG]Old English siðe, sigði, from Proto-Germanic *segithoz "to cut"
    (also notice the moon)

    JUST LIKE the zodiac is cut.



    CHRONOS! or as he is other wise know, "father time" notice the hour glass in his hands.

    the black soul eater

    does the white hair and tan skin remind you of anyone and hmmm wouldn't you say that orange face logo looks a WEEEEEE bit like the "JACK o lantern" of harvest time???! hmm any chance?


    Rikus soul eater

    the scythe or sickle of the harvest.

    KH wiki
    Some time after arriving at Hollow Bastion and being taken in by Maleficent, Riku learns to summon the Soul Eater, which he uses as his primary weapon. Later, while he is in Traverse Town, he uses it to take out a pair of Soldiers

    so, the first time riku uses his soul eater is to take out a few soldiers eh?

    well SOL like the SOL OF THE SOLSTICE is the SUN and the etymology of the word die, is YOU guessed it

    die (v.) [​IMG]mid-12c., possibly from Old Danish døja or Old Norse deyja "to die, pass away," OR

    die (n.) [​IMG]early 14c. (as a plural, late 14c. as a singular), from Old French de "die, dice,"
    as in to cut just like the zodiac or the SCYTHE or sickle

    so a soldier, is a sun sacrifice. one who dies for the sun
    because you see....riku is Saturn...."the black sun" the harvest God

    if you look closely at the soul eater you can see clearly the sickle



    the harvest time.
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