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    Australia gets it at the same time as Europe. So Sept. 10 :)

    EDIT: Actually scratch that. Just found out its coming out on the 9th, a day earlier
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    Ah yes. I am very fussy guy usually, but I don't think I'll be able to list all the details I find attractive in a girl. Well, anyways, here goes, I like:
    Skinnyish type of girls, like medium, not too fat, not too skinny
    Girls with green eyes (absolutely go head over heels as soon as I see a good one of these xD), but I don't mind brown eyes either
    Hair, medium to longish, not many girls I know or like have short hair, preferrably a dark colour like brunette or even black
    At least an inch or so shorter than me, but not too short and definitely not taller than me (I'd find it horrible to kiss a girl taller than me, I'd have to go on my tiptoes urgh, and I'm already on the shorter side).
    OK breasts, like medium, not too big and no flat chests >.>
    Straight teeth, doesn't have to be 100% but at least about 90% lol
    A bit of a tan (girls generally look healthier this way lol), don't mind slightly pale, just a bit though.
    And a girl who looks beautiful in make up (not coated in it though), but who can still look pretty without it.

    Personality Wise, they have to be smart, not hell nerdy or anything, but still quite smart (important point for me)
    have to be nice, kind, caring, etc.
    Good sense of humour, I mean, can handle jokes, even a few darker jokes
    Has to know when to be serious though (especially to have DnM's lol...>.> they're like a hidden passion of mine)
    No cigarettes, drugs, any of that **** (I'd like a well behaved girl lol). Drinking in moderation is fine, just a bit of drink, no getting drunk every Friday or whatever.
    She must love me and be devoting
    Hmmm loyalty too, I don't want no cheating.
    Not annoying or irritating. A little bit of teasing is fine though, to make it part of her humourous side.

    Finally, they have to be around my age, give or take a year, and be Catholic XP
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    Yeah I didn't argue against that, I already knew about the Middle Ages (I'm not saying what they did was good though). I was more arguing with the fact that he said that Catholicism was created by the Roman Empire.
    And about the saints and Mary bit, he said that we basically pray to the statues (lol), not the actual dead people. I always thought that only reason we had statues of the saints and all (apart from works of art) was to have a sort of "visualisation" of them. We don't actually pray to the statue
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    I'm sorry dude, but wtf? Catholicism was created as a result of a merger with Paganism? Catholicism was created before Constantine, all he did was popularize it. And it was Catholics in the minority in that time, they were persecuted like ****. Paganism wasn't in the minority then. And Modern Catholics don't pray to statues or idols, get your facts right.One of our Ten Commandments is not to worship false gods, etc, we can only worship THE God (of course, this is only our beliefs)
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    o.O Kefka's hair reminds me of Rikku. Oh dayyuuum. Nice renders though.
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    Well maybe the atheists you know are tolerant, but there are some atheists in the world who are quite intolerant, you can't just generalise atheists.
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    I follow the Catholic religion. And no, I am not defending my religion because it is violent. I know it is a very violent religion, I am ashamed of that at times. I'm defending my religion to show you it is not all bad, the way you make it to be. Sure, the link you sent me (yes, I actually did read most of it) definitely highlights how bad the religion is, I just wanted to say that not all of it is bad. I mean, it still is very screwed up. But then there's parts about Jesus, and all, and how he died to save our sins and so on. That, to me, just cancels out all the sins of God, because he did just allow the death of his own son for our benefit (AND PLEASE don't argue with me on this one, that last sentence or two is my own belief). I am not a priest, or a brother or anything, I'm just a normal kid. I focus more on the New Testament, and Jesus and all, and most of my faith is based upong Jesus and all, because he preached love. And when like everything and everyone tells you to be good to everyone, to act nice, so on and so forth, you tend to look more towards the "good parts" of the Bible, you forget more about all the other bad parts of it.

    Just out of curiousity though, what "fairy-tales" are there in between the events, like you said? I'm not angry, just wondering what your thoughts are on this.

    And yeah, I know that God sometimes advocated rape, but what confuses the hell out of me is that now is such a punishable offence, and it is frowned upon, by the Catholic Church.

    If you don't try and upset your friends, why did you try and upset me then? You know full well trying to inform me "how ****ed up my religion is" is going to get me upset, or any devout Christian at that.

    I'm sorry I seemed all ignorant and all though. This forum is just very anti-Christian at times. I mean, many peoples' idea of joke here is to make fun of Christianity, and that just pisses me off, especially when they know Christians are going to be on a site with so many members. I'm not talking about you, just other members. Unfortunately, I went so defensive because this site is one of the only places where I meet "resistance" against my religion; even the real world doesn't give this much "resistance" because you don't tend to talk as much about religion, and the people I talk to about religion are generally Catholics, or Christians, at the very least.
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    I never said I don't believe in the Old Testament. You misunderstand me. I see the Old Testament as more of as the history of the Church before Jesus arrived lol. And God never let allowed rape, its against one of the Ten Commandments. I think that God punished the people that comitted rape though. As for the KKK, American Nazi Part and Westboro Baptist Church, I meant Catholic priests, sorry (most of the things I talk about in this thread refer to Catholic stuff, since I am Catholic).

    Dude, though, you must think I'm some sort of hardcore Christian fundamentalist, don't you?
    I don't believe everything in the Bible, I believe you're not meant to take everything in the Bible literally or as law. I also don't agree with everything the Catholic Church does too. But I am still a Catholic. So why the **** are you trying to point out all the flaws in my faith? This thread is asking whether or not atheists are intolerant. By telling me that there's "bad **** in the New Testament and Old Testament", you're just showing everyone how intolerant you really are of us Christians, because you're trying to turn me off my faith. And you're trying to ask me questions such as "Why do you believe in God?", like, why the hell do I need to tell you that? Thats personal. I'll give you a clue though, part of it comes down to my own choice. But just a part of it.
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    I meant to explain things such as how the Earth was created and all, sorry. Back then, I'm pretty sure no one knew how the Earth was created, or even what is looked like. They didn't have science to help them. The creation story was created for the religious people to propose an explanation, however inaccurate, that fit in with their beliefs. In addition, it also introduced many morals which the people of the time (and maybe even today) were expected to follow.
    I wasn't talking to you on the big bang being an atheist theory on anything like that, someone else had mentioned it, I just quoted you lol sorry. And I know creationism has no facts (see above).

    The God of the Old Testament (or the Torah) is vastly different from the God of the New Testament. The God of the Old Testament was vengeful, easily angered and quite violent. However, people in those times were quite violent too. Therefore, when they wrote the Bible, it seemed ok for them to put that sort of stuff in, because that is what their God told them to do. If you look at most of the stuff Christians learn about, its stuff from the New Testament, with Jesus and all the preaching of love and happiness, etc. The stuff from the Old Testament that is preached mostly includes the Ten Commandments, and the other, fewer stories where God is shown to be good. Most of the Old Testament stuff is, I believe, added in only to show the history of the Christian Church. I don't believe any priests would preach violence, rape or genocide in modern times, because conceptions change.

    And I was only talking about the Catholic Church because the conversation had somehow slipped to that.

    Either way, this conversation is kinda off topic as we're supposed to be talking about if atheists are intolerant. BACK ON TOPIC: Personally, I don't think all of them are, only a certain group of them.
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    Lol yeah true. Wait, were you being sarcastic? Sorry I can't really tell when it typed on computer lol.

    Ok, so I what I said may have been a bit contradictory. But I was never trying to say that the Jews were bad people. But what I was trying to say was what Blademaster just said (see above)
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    Once again, you don't read what I type. Neither the Jewish or Christian populations supported Adultery. Ever. It was the most punishable offence. And I wasn't trying to push anything onto the Jews, I was just supporting the Catholic Church. And neither the Jews nor Christians supported murder. The did what they believed their God wanted them to do, which was move towards The Promised Land, which, according to God, was rightfully theirs. Unfortunately, to do so, they had to kill plenty of people. I'm not saying I agree with it being right, but this is basically what happened. This is where, I believe, most of the contradictions against Christianity start. Right?
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    I don't recall saying that second quote that you posted just then. And my text is bigger than the text you're using to type. And as for "Insinuating that at some point the Catholic Church supported Murder and adultery, contradictory to the ten commandments", I forgot to mention what I had also said previously, that even though most religions believe in an infallible higher being, these religious systems are governed by completely fallible human beings. And in any case, it wasn't the "Catholic Church" who supported this, this was before the New Testament before the Catholic Church even existed.

    And buddy, you need to calm down. There's no point swearing and crap. This is the discussion area, obviously you're going to get all "hot and bothered" by the discussions going on.
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