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    Where do I sign up for Gryffindor pls
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    That looks awesome.
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    I can't even draw to save my life pfffft.

    There are lot of pages to read, so I'll just say HELLO EVERYONE and see what you're talking about from here. I also don't have much time around today because I need to leave soon, but I'll be around for awhile. Hope you all don't mind wink wink. ;) ;)
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    I was reading a text from some old (although cool) dude regarding experience. He explains what experience means and in order to do so, he's explained the origin of the word. He's said one part of the word (I think it was peri or something) means a lot of things, such as danger, crossing borders, finding new limits etc. And while he was commenting about it, he said that the word "pirate" also comes from this word. Meaning pirates are people who are always open for experiences and trying to expend their horizons.

    When I read that, it reminded me of you guys, haha.
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    Leave something for meeeee.

    'ello mates
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    HOLY FFFF THEY GROW UP SO FAST kinda weird saying such things to you, though, haha. Nonetheless, I'm so happy to hear the word. I hope you are enjoying the married life with a very nice person. It is indeed very good news.

    I swear I have heard this title enough. Every single person on the Earth has watched this but me.

    Every once in awhile I come back here. Kingdom Hearts, KH-vids and you guys are some big part of the childhood I've left behind so I feel in the need of paying this place a visit often, haha.

    As an update about my life; I'm afraid to agree that what they say is true. Things only get worse year after year, haha. Perhaps worse is not the best word, but I guess harder would be the most suitable term. I'm not sure if I have shared this with everyone, but I've become a teacher in the time I was gone. It's been fun, although very hard. I'm just glad I've made it here. I have been keeping myself busy with a lot of personal problems, however. But what matters is that I'm alive, I guess. Surviving.

    Miss you all. :)
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    Now this made me laugh.
    Once KHV Member
    Always KHV Member

    sorry we're stuck until the very end mate,
    ain't this right Aqua. ;p
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    That's quite a flight, but welp not laughing as loud out as i could have laughed.
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    I wish I had coffee.
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    Happy birthday, Tale. ^^
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